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14. Glories of the Air that has Touched Lord Nityananda


haate tina taali diyaa shrigaurasundara .

sabaare kahena ati amaayaa-uttara ..54..


Then Gaurangasundara the Supreme Lord clapped three times(Swami Gaurangapada claps 3 times) miracle! just now when we clapped 3 times electricity has come back, which means that material energy of Lord is in tune with His pastimes. Just at that moment after three claps,Lord Nityananda Gauranga are very pleased with Chaitanya Bhagvata katha. So Lord Gauranga clapping three times.You see description of pastimes of Lord Nityananda pleases the Lord very quickly.


Prabhu bale,—“ei nityaanandasvarupere .

ye karaye bhakti-shraddhaa, se kare aamaare ..55..


So anyone who has bhakti and shraddha for Nityanandsa Swarupa, has actually bhakti, shraddha for Me, such a person automatically has bhakti and sharddha in Me.Bhakti mans devotion and shraddha means strong faith.One who has staunch faith and devotion in Nityananda is automatically staunch devotee of Lord Gauranga.


ihaana carana—shiva-vrahmaara vandita .

ataeva ihaane kariha sabe prita ..56..


My dear devotees Gauranga is saying, the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda is worshippd by Bramha and Shiva so please develop very special love and affection for Lord Nityananda’s lotus feet,His name,His pastimes,please develop great devotion. It is very beautiful because Krishna Himself is speaking the glories of Lord Balarama,Gauranga is Himself speaking the Glories of Lord Nityananda.


tilaarddheka ihaane yaahaara dvesha rahe .

bhakta haileo se aamaara priya nahe ..57..


Very beautiful this verse, every devotee should know.Any devotee who opposes the chanting of holy name of Nityananda Prabhu, will face this heavy problem.Lord Gauranga is saying that if anyone has drop or even tiny tiny seed of envy towards Nityananda Prabhu is not dear to Me,even if he maybe My devotee ,I am not interested in such a devotee. So we all have come to the material world due to envy for the Lord that’s why we are here. We have chosen this from the tatastha line , we have chosen to enjoy sepeartely from Him. So in that envy we are trying to take the process of bhakti yoga chanting, hearing to relieve that envy,but in that process if we end up in increasing our envy, fanning our envy, by critisising holy names of Nityananda Gauranga, by criticizing devotees who chant holy name of Nityannada Gauranga, other Vaishnavas who chant Nityananda Gauranga and Hare Krishna. By criticizing any devotee of Nityananda Gauranga Radha Krishna.By minimising the process of hearing and chanting the holy names of Nityananda Gauranga and Their pastimes.If we show our envy towards Nityananda in any form, in any way, in any time, its very easy for us, because we are in a conditioned state,we have to glorify the devotees and holy names what to speak of holy name of Nityananda Prabhu and His pastimes. One should not feel envious oh this devotee is chanting Nityananda Gauranga mantras along with Hare Krishna mahamantra and I am not chanting, oh he is deviating, he is deviating.No, one should be very careful, if one feels lacking one should also chant.Anybody who chants 16 rounds of Hare Krishna mahamantra daily and another devotee is chanting 10 rounds of Nityananda, 10 rounds of Gauranga mantra and 16 rounds of Hare Krishna Mahamantra, surely this devotee is chanting 2000 names extra. If someone is canting more than me, why should I be envious why should I try to stop that devotee,one should be happy, one should start dancing, oh he is chanting the name of my Lord Nityananda daily 1000 times,one should embrace that devotee one shld try to take the water of his lotus feet, befriend that devotee and become his servant.Unless one hears the pastimes of Nityananda regularly chants His holy name regularly, unless one associates with Nityananda Prabhus devotees regularly,there is a chance that one will commit some kind of offence which has some drop of envy towards Nityananda. One has to be very careful in this regard if someone does it, then one loses the favour of Lord Gauranga forever. Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura Prabhupada is saying that Nityananda Prabhu’s lotus feet are, what to speak of worshipping by Bramha and Shiva they are even worshipped by Vishnu Tattvas, Vishnu tattvasa are themselves sevants of Lord Nityananda. So those who are neglectful of this most worshippable object of Lord Nityananda’s holy name,His pastimes,His devotees,maintain envy even for moment they can never become worthy candidates for Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu’s mercy. They always remain aloof, always remain captured and conquered by His illusory energy of maya.


ihaana vaataasa laagiveka yaara gaaya .

taahaareo krishna naa chaadive sarvathaaya ..”58..


We saw the glories of His cloth, we saw the glories of His water,glories of His holy name,Glories of His pastimes,now Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu is glorifying very special. He is saying that the air which has touched the body of Lord Nityananda,if that air somehow comes to us and touches our body,even if small molecule of air touches our body which has touched the body of Lord Nityananda, then Lord Krishna will never ever give up that person again.Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati is saying that the subtle fragrance is transmitted through air and touch of Lord Nityananda Prabhu’s bodily fragrance makes Krishna bhakti in person so strong, that Lord Krishna never rejects such a devotee.That is why we are recommending that every home on this world there are billions of homes everyone is staying in some home we are recommending everyone in this world should have diety of Nityananda Gauranga. One should not think if one is qualified or disqualified one should simply bring dities of Nityananda Gauranga in one’s home .Or picture, photograph is also ok,dities even better. The dities can be made of metal, wood or stone or any kind of element. Shrila Prabhupada instructed Yashodharma, 1975. He said one should distribute dolls of Nityananda Gauranga massively on streets, let the meat eaters sinful people take them to their homes,let them see Them daily,let the air touch them.If you have dities of Nityananda Gauranga then air of Nityananda will touch you sometime. Some devotees put fan for dities so obviously air will come. So it will be so nice to receive this benedictions.Sometimes because of maya formidable illusory energy sometimes we can give up Krishna bhakti, so what we want is we want Krishna to catch us.If we catch Krishna we can give Him up sometimes, but if Krishna catches us we will always be with Him.Like the kitten is very safe because the cat catches the kitten but the monkey child it holds the monkey from the back so it sometimes falls down when monkey is jumping from tree to tree. Bcause it is holding mother whereas cat is holding mother much safer very safe.So similarly Krishna catches us we are very safe.If one wants Krishna to catch us eternally and hold us under His divine shelter then ones body should get touched by the air of Lord Nityananda Prabhu’s transcendental air.


shuniyaa pravura vaakya sarva bhaktagana .

mahaa-jayajaya-dhvani karilaa takhana ..59..


Hearing this divine topmost glorification of Lord Nityananda from Lord Gauranga’s lotus mouth all devotees became so ecstatic Jaya Jaya Maha tumultuously loudly all vibrations of all Glories all Glories sounded.