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13. Tumultous Kirtana with Ecstatic Dancing


uthila paramaananda krishnera kirtana .

vihvala haiyaa nritya kare bhaktagana ..43..


Tumultous kirtana ensued after drinking from water from Lord Nityananda’s lotus feet all devotees totally forgot their external consciousness and they started tumultuous kirtana of holy names parmananda the greatest topmost bliss manifested there and all devotees danced in that kirtana by becoming agitated vihvala.


kshaneke shrigauracandra kariyaa hunkaara .

uthiyaa laagilaa nritya karite apaara ..44..


So very soon seeing this dancing Gauranga MahaPrabhu got up and started dancing And very loudly He roared and He also began to dance apara very profusely in very different varieties and moods.


nityaaananda-svarupa uthilaa tatakshana .

nritya kare dui Prabhu vedi’ bhakta gana ..45..


Nityananda Svarupa He is known as swarupa because bhakta rupa bhakta swarupa bhakta avatara bhakta shakti and bhakta senapati, Gauranga is bhakta rupa Nityananda is bhakta swarupa Advaita is bhakta avatara Gadhadhara is bhakta shakti and Shrivasa is bhakta senapati the leader of all bhaktas.So Gauranga bhakta rupa and bhakta swarupa Nityananda.Nityananda bhakta swarupa He got up and He saw his Prabhu Gauranga dancing in most beautiful most enchanting manner and so Nityananda Prabhu could not control Himself so he also got up so both these MahaPrabhus started dancing along with their associates.


kaara gaaye kevaa pade, kevaa kaare dhare .

kevaa kaara caranera dhuli laya shire ..46..


So some devotees they did not know keba gaya keba pade gaye, means bodies. So some devotees did not know whose bodies they fell upon. But they started falling upon each others bodies like chain reaction. Some devotees they had no consciousness fell upon each other and some devotees caught others. They did not know who they caught, they were holding each other and were mesmerisied by love genearated by drinking the water of lotus feet of Lord Nityananda lotus feet and some devotees started grabing dust of other devotee’s lotus feet and that way there was a big transcendental festival.



kevaa kaara galaa dhari’ karaye rodana .

kevaa kon rupa kare,—naa yaaya varnana ..47..


Some devotees would catch the neck of some other devotees and simply cry and other devotees what action they performed cannot be described in words.


Prabhu kariyaao kaaro kichu bhaya naani .

Prabhu-bhritya-sakale naacaye eka thaani ..48..


This is the difference between Navadvipa and Vaikuntha, in Vaikuntha the devotees cannot dance with the Lord they are always servants of Lord they always see with awe and reverence but in Navadvipa and Puri there is no aishvarya the devotees participate in kirtana along with the Lord without any awe and reverence and sometimes they even fall on the body of Lord bashing each other in transcendental love and dancing.So devotees had no fear of disrespecting the Lord in any way because Lord was always pleased with their devoton.So both the Prabhus and devotees started dancing together.


nityaananda-caitanye kariyaa kolaakuli .

aanande naacena dui Prabhu kutuhali ..49..


(spike came lights have gone off)So very beautiful description that Nityananda Prabhu and Gauranga MahaPrabhu were embracing each other in divine bliss and kolakuli cannot be described in English it is a very sweet word in Bengali.And both the Mahaprabhus were dancing in great bliss,Gauranga MahaPrabhu was feeling very very happy He has amply glorified Lord Nityananda today and He felt very very blissful that His devotees have drank the water tied the kaupina on their heads.


prithivi kampitaa nityaananda-pada-taale .

dekhiyaa aanande sarvagane ‘hari’ bale ..50..


Nityananda Prabhu’s wild ecstatic dancing because of that the whole earth below His lotus feet began shivering began trembling due to tulmultous kirtana of Nityananda Prabhu He used to jump high in the air ,the earth itself started shaking the devotees felt very happy and blissful and started saying Hari Hari Hari


premarase matta dui vaikuntha-ishvara .

naacena laiyaa saba prema-anucara ..51..


So both the Lords became intoxicated by pure love and prema anuchara they were absorbed in prema rasa and all anuchara their associates confidants were also absorbed in that same topmost love and all were dancing.


esaba lilaara kabhu naahi pariccheda .

‘aavirbhaava’, ‘tirobhaava’ maatra kahe veda ..52..


So these divine pastimes of Nityananda Gauranga are never ending there should be faith in heart of devotees that these are eternal pastimes goin on spiritual world in Vedas they are described as avirbhav tirobhav means they describe that these pastimes manifest in front of our eyes and Lord goes back again to the transcendental abode.So they disappear in front of our eyes but that dosent mean that the pastimes ends.Like the sun rises in the morning and sets in the night,that dosent mean the sun has died in night the sun is finished,no sun has risen in another place. Similarly nitya leela of Nityananda Gauranga is continuing in the material world they come in one universe in kali yuga then they go to another universe. Their pastimes are nitya going on in material creation as well as in spiritual creation they are always eternal so both places they are eternal, that is nitya aprakat lila and this is nitya prakat lila. Nitya leela going on is spiritual world of Puri,Vrindavana,Navadvipa is nitya aprakata lila.and this is nitya prakat lila manifested pastimes, even the very moment we are speaking the pastimes are going on.


ei mata sarvadina Prabhu nritya kari’ .

vasilena sarva-gana-sange gaurahari ..53..


In this way dancing for whole day Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu, Gaurahari very sweet name of Gauranga MahaPrabhu, Gaurahari the blackish Hari has become golden. So Gaurahari sat down with His devotere after whole day of sankirtana and glorification.