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12. Result of honouring Lord Nityananda’s Charanamrita


keha bale,—“aaji dhanya haila jivana .”

keha bale,—“aaji saba khandila vandhana ..”38..


Some great devotees got the water many times, he said today my life has become successful and glorious, all my bhakti has become fructified because I have got this divine water. Some devotees said today all my material bondage has been destroyed, all my material attachment all my material conditioning has been completely destroyed.


keha bale,—“aaji hailaama krishnadaasa .”

keha bale,—“aaji dhanya divasa-prakaasha ..”39..


Some said that today I have actually become Krishna dasa, I have been endeavouring to become servant of Krishna but today after drinking this water I have become Krishna dasa eternal servant of Krishna.


keha bale,—“paadodaka vada svaadu laage .

ekhano mukhera mishtataa naahi bhaange ..”40..


Some devotees said, oh today when the sun has risen, today has become the most auspicious day of my life, prakash divine enlightenment I have received today. Some devotees said that, I feel that this padodaka this water that has washed Nityananda Prabhus feet I feel that it is very tasteful and delicious and sweet.I feel its v v nectarian ambrosial nectar.Even now when I drank it is somehow or other,my mouth is still sweet I cannot forget the taste the ambrosial nectar of this water which has washed feet of Lord Nityananda charnamrita. Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura Prabhupada says that anyone who considers water that has washed lotus feet of Lord Nityananda as ordinary mundane water and rejects it or ignores it is narakiya sahit, hellish mentality doomed to hell.What to speak of drinking this water just by hearing the glories of this water of Nityananda’s lotus feet simply by thinking about it by remembering it, one becomes self realized and understands constitutional postion with Krishna.This is Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati’s commentary. Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati says that sometimes some people, posing as spiritual masters or gurus reject the water of lotus feet of Nityananda that will not bring any auspiciousness to them and their disciples.


ki se nityaananda-paadodakera prabhaava .

paanamaatra sabe hailaa cancala-svabhaava ..41..


So if one does not want to become agitated if someone wants to remain so called peaceful then one should not drink this water because the actual extreme spiritual potency. The prabhava the influence the strong powerful influence of Nityananda padodaka the water of otus fewet of Lord Nityananda one becomes agitated with pure love so if one wants to remain so called peaceful one shouldn’t drink because pure love for Nityananda Gauranga and Radha Krishna is above the zero level,peace is just at the zero level distress in material world is minus level,so many people in this world are striving for peace but that is only zero level,much above zero level is positive level of bhakti ananda the spiritual love of bhakti devotion the holy names,psstimes, Lords.So that is totally positive level.If someone wants to remain only at zero level or minus level one should not drink this water at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda because otherwise one will go to plus infinity and if one dosent take that water he will go at minus infinity one cannot remain at peaceful level for long because there are so meany disturbances within this material world at every second padam padam yad vipadam na tesham every second there is difficulties,so one will go to minus levels if one does not take this water.


keha naace, keha gaaya, keha gadi’ yaaya .

hunkaara garjana keha karaye sadaaya ..42..

Some people danced so people started dancing wildly in love they also forgot their external consciousness just like Lord Nityananda and some devotees started falling on the ground.And some devotees became so blissful they could not contain their ecstasies they started roaring very loudly all the time.