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11. The Supreme Glories of Lord Nityananda’s Charanamrita


Prabhu bale,—“shunaha sakala bhaktagana .

nityaananda-paadodaka karaha grahana ..32..


The Lord requesting all devotees, My dear devotees please grahana ,honour and accept not just drink honour and accept the the charnamrita, padodaka the divine water that has washed the lotus feet of Nityananda please accept it now this is Your chance Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu told all the devotees.Very fortunate that they received the direct order from Lord Gauranga to steal water of lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Gauranga MahaPrabhu sometimes forbid to take the water of His lotus feet,but Nityananda Prabhu because of extremely being overwhelmed with intense love for Gauranga and His holy name and His pastimes, Nityananda Prabhu was even unaware if someone would take water from His lotus feet or Glorify Him. Very easy to get the ultimate the highest benediction of water of Nitai’s lotus feet because of Nityananda’s causeless mercy which we discussed in previous commentaries to Chaitanya Bhagvata that Vaishnavere pada dhuli are pada jala vaishnavere utishtathi dhare mahabala the three things which are very conducive to instantly achieve Krishna prema the ultimate crest jewel of all achievements in life pure love of God can be easily achieved by somehow procuring these three things vaishnava pada jala the water that has washed lotus feet of vaishnavas ,vaishnava pada dhuli dust of lotus feet of Vaishnavas and the remnants foodstuffs which are eaten by vaishnavas so one gets pure love of Krishna by eating these. So what to speak of directly drinking the water of lotus feet of Nityananda, who is the master of all vaishanvas, who is father of all vaishnavas, who is Himself the greatest of Vaishnavas who is Himself the greatest vaishnava devotee of Lord Gauranga even though He is God. If Supreme Lord Krishna has become devotee Lord Gauranga in kali-yuga why should Balarama have any shame of becoming devotee there is no shame He has become Nityananda, He is God Himself as well as His own devotee. He is proclaiming loudly the glories of Gauranga MahaPrabhu, so Gauranga is ordering please take, drink this water.


karilei maatra ei paadodaka paana .

krishne dridha bhakti haya, ithe naahi aana ..”33..


Very very beautiful verse. Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu is elaborating on water of Lord Nityananda’s lotus feet. He is saying that karilie matra padodaka snana, simply one does nothing else,simply if one takes bath in water that has washed the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda then Krishna drudha bhakti hoya then very staunch irrevocable devotion towards Lord Krishna nistha,prema,ruchi,asakti byhava prema, in palms of ones hands, easily achieved simply one has to take bath in water that has washed the lotus feet of Nityananda Prabhu.There is pond in Ekachakra where Lord Nityananda Prabhu took bath one should take water.In that way one gets staunch drudha bhakti,irrevocable very very strong faith n devotion,very rarely achieved. Krishna says in Gita this kind of one pointed devotion is very rarely achieved. vaushakha anantasya mudhaya avyavasaya,when the mind is focused is so many sense objects one cannot develop love for Lord.But simply even if ones mind is very distracted very flickering,if still somehow or other one can take bath in water that has washed lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Prabhu and His pure devotees then one will become fixed, Nityananda Prabhu’s lotus feet water,Nityananda Prabhu’s holy name,Nityananda Prabhu’s pastimes,Nityananda Prabhu’s dhama all these things, Nityananda Prabhu’s associates,devotees all such things they do not consider qualification or disqualification.


aajnaa paai’ sabe nityaanandera carana .

paakhaaliyaa paadodaka karaye grahana ..34..


So receiving order of Lord Gauranga all devotees approached Nityananda Prabhu in very humble and very greedy mood and respectful mood and they washed his lotus feet with holy scented water ganges water.They all drank that water,honoured the water by drinking it.The water that has washed Lord Nityananda lotus feet is non-different from Him,everything is absolute.


paancabaara dashabaara ekajane khaaya .

baahya naahi, nityaananda haasaye sadaaya ..35..


Some very fortunate devotees they were not very satisfied by drinking even one time or two times. Some devotees drank five times or ten times they were drinking many many times.But Nityananda Prabhu had no external consciousness,He was simply laughing and smiling always He was unaware of what was going on.


aapane vasiyaa mahaaPrabhu gaura-raaya .

nityaaananda-paadodaka kautuke lotaaya ..36..


So kautuka ,Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura is totally glorifying Lord Nityananda Prabhu,without this Thakura Vrindavana souls in kali-yuga wouldn’t have got Nityananda rasa without this great scripture Chaitanya Bhagvata,how we would ever be able to hear these pastimes.So Gauranga raya sat in great jubiliation and He sitting at one place Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu was kautuka feeling very blissful,enlivened, feeling very joyous. He was personally distributing water which had washed lotus feet of Lord Nityananda and He was glorifying it. What a beautiful pastime this must have been Gauranga’s home. Our eyes are so condemned that we could not see this personally, but we can still do that by our ears.But we can still do that by our […] Bhagvatam says that in kali yuga ears are the eyes, spiritual eyes are the ears through the ears shravana adi chitta kari udaya, by shravana heart becomes pure and pastimes arise in the heart. So ears are the means to capture the nectar of Nityananda’s lila, Gauranga’s pastimes, Gauranga’s name, Hare Krishna mahamantra.


sabe nityaananda-paadodaka kari’ paana .

mattapraaya ‘hari’ vali’ karaye aahvaana ..37..


All devotees after drinking the nectar of Nityananda were totally intoxicated with love of God, totally overwhelmed with divine ecstasy they had never experienced before even in association of Gauranga.Drinking Nityananda’s lotus feet is very very special the water and all the devotees loudly started invoking the Lord Hari Hari Hari bol in that way they became ecstatic.