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10. Supreme Glories of Lord Nityananda's loin cloth


Om namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya

Om namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya

Om namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya


Ch 12 Chaitanya Bhagvata Madhya Khanda entitled glories of Lord Nityananda Prabhu.We saw verse 1- 21 how Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu is Himself glorifying Supreme Personality of Servitor Godhead Lord Nityananda Prabhu in three verses, verse no 18,19,20 which every devotee should know to understand and grasp the Nityananda tattva.After worshipping Lord Nityananda, Lord Gauranga gave Him a seat so now Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu is asking something from Nityananda Prabhu.Imagine the Supreme Lord from whom all devotees ask everything,He is asking something from Nitai.This shows that Nitai is very dear to Him.Nityananda bhakti is even higher than Gauranga bhakti because Nityananda Prabhu is the only media,only channel,only hope to Gauranga Radha Krishna. Lochana dasa Thakura sings that,nitai katia muhana that Nityananda with His plow has made a channel from the ocean of Gauranga RadhaKrishna prema,He has made a channel for those fallen conditioned soul who cannot directly access the unlimited ocean they cannot go there because of their offences.Lord Nityananda Prabhu has made a transcendental channel through which mercy of Gauranga.He has brought that mercy which was not accessible because Lord Nityananda is constantly thinking about welfare of kali-yuga souls.He is constantly asking Gauranga what will happen to them please think about their benefit,so He is taking all pains to bring mercy to us.Lord Gauranga fully appreciates most compassionate nature of Lord Nityananda Prabhu. I personally desire that my mind deep into compassionate nature of Nityananda Prabhu,more and more we should try to understand this from different angles of vison how He has shown unprecedented mercy to fallen souls.If we don’t meditate on Lord Nityananda it is a calamity, because Supreme Lord is meditating on Lord Nityananda.


Prabhu bale,—“ekakhaani kaupina tomaara .

deha’—ihaa vada icchaa aachaye aamaara ..”22..


Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu said I have a bada icha very strong intense desire.What is that desire,please give me a piece of Your loin cloth kaupina I want that so much, He being Lord, He is desiring loin cloth kaupina of Nitai one cannot estimate the actual position of Lord Nityananda Prabhu. Kaupina is normally standard garment for renounced person.And there is no one as opulent and renounced in this world as Nityananda.Many different esoteric reasons why Gauranga MahaPrabhu is asking the loin cloth of Nityananda, first of all because Nityananda Prabhu is exhibiting mood of renounced personality,He dosent have any possessions except kaupina,so kaupina is the maha maha prasada of Lord Nityananda Prabhu and an object which is to be worshipped just like Him.Just like we worship Nityananda we worship His paraphernalia just like the Lord because our clothes are different from ourselves but clothes of Lord are non-different from Themselves.There is no diference between the clothes,the ornaments,the bed,the shoes,the crown and the Lord Himself. So speaking in that way.


eta vali’ Prabhu taara kaupina aaniyaa .

chota kari’ cirilena aneka kariyaa ..23..


Speaking like this Lord Gauranga requested Him, because Nityananda Prabhu was not at all in external consciousness. He was in total bliss so Gauranga MahaPrabhu Himself went and got His kaupina and He took Lord Nityananda Prabhu’s kaupina and tore it into many small pieces,imagine the Supreme Absolute truth who is origin of millions of universes. He is tearing the kaupina of Nityananda to distribute it to all the devotees because Lord Gauranga knew it is the greatest gift I can give to the devotees, it will imbue them with topmost love for Me.


sakala-vaishnavamandalire jane jane .

khaani khaani kari’ Prabhu dilena aapane ..24..


So Lord personally distributed various pieces of Nityananda’s kaupina.What fortunate devotees were assembled there the Supreme good fortune of directly getting mahaprasada of Nityananda Prabhu’s cloth what a great benediction it is and not only that directly from hands of MahaPrabhu. Very Very rare good fortune this is.Lord instructed the devotees what do with that piece of kaupina


Prabhu bale,—“e vastra vaandhaha sabe shire .

anyera ki daaya—ihaa vaanthe yogeshvare ..25..


Lord Gauranga said My dear devotees please tie this cloth on Your head, because what to speak of ordinary human beings of this world this cloth of Nityananda this mahaprasada is desired by yogeshwara the greatest of mystics by even Lord Krishna Himself and the greatest of yogis,Lord Shiva who is the greatest yogi all the great yogis and yogeshwara they all desire this cloth


nityaanandaprasaade se haya vishnu-bhakti .

jaaniha—krishnera nityaananda purna-shakti ..26..


Very beautiful verse this is also very famous verse,Lord Gauranga is saying that Nityananda prasade se hai Vishnu bhakti, by Lord Nityananda’s mercy you get Vishnu bhakti otherwise Vishnu bhakti is far away from you.Because know it for certain 100% that Nityananda is purna shakti complete personification of potency of Lord Krishna so nobody can achieve Krishna without Nityananda Prabhu’s mercy.Some devotees they worship Krishna very sincerely but they don’t try to develop a relationship with Lord Nityananda Prabhu, such devotes find it very difficult to make any tangible progress in Krishna bhakti especially in kali yuga,because Lord Gauranga is saying that you can get Krishna bhakti only by mercy of Lord Nityananda.So actually the goal of all spiritual practices the goal of reading Bhagvad Gita the goal of reading Shrimad Bhagavatam is ultimately come to the goal of reading Chaitanya Bhagvata and understanding Nitai, understanding Lord Nityananda’s mercy. Because unless Nityananda’s mercy is there one will not achieve love of God, and if Nityananda’s mercy is there we don’t need anything else.Nothing else is required.In commentary Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura is quoting Shrila Narottama dasa Thakura


Heno nitai bine bai radha-krishna paite nai

dhridha kari dhara nitai paya


BhaktiSiddhanta Saraswati is categorically saying that only by Nityananda Prabhus mercy living entities propensity for worshipping Hari is awakened.There is no other way because Lord Nityananda is predominating diety of Sandhini potency of Lord which creates and maintains spiritual and material worlds Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati is saying in Lord Nityananda’s form as a younger sister of Radharani Ananga Manjiri, Nityananda Prabhu nourishes conjugal mellows actually anyone who wants to enter the dancing party of Radha Krishna it is compulsory, mandatory that one has to catch hold of the lotus feet of Nityananda Prabhu and the Holy name of Nityananda Prabhu otherwise there is no hope to see Radha Krishna face to face. Catching the lotus feet of Gurudeva is not substitute for not catching lotus feet of Nityananda because Nitai is Akhanda Guru tattva the original Guru of all Gurus.Ccatching lotus feet of Gurudeva is following is instructions right, so what will Gurudeva’s primary instructions is to surrender to Nityananda. Heno nitai bine bhai radha-krishna paite nai, Shrila Narottama dasa is Acharya He is Gurudeva for us, They are our shiksha Gurus, They are saying without Nityananda there is no Radha Krishna that’s why please hold His feet lightly,dridha kari dharo nitaire paya strongly all the Gurus repeat the same order if one Guru dosent repeat order of surrendering to Lord Nityananda’s lotus feet then how can he be Guru,he is not Guru.So catching lotus feet of Gurudeva is to actually following His instructions to actually try to become devotee of Nityananda chanting His holy name.The answer to Your question is given by Bhaktisiddhanta himself he says that as the Supreme Jagad Guru Nityananda Prabhu alone is the origin of Guru Tattva,all Gurus are His partial representations.In regards to devotee the spiritual master is incarnation of Nityananda who is manifestation of Shri Chaitanya.So connection with Nityananda Prabhu must be there otherwise the Guru is not the Guru,the disciple is not the disciple the devotee is not the devotee and bhakti is actually not bhakti.


se sambandha naahi jaa’ra, vrithaa janma gela taa’ra,

sei pashu bada duraacaara


Shrila Narottama dasa Thakura says that one who dosent develop the sambandha with Nitai Nityananda sambandha he has wasted his life,life after life simply transmigrating.He is abominable sinful animal engaged in bad activities.So one has to come out from platform of durachar.Even to give up abominable activities one needs mercy of Lord Nityananda’s holy name. There is no other way,sometimes some people vow to become devotees and they try to give up sinful activities durachar but because Nityananda Prabhu’s sambandha is not there to His holy name.So we are recommending to the whole world to chant minimum 1080 times the names of Nityananda daily,without that one cannot become devotees,without that one cannot actually stop oneself from abominable activities only Nityananda’s holy name will purify our hearts.Described by Bhaktivinoda Thakura Vanik adhama murkha je karila paar bramhanda pavitra hai naama laile jaar.


By chanting His name the sinful mentality will become purified, sometimes devotees take up chanting of Hare Krishna mahamantra and they chant for many many years 30 years, 40 years but still that inclination the propensity they dont go they give up chanting sometimes and go back to durachar why is this? Because Nityananda Prabhu’s mercy is not there.Very short time we have only 20-40 years in kali yuga to perfect our life to make this our last life in this material world, so we have to directly go to the point we cant afford. Once we know about Nityananda one must simply catch His name catch His lotus feet,catch His pastime not worry about anything else, not waste our time with any other distractions.One pointed devotee of Lord Nityananda,His holy names His pastimes can actually and factually understand Radha Krishna very soon,because Nityananda has authority over any rasa with Krishna evry rasa,any rasa you want to enter, Nityananda can take You,even Radha kunda Nitai is there,in centre of Radha Kunda Nitai is there,Ananga Manjiri has a beautiful groove,center of Radha kunda middle of water, there is bridge from Raghunatha dasa Gosvami’s samadhi to RadhaKunda ofcourse one cannot see that groove with material eyes.Radharani’s younger sister Janhavi devi,it was only due to mercy of Ananga Manjiri Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura attained vision of Radha Krishna and got the name Kamala Manjiri, direct entry into Radha Krishna’s pastimes so it was only by mercy of Lord Nityananda Prabhu.All Acharyas have realized Radha Krishna by mercy of Nityananda Prabhu.There is no doubt about it,still why should we hesitate to chant His holy name why should we stop others from chanting His holy name,why should we speak even a drop against His holy name,I don’t understand after becoming a devotee one will not become happy if we[…..] of Nityananda.If he dosen’t become happy what chance he has for success in spiritual life.Nityananda Prabhu’s holy name is so dear to my heart it is the dearmost thing.Somebody asked me what is the dearmost thing to my heart,I said it is Nityananda Prabhu’s holy name because it gives so much solace and comfort and hope to conditioned souls,that nothong else in this creation can actually do that.


krishnera dvitiya—nityaananda vai naai .

sangi, sakhaa, shayana, bhushana, vandhu, bhaai ..27..


There is nobody as dear to Krishna as Nityananda.Gauranga is Himself saying. Krishna is the first manifestation and Nityananda is second manifestation of Krishna and He serves the Lord as His companion sangi,sakha and shayana as His bed,bhushan as His ornaments, bandhu as His well wisher and intimate friend and bhai brother. So all the relationship which Krishna has He has first with Nityananda then with others.Krishna is directly conquered by love of Nityananda, all relationships of Krishna are going through Nityananda.So anyone who has Nityananda Prabhu’s mercy can enter in circle of Krishna no other way.


vedera agamya nityaanandera caritra .

sarvajiva-janaka, rakshaka, sarvamitra ..28..


Nityananda Prabhu’s characteristics and His charitra pastimes are uninaccessible and unfathomable and incomprehensible to even Vedas, vedera agamya, sarva jiva janaka He is actually the seed giving father of all living entities cause He is the cause of Mahavishnu who impregnates the mahata tatva by His glance, purusha and prakriti the first purusha MahaVishnu is actually partial expansion of Nityananda.Nityananda is the father of all souls,and rakshaka He is also the maintainer He maintains the creation by glancing over it and sarva mitra He is the wellwisher and intimate friend of all living entities because He is present as the supersoul as a size of thumb in our heart. Shridhara Swami says that actually supersoul is not of the size of thumb. Shridhara Swami says in His commentaries on Gita that when you extend your five fingers the top of index finger the distance between top of index finger and top of thumb that is size of Supersoul the 4 handed form of Kshirodakshayi Vishnu in our heart.So Nityananda Prabhu’s expansion, so Nityananda Prabhu knows everything ,He is in our heart,He is our intimate friend an intimate friend is one who knows our secrets so there is no one is as intimate to us than Nityananda.


ihaara vyabhaara saba krishnarasamaya .

ihaane sevile krishna-pemabhakti haya ..29..


All the dealings and all the transcendental activities of Nityananda are full of Krishna rasa, mellows of Krishna bhakti, all mellows of Krishna are there in transcendental divine activiuties ,by hearing Nityananda leela one is not missing out anything.By serving Nityananda one gets pure love of Krishna prema bhakti.Not by bypassing Nityananda,never get Krishna prema.This is confirmed by Krishnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami in Chaitanya Charitamrita.

jaya jaya nityananda-caranaravinda

yaohra haite painu shri-radha-govinda

All glories to the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda by that lotus feet I received Radha Govinda by His mercy.So who is that unfortunate soul who will bypass Nityananda Prabhu’s mercy and directly go to Radha Govinda.If one goes to Radha Govinda without chanting Nityananda’s name and Nityananda Prabhu’s mercy, then he will never become qualified for Radha Govinda.


bhakti kari’ ihaana kaupina vaandha’ shire .

mahaayatne ihaa pujaa kara giyaa ghare ..”30..


Very beautiful instruction, Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu gave to devotees.Please worship this kaupina with great care and attention in your home and with great faith and devotion please wear, tie this kaupina on your head and you will get pure love of Krishna effortlessly.


paaiyaa Prabhura aajnaa sarvabhaktagana .

parama aadare shire karilaa vandhana ..31..


So reciveing the direct order of Lord Gauranga,actually Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu not only addressed the devotees who were present there but also us also now all the souls for all time to come please worship Nityananda with great care and attention please accept His Mahaprasada. So devotees took order of Lord Gauranga very seriously parama adare with ultimate supreme respect and worship and adoration they tied piece of kaupina which they had received from lotus hands of Lord Gauranga.The transcendental kaupina of Lord Nityananda with lotus hands of Lord Gauranga what a great fortune it is.We can also receive this kaupina by attentively hearing this pastime in our heart we can actually receive the mercy Lord Gauranga is giving and Gauranga is giving the teasure of Nityananda to everyone.If somebodys faith is not there in Lord Nityananda and His transcendental nature and paraphernalia including His kaupina then such a devotee cannot advance in spiritual life.Lord Nityananda Prabhu is satchidananda vigraha the personification of sat chit and ananda the source and the reservoir of all divine qualities and all His items including his cloth are also divine,they are not made up of material elements totally spiritual because material objects cannot cover the Lord how can material objects cover the spiritual form of Lord Nityananda not possible to cover the spiritual form of Nityananda You need spiritual cloth.The devotees they worshipped it they tied it on their head and worshipped it and they felt so satisfied and happy they started dancing in love.


Om Namo Bhagvata Vasudevaya

Om Namo Bhagvata Vasudevaya

Om Namo Bhagvata Vasudevaya


Text 32 Ch 12 Chaitanya Bhagvata Glories of Lord Nityananda Prabhu we saw how taking the order of Lord Gauranga on their head joyfully because it is very fortunate to tie piece of kaupina loin cloth of Lord Nityananda on head. All devotees should do that one will become very dear to Krishna if one does that so all devotees thay seriously sincerely faithfully they became totally overwhelmed with pure love by Nityananda Prabhu’s mercy.So we have seen in this chapter that nectar is increasing first Nityananda was glorified offered a seat and glorified by beautiful prayers then Gauranga distributed pieces of His loin cloth as mahaprasada and now the third glorification Gauranga MahaPrabhu is not satisfied in glorifying Nityananda He wants to go on and on unlimitedly now Gauranga is even condensing the nectar even more,He is telling the devotees even more…