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09. Supreme Prayers to Lord Nityananda by Lord Gauranga


vasite dilena nija sammukhe aasana .

sttati kare Prabhu, shune sarva bhaktagana ..17..


Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu then seated Lord Nityananda,He made nice asana for Him made Him sit there and Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu started His prayers to Glorify Lord Nityananda Prabhu.These prayers are emanating directly grom mouth of Supreme Lord, so my dear readers and my dear listners of Chaitanya Bhagvata please hear this stuti very attentively Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura is requesting every devotee.The first verse of this stuti should be memorized by every devotee on this planet because that is the definition of name of Lord Nityananda.


“naame nityaananda tumi, rupe nityaananda .

ei tumi nityaananda raama-murttimanta ..18..


Very beautiful verse,Nityananda has come three times,one can give a long lecture from this verse.I will try to explain in short. Ofcourse nobody can try explain the different moods arising in heart of Lord Gauranga when He is Glorifying Lord Nityananda, will touch just a drop of the ocean. Name Nityananda:here Lord Gauranga is explaining that the name of Lord Nityananda Prabhu is non-different from Nityananda Prabhu that is why His name is also full of bliss and happiness.If somebody does not know who is Nityananda Prabhu but simply chant His name still that person will be full of bliss and happiness.Like many people in India they chant Nityananda Nityananda to somebody else their friend or relatives or Guru,but jagat Guru Supreme Lord’s name is Nityananda Baladeva, Lord Balaram Himself, they chant unknowingly but they get divine bliss that is why Lord Gauranga says name Nityananda, Your name of Nityananda is eternal actual factual absolute truth it is totally the perfect it is totally the perfect description of your divine nityananda we can talk about this,many different meanings are there but maybe we will give separate class for them. Name nityananda tumi, Your name of Nityananda You have made it sarthaka means paripurna means it is fully applicable to You because You are fully in bliss, your divine form is melting in bliss and anyone who chants Nityananda even once comes immediately in contact with Your divine blissful causeless mercy and You will never leave that soul again.rupe nityananda Chanting Your name will reveal form and when the form is revealed the devotee finds out that the form is also Nityananda full of eternal bliss and happiness.On all levels name, form ,qualities, associates, abodes beautiful prayer by Gauranga very deep meanings are there.rupe nityananda if somebody wants ultimate bliss then instead of meditating on light,breath,some abstract object bramhan one should meditate on Nityananda’s form because rupe Nityananda, His Transcendental form is reservoir of transcendental bliss, ei tumi Nityananda Rama murtimanta, Your name is Nityananda but actually Lord Balarama personified Himself, murtimanta means You are not plenary expansion of Lord Balarama,You are Balarama Himself You are Balarama personally he has landed here His incarnated here fully, because Lord sometimes incarnates in partial incarnations expansions and so many unlimited expansions tadekatmarupa . In that way You have different expansions,but You are Balarama Himself I can see Your Golden plow, I can see Your cloth, nobody can see,but I can see You are Balarama personified You are golden outside and white inside just like Gauranga is golden outside and blackish inside antar krishnam bahir gauram darshitangadi to show His divine opulances Lord is blackish inside similarly Nityananda is golden white shukla varna tinged with red Balarama’s complexion is whitish tinged with red. Lord Nityananda is Balarama murtimanta Himself. It is confirmed in Bramha Yamala, Lord Gauranga’s stuti is confirmed in scriptures, He is Supreme Lord even if He dosent confirm His words are the scriptures, but it is confirmed in Brihad Yamala in Ananta Samhita

balaramo mamaivamsah, so 'pi mat-prstham esyati;

nityananda iti khyato nyasi-cudamanih ksitau

It is described that Lord Krishna says that Balarama My first expansion will advent as nityanando iti khyato, He will become famous allover the creation as Lord Nityananda and He will become the crest jewel of all renunciants in the material and spiritual planes Nityananda Prabhu is chudamani crest jewel of all renunciants. He is so absorbed He is even renounced about His clothes. Some people try to imitate Him nowadays by going about without clothes in name of spiritual life or in name of fashion or in name of so many other things or in name of tapasya austerities some people don’t wear any clothes but one will perish if one tries to imitate Nityananda because ordinary man ordinary soul it is not civilized to move about without clothes.Even the demigods, Urvashi came down from heavenly planets and put a condition to Pururava king of this earth if I see You naked I will go away.This is not culture or heavenly vedic culture is not like that.So normal ordinary human being conditioned soul,being without clothes is not proper etiquette,but for Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Nityananda Balarama,it is His divine transcendental pastime which cannot be imitated by any conditioned soul.If one can go into divine trance like Lord Nityananda then one can forget about clothes, it is not possible nobody can ever experience this kind of trances for 3-4 days going in blissful ecstasy of pure love exteme floating and swimming.First You float in Ganga and embrace crocodiles.then You give up Your clothes.Do everything what Nityananda has done,don’t imitate one part of His activities and leave out other.Dont imitate God become servant of God.


nityaananda-rpayyatana, bhojana, vebhaara .

nityaananda vinaa kichu naahika tomaara ..19..


Gauranga MahaPrabhu is saying that O Nityananda Prabhu, Your paryatana Your movements,Your journeys Your travels,wherever You go, all Your traveling is Nityananda full of bliss,You are bliss personified eternal happiness not perishable happiness which You find in this material world. Nityananda Prabhu is not reservoir of perishable happiness,Nitya means eternal non-perishable happiness which increases at every step.My dear Lord Nityananda Gauranga MahaPrabhu is saying, I know that without bliss without spiritual happiness there is no other way to describe Your pastime Your pastimes Your existence.Your existence is simply divine happiness, there is nothing except Nityananda in Your transcendental form,whether You move around whether You eat bhojana whether You have dealings with others vyabhara, everything is transcendental.


tomaare bujhite shakti manushyera kothaa ?

parama susatya—tumi yathaa, krishna tathaa ..”20..


Lord Gauranga said that, which human being has the actual power to understand You even little bit. Nobody can in this world and paramasusatya I tell You the truth the actual truth wherever You are Krishna is there,very beautiful statement. One should understand that those devotees who established Nityananda Gauranga dities at home they should understand Krishna is there,wherever Nityananda Prabhu is there Krishna is there according to Gauranga,not anybody else and this is not exaggeration this is paramsusatya this is topmost truth ,not truth param topmost auspicious truth su means very good auspicious. So if one dosen’t accept Gauranga’s verse that wherever Lord Nityananda is there Krishna is present and ironically Lord Gauranga said wherever You dance I am also present. I always want to see Your dance and Nityananda Prabhu is dancing 24 hours, every second He is dancing.So Gauranga has to be with Him 24 hrs wherever He is.His transcendental body is playground, sporting ground of Krishna and Gauranga. If You don’t sport and swim in this transcendental ocean of Lord Nityananda’s name and His pastimes and His Glories as recited by Gauranga Himself then one has to forcibly drown in leeches and worms and insects and stool and mucus bile, one has to swim in that sporting ground of cycle and birth and death,maha anarthas one has to swim in sporting ground of grevious sin. So one has to choose if one has to swim in sporting ground Nityananda eternal bliss and happiness,or one has to swim in stool,99% of the people are choosing stool,but it is our duty those who become aware of this topmost sporting ground of Nityananda Prabhu’s name and pastimes it is our duty to communicate to people on emergency basis to extricate them from stool and place them in divine blissful nectarian ocean.


caitanyera rase nityaananda mahaamati .

ye balena, ye karena—sarvatra sammati ..21..


In Gauranga rasa Nityananda has become maha-mati very very advanced consciousness very very elevated topmost consciousness.So whatever He speaks and whatever He does,is directly authorized and approved and blessed by Lord Gauranga.No one should ever have tinge of doubt in Lord Nityananda Prabhu’s activities otherwise one is finished.Tomorrow we will see how Gauranga MahaPrabhu requests Nityananda for something ,give Me something which He requests Nityananda and distributes to all devotees.So Lord Gauranga has glorified Nityananda in these 3 verses described in Chaitanya Bhagvata and these 3 verses contain the essence of Nityananda philosophy Nityananda tattva verse 18,19,20 of Madhya Khanda Ch 12. First is Your name is Nityananda personified bliss, Your form is Nityananda and You are Balarama Yourself, second verse is that Your traveling Your walking Your gamana is Nityananda Your eating is Nityananda Your dealings are full of eterbal bliss,everything is Nityananda there is never any dimunition of Nityananda whatever You do,whatevere is related with You even Your servants.Whatever You look at becomes Nityananda and the third verse is that no human being can actually understand Your potency and the topmost truth is that wherever You are there Krishna is there These are 3 verses.Chaitanya Bhagvata ki Jaya Gauranga MahaPrabhu ki Jaya,Nityananda Prabhu ki Jaya,Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakuara ki Jaya, Bhaktivinoda Bhaktisiddhanta Shrila Prabhupada ki Jaya, Gurudeva ki Jaya ananta koti Nityananda Gauranga bhakta vrinda ki jaya.