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08. Supreme Ecstatic Trances of Lord Nityananda


aanande murcchita vaa hayena kona kshana .

tina caari divaseo naa haya cetana ..9..


This is very miraculous because even Lord Gauranga did not exhibit His trances for so long Nityananda Prabhu sometimes used to become unconscious and used to faint due to extreme happiness and ecstasy and bliss and He did not regain consciousness even after 3 or 4 days.He went deep into meditation in His Vrindavana’s pastimes in Vraja as cowherd boy He entered those pastimes and not able to come out of His pastimes for 3-4 days.or He would faint in the love and bliss of serving Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu in the eternal realm which is not manifested before our eyes,which is eternally existent.


eimata ara kata acintya kathana .

ananta-mukhete naari karite varnana ..10..


In that way Lord Nityananda’s pastimes in Navadvipa are unlimited in thand even if I have infinite number of mouths I wont be able to describe even a drop of them.


daive ekadina yathaa Prabhu vasi’ aache .

aailena nityaananda ishvarera kaache ..11..


By divine providence by divine arrangement one day let us meditate on this pastime because this pastime is really beautifull pastime because the Supreme Personality of Godhead the Supreme Absolute Truth Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu He personally glorified Nityananda Prabhu to the ultimate extent.Nityananda Prabhu due to divine arrangement,one day Lord Nityananda Prabhu came where Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu was sitting.


vaalyabhaave digamvara haasya shrivadane .

sarvadaa aanandadhaaraa vahe shrinayane ..12..


In the mood of child Nityananda Prabhu had no clothes on, He was digambara and He was constantly smiling with His shrivadan with His beautiful cupid-like lotus like face and tears of blissfull love were constantly flowing from His lotus like beautiful eyes. His childish sweetness contradicted His principle of shyness.When you are a child the sweetness of child the emotions of child and feeling strong attraction for Gauranga,who else can experience Lord Gauranga’s love more than Lord Nityananda in creation.Just like Radha can experience Krishna’s love in topmost way similarly Nityananda Prabhu is full receptacle of Gauranga’s love and totally He would become in mood of child and than He came before Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu and roared whatever was within His heart.


niravadhi ei vali’ karena hunkaara .

“mora Prabhu nimaai pandita nadiyaara ..”13..


Lord Nityananda Prabhu roared loudly and repeatedly proclaimed “My Lord is Nimai Pandita of Nadiya,He is my Lord life after life unconditional Lord”.So actually we see that Lord Nityananda’s trances were due to His feeling so blissful being in closeness with Gauranga MahaPrabhu. He travelled all over India for 20 years and He exhibited ecstatic symptoms but not in this way.In Navadvipa He has been totally overwhelmed by the intimacy to Gauranga MahaPrabhu.So He is saying Nimai Pandita of Nadiya is My Lord. This is the lesson we have to learn from Nityananda Prabhu That we have to accept Nimai Pandita as our Lord also. He is telling for our sake for sake of all living entities. Some people accept Krishna as Lord but Nimai Pandita as devotee,that is not right, in kali yuga Nimai Pandita,Chaitanya MahaPrabhu is actually Lord of kali yuga. He is actually Lord of all living beings from time immemorial what to speak of kali-yuga.


haase Prabhu dekhi’ taana murtti digamvara .

mahaajyotirmmaya tanu dekhite sundara ..14..


Seeing Lord Nityananda Prabhu in such an ecstatic trance Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu laughed,He could see the most beautiful jyotirmaya the most spiritually effulgent form of Lord Nityananda Prabhu before His eyes and Lord Gauranga simply smiled.Our eyes are so sinful and so much full of contamination that we cannot see the transcendental divine form of Lord Nityananda Prabhu.We must consider ourselves most sinful,most fallen most degraded because that most merciful form which tolerates blood coming out from His body.Jagai and Madhai they hit Him Lord Nityananda Prabhu was wounded but still that form is so merciful of Lord Nityananda Prabhu, He gave them love of Gauranga, pure love of God eventhough, He was wounded what a merciful form that is.Mare tare prema de: One who hits Him He gives them love,who can in this world very very few people.If somebody hits us we will immidiately hit back.Even if one will not hit back one will be wounded in heart for revenge,even if one dosent want to take revenge but still soul cannot give other person love of God.The greatest treasure which is rare for Bramha and Shiva that treasure Nityananda Prabhu is giving to those who hit Him.What a merciful form of Lord Nityananda this is. .We will see prayers of Madhai in Chapter 15 Madhya Khanda Chaitanya Bhagvata where Madhai Glorifies His form,he slaps his face his hands,why did he hit that form,it is heinous sin never can forgive eventhough Lord forgave him,he said why did I perform this sin,why did I take birth to perform this sin to hit most merciful form of Lord Nityananda.


aakhevayathe Prabhu nija samtakera vaasa .

paraaiyaa thuilena—tathapiha haasa ..15..


Lord Gauranga hurridly came and took off the cloth from His head the turban which He was wearing.Lord put it around transcendental body of Lord Nityananda Prabhu.Lord Nityananda Prabhu was simply laughing and smiling due to His transcendental nature.


aapane lepilaa taana anga divyagandhe .

sheshe maalya paripurna dilena shriange ..16..


Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu took this opportunity to serve the divine form of Lord Nityananda. Such a fortunate postion service to Lord Nityananda Prabhu is even aspired for by Lord Gauranga.He smeared sandalwood paste and perfumes on Nityananda Prabhu’s transcendental body than offered Him flower garlands on His transcendental form which enchants even the godess of fortune.