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07. Pastimes of Lord Nityananda
with the Ganges crocodiles


jaya vishvambhara sarvavaishnavera naatha .

bhakti diyaa jive Prabhu kara aatmasaat ..1..


All Glories to you Visvambhara the master of all Vaishnavas,the master,father,mother Guru,everything of all the Vaishnavas,please give all the souls devotion unto you, please kara atmasat, it’s a deep word, it not only means to deliver all the souls but to bring all the souls in your family,there are various meanings or make all the souls like you,like you means soul cannot become God,they can realize their spiritual bodies and engage in service of Lord in spiritual world and accept everyone as your own and allow them into your pastimes is another meaning of atmasat.Means Lord will never keave that soul, soul will always be dear to Lord,let all souls become as dear to you as yourself is another meaning.So in that way Shrila Vrindavan dasa Thakura is asking for benediction from Gauranga and requesting Him to please accept all orphan souls in this material world.


hena lilaa nityaananda-vishvambhara-sange .

navadvipe dui jane kare vahu range ..2..


So in that way Lord Nityananda Prabhu and Lord Gaurasundara both of them enjoyed diffirent, variegated, unlimited, boundless, spiritual, blissful pastimes in Navadvipa dhama.


krishnaanande alaukika nityaanandaraaya .

niravadhi vaalakera praaya vyavasaaya ..3..


Due to extreme bliss of Krishna Consciousness Krishna naam,Krishna dhaam,Krishna leela Nityananda Prabhu was alaukika means unpralleled extraordinarily beautiful.Constantly 24 hours He was absorbed in mood like a child because bliss of Krishnaananda,Gauraananda bliss of Lords devotion made Him totally innocent like a child oblivious to external surroundings.


sabaare dekhiyaa prita madhura sambhaasha .

aapanaa’-aapani nritya-vaadya-gita-haasa ..4..


Eventhough Lord Nityananda Prabhu was oblivious to external surroundings,everyone who saw Him,He would converse with them very madhura-sambhasa sweetly,and anyone who heard His divine voice would melt in ecstasy.Normally His associates were there with Him,but even if there were no one with Him also ,then apana-apani,on His own He would always keep on dancing,playing musical instruments,singing,laughing.He was so absorbed. He wasn’t dependent on anyone on His blissful trance that is why He is known as Nityananda He is not dependant on anyone He is Supremely Independent Lord for His happiness.In this material world we have to be so dependant on so many things for our happiness,if we don’t get any supply of food from grocery we are not happy,if the electricman stops the fan,light we are not happy,if we have so stomach ache,doctor does not give proper medicine then we are not happy.But Lord Nityananda is not dependant on anyone for His blissful absorbtion.Fully independent.


svaanubhaavaanande kshane karena hunkaara .

shunile apurva-vuddhi janmaye sabaara ..5..


Svanubhavaande,very deep words have to be described properly in English,sva means own and anubhava means own experiences/realizations spiritually His own tattva His own position as Supreme Personality of Servitor Godhead anande in that bliss in bliss of His own position as primary servitor of Lord Gauranga. At every second He used to roar loudly and very very fortunate souls who somehow got the opportunity to hear the roaring,their intelligence,some very special kind of divine intelligence unique intelligence awakned in them it cannot be expressed in words.Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura says those who heard His roaring developed some very fine intelligence very very blossoming intelligence Their iintelligence blossomed even more even though they were pure devotees with fully bossomed consciousness but still their consciousness was blossoming


varshaate gangaaya dheu kumbhire veshtita .

taahaate bhaasaye, tilaarddheka naahi bhita ..6..


During the rainy season we know how the Ganga is extremely turbulent and expanding, even in rainy season Lord Nityananda “kumbhira vestita” kumbhira means crocodiles and vestita means fully covered.Ganges was fully covered by crocodiles in rainy season even more.Still Nityananda Prabhu fearlessly floated and swam in water of Ganga without any kind of fear little bit.Even drop of fear He did not have of the crocodile infested waters.


sarvaloka dekhi’ dare kare—‘haaya haaya’ .

tathaapi bhaasena haasi’ nityaanandaraaya ..7..


Nobody was swimming obviously at that time in Ganga,everbody was saying alas alas when Nityananda Prabhu would start swimming,floating in Ganga everyone would shout alas because crocodiles were so nearby.Huge crocodiles 500 years ago.Now species have vanished,500 yrs ago there were huge crocodiles.Everyone else was tremendously frightned when Nityananda Prabhu would float in waters,but He continued smiling and performing pastimes in Ganga.If He does not swim in Ganga how will Ganga get the good fortune of embracing the Lord with her waves.In kali yuga Lord had promised Ganga that He will come personally as His mantra upasaka.


anantera bhaave Prabhu bhaasena gangaaya .

naa vujhiyaa sarvaloka kare—‘haaya haaya’ ..8..


Lord Nityananda Prabhu’s partial incarnation is Lord Ananta Shesha who floats in the karana sagara(causal ocean) ananta Shesha becomes bed of Lord in the ocean so He floats over the water.So Nityananda Prabhu in same mood because He was same personality His expansion is Lord Ananta.Not understanding His full Glories,not knoswing His full Glories some people some devotees would say haya haya alas alas in anxiety, nothing should happen to Nityananda Prabhu.