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06.Pastimes of Lord Nityananda in Lord Gauranga’s House


ekadina nija-grihe Prabhu vishvambhara .

vasi’ aache lakshmisange parama sundara ..65..


One day in His own home,in Sachi matas home in Yogapitha in Navadvpa Mayapur where Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura and Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarswati Thakura have built a huge temple Adbhuta Mandir.So birth place of Lord, Sachi matas home.Lord Vishvambhara would sit in His home with Lakshmi devi and He was looking more beautiful than millions of cupids with Lakshmi, means Vishnupriya devi, second wife of Lord Gauranga, Lakshmi devi the first wife had already gone back to the transcendental abode of Lord, when Lord had gone back to east Bengal (Bangladesh) for spreading His holy name.


yogaaya taambula lakshmi parama harishe .

Prabhura aanande naa jaanaye raatridishe ..66..


Vishnupriya devi is none other than Goddess of fortune. She was totally enchanted by beauty of Lord she was preparing betel nuts for Lord with great hapineess and Lord was pleased and also she was very pleased because by accepting her service Lord was feling happy,Prabhur anande has many different meanings in this verse.Prabhur anade means Lord Gauranga was feeling very happy satisfied by Vishnu Priya’s service so Vishnu Priya ws feeling very happy,and second Prabhur anande means to behold the beautiful bliss of Gauranga Vishnupriya was feeling happy,so she was happy by all means and all ways,she did not know if it was day or night.It was totally absorbrd in serving Lord directly.


yakhana thaakaye lakshmisange vishvambhara .

shacira citteta haya aananda vistara ..67..

So at that time When Lord Vishvambhara Gauranga would perform pastimes with Vishnupriya devi during that Sachidevi felt time intense pleasure and happiness because she did not want her only son now to take sannyasa and leave the world.


maayera cittera sukha thaakura jaaniyaa .

lakshmira sangete Prabhu thaakena vasiyaa ..68..


Undersanding that His mother is very happy and pleased in her heart when He performed pastimes with VishnuPriya,the Lord deliberately spent time in company of Vishnupriyadevi in association with Vishnupriya devi to give pleasure to His mother to give pleasure to Vishnupriya devi to devotees.Lord is willing to do anything and everything to keep His associates happy,so our goal should be to become an associate of the Lord then Lord can become happy by our service,but to become an associate of the Lord one has to become an associate of associate of Lord,one cannot become direct associate.


henakaale nityaananda aananda-vihvala .

aailaa Prabhura baadi parama cancala ..69..


At that time the most restless translated as restless but it also means very agitated in love parama chanchal because He was ananda vivhala overwhelmed with Gauranga’s love Gauranga prema that is why Lord Nityananda Prabhu was extremely restless and He came at that time and was totally oblivious of external world,He was totally absorbed in remembrance of Gauranga and His pastimes.He came to Lords home.


vaalyabhaave digamvara rahilaa daandaaiyaa .

kaahaare naa kare laaja paraananda paaiyaa ..70..


So He was totally in the mood of a child,there were no clothes on His transcendental body at that time and He stood there,and He was not ashamed of anyone,not feeling shy of anyone because He was so absorbed in Gauranga consciousness,absorbed in ecstasy of cowherd boy.


Prabhu bale,—“nityaananda, kene digamvara ?”

nityaananda ‘haya haya’ kareya uttara ..71..


One can imagine the limits of Lord Nityananda Prabhus ecstasy,this kind of ecstasy cannot be seen in any scripture.When Gauranga is telling Him why are you not having clothes on,why are you undressed,Lord Nityananda Prabhu is saying haya haya ok ok,yes yes.He is so absorbed in love that He is not even understanding Gauranga’s question,The Supreme Personality of Godhead is asking Him,but He is not able to understand the question imagine one can be in such a trance in direct order of Supreme Lord,it must be tremendous ecstasy.


Prabhu bale,—“nityaananda, paraha’ vasana .”

nityaananda bale,—“aaji aamaara gamana ..”72..

Lord Gauranga telling Him O Nityananda please put on Your cloth and Nityananda Prabhu is saying today is My departure ,So He was speaking totally incoherently ,He was not able to understand anything.


Prabhu bale,—‘nityaananda, ihaa kene kari ?”

nitaa balena,—“aara khaaite naa paari ..”73..


Lord Gauranga asked Him,”Nityananda why are you acting like this”,Nityananda Prabhu replied,”I cannot eat anymore”


Prabhu bale,—“eka kahi, kaha kene aara ?”

nitaai balena,—“aami genu dashabaara ..”74..


Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu is saying,Oh Nitai when I tell you something why do you speak something elsewhich is not related to my question.


kruddha hanaa bale Prabhu,—“mora dosha naani

nityananda Prabhu bole-“itha nahio aai..”75..


Lord Gauranga became little angry,Lord Gauranga told Lord Nityananda this is not my fault ,You are not listening to me.Nityananda Prabhu said,Prabhu Sachimata is not here.


Prabhu kahe,-krpa kare paraha vasana

nityaananda bale,—“aami kariva bhojana ..”76..


Lord Gauranga told Him,please have mercy,please wear Your cloth, Nityananda Prabhu replied”Now I will eat”.


chaitanya-aaveshe matta nityaanandaraaya .

eka shune, aara bale, haasiyaa vedaaya ..77..


What was Nityananda Rayas situation is Nityananda Raya the king of all ecstatic personalities He was immersed in avesha,mood,bhava of Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu,He is absorbed in the mood,because in this Gauranga leela He is getting that kind of love and realizations and emotions which are not even He got in Vraja leela of Balarama and not even Ramachandra-lila when He was Lakshmana,He is getting very very esoteric very very deep,very coinfidential moods that why He is totally oblivious of the external situation.He hears something and speaks something else and He is smiling and wandering about in the home of Gauranga MahaPrabhu.


aapane uthiyaa Prabhu paraaya vasana .

baahya naahi-haase padmaavatira nandana ..78..


Lord Gauranga got up from His position and personally put on the clothes of Lord Nityananda Prabhu,during this time Lord Nityannda Prabhu was simly smiling and laughing,He is the son of Padmavati Devi Ekachakra Dhama,His mother disappeared very shotly after Nitai left them they could not bear His separation.It breaks our heart even to remember that pastime.Son of Padmavati lost all external consciousness.Padmavati suta is name of Lord Nityananda because His mothers name is Padmavati who is incarnation of Sumitra from Ramalila and Devaki and Rohini personified.She is incarnation of Sumitra and Rohini devi,His fathers bname ws Hadia Pandita and .He was the incarnation of Vasudeva and Dasharatha,and the childhood name they gave it to Lord Nityananda was Kuvera Pandita because when He advented in Ekachakra dhama which is in Radhadesha,where Ganges does not flow,that village is so sweet,I so wish I was there,now.That is the actually the parama dhama of Kali-Yuga,place of birth of Lord Nityananda,because Nityananda is the only hope of deliverance of all souls.So He went back there when He went to Bengal,and He disappeared in His own dities of Bankim Raya,like Lord Gauranga entered Tota Gopinatha,Nityananda Prabhu also has fully Satchinanada spiritual body.Bankim Raya was found in Jamuna there by Himself.When the Sanyasi left,the sanyasi gave diety of Murlidhar to His mother.Mother whenever she used to see diety,she would see fae of Nitai.Nityananda Prabhu and Ekachakra dhama,Janhavi devi became so distressed when Nityananda Prabhu disappeared inside diety of Bankim Raya.Very very powerful temple there,one can do 24-hrs kirtana never loose any taste.Left side of Bankim Raya is Radharani,but after Lord Nityananda merged in diety,Janhava devi requested to put her own diety on right side of Bankim Raya,so Janhvi Bankim Raya,Radha Bankim Raya.She is actually Ananga manjiri,younger sister of Radharani.So there is original diety of Jaganntha Baladeva and Subhadra worshipped by Hadai Pandita.And beautiful birthplace of Lord Nityananda is very beautiful,the hut,home of Padmavati and pond where Padmavati used to wash clothes and pots of Nitai,and her maternity ward,where Lord Nityananda took birth.Very very old tree ancient tree is there,two-three trees are there,one where Nityananda showed His Vishvarupa.beatiful dietis of Gauranga Nityananda Advaita.Nityananda put His hearing one hole of cobra so that it cannot come out does not harm others,that is why Lord Nityananda does not have earing in right ear only in left ear.Balaram Nitai don’t wear in both ears. So we went into rememberance of Ekachakra. Unfortunately people of this world are making so many not so important places very very great holy places,mythological bogus places are becoming great pilgrimage places now in kali-yuga, but birth place of Lord Nityananda Balarama,is most crucial place for all conditioned souls,where all their offences will be destroyed,nobody knows that village so hidden,so confidential.A time will come soon when a rich man will take up the development of that village make it very nice abode,great tirtha,pilgrimage place of kali-yuga.So Padmavati nandana,that’s how we remembered Ekachakra dhama.


nityaanandacaritra dekiyaa aai haase .

vishvarupa-putra-hena mane mane vaase ..79..


Sachimata became very happy and smiled on seeing transcendental characteristics of Nityananda Prabhu.and deep within in her mind she saw Vishvarupa who was a partial expansion of Nityananda Prabhu


seimata vacana shunaye saba mukhe .

maajhe maajhe seirupa aai maatra dekhe ..80..


Many devotees had the realization that Visvarupa,Vishvarupa is non-different from Nityananda,but only Sachimata who could see sometimes in between,the form of Vishvarupa in Lord Nityananda,and she would feel extreme joy.


kaahaare naa kahe aai, putra-sneha kare .

sama-sneha kare nityaananda-vishvambhare ..81..


But Sachimata did not disclose it to anyone that she had vision of Nityananda Prabhu.Thus is not surprising, because Nityananda Prabhu could not see Lord directly when Lord was born,when He appeared,because it was planned by Nityananda and Gauranga in Goloka before coming the pastime that they will meet each other when Nityananda Prabhu is 32 and Gauranga is 19 yrears of age.Then Gauranga would officially launch His sankirtana pastimes,because if scholastic pastimes with Lord Nityananda Prabhu would be there, then Nityananda Prabhu would implore Lord to do sankirtaan pastimes directly.Lord wanted to do some scholastic pastimes,so it was arranged that Nityananda would meet Gauranga only after 19 years of age, so Lord Nityananda Prabhu thought that since I will be meeting the Lord after 32 years of my pastimes then I should also manifest myself in My partial expansion as Vishvarupa, I should take birth as son of Sachi and Jagannatha Mishra before Lord Gauranga comes. He appeared as Visvarupa so that He could serve Lord in childhood pastimes, He could serve Lord in childhood pastimes also. This is the confidential reason,nobody knows this reason why Lord Nityananda made His partial expansion appaear as elder brother of Nimai,Gauranga. So Sachimata saw that, she did not tell anyone, did not disclose the secret. She used to have absolutely the same spiritual affection which she had for Gauranga she had for Nityananda, Nityananda and Gauranga equal affection.she used to show this is very important lesson to be learnt for all devotees.We should not differentiate between these two brothers,we should not think one is more important than the other.that is not the right way to woprship Them. Nityananda is not the means to Gauranga, Nityananda is the goal. Like some devotees feel that Gauranga is the means to Radha Krishna,so they give more prominence to Radha-Krishna and less prominence to Gauranga that is not right Gauranga and Radha-krishan equal prominence they are the same. Shrila Prabhupada says anyonme who chants the name of Radha Krishna anyone who chants Gauranga mantra same level.The Acharya has said, so one should give equal importance to the Gauranga bhaktas and Radha Krishna bhaktas,infact Gauranga bhaktas make even more rapid progress, because Gauranga’s name does not consider offences,if not more respect but equal respect should be give,one should not give more respect to one side and less respect to other.While chanting and singing Nityananda’s glories one oneself becomes oblivious of external situation. Nityananda Prabhu is Himself so absorbed, some try to get a drop of His qualities. Like a silk worm meditates on butterfly becomes a butterfly, ofcourse one can never become Nityananda, never one can become Nityananda dasa by meditating on Him.


baahya paai’ nityaananda parilaa vasana .

sandesha dilena aai karite bhojana ..82..


When Nityananda Prabhu returned to external consciousness, Nityananda Prabhu put on His clothes and dressed Himself,and Sachimata gave nice sandesh sweets,milk sweets to Lord Nityananda to eat.Actually one who hears this pastime of Nityananda Prabhus so called transgressing moral principles like not wearing clothes.If one hears this pastimes with faith.then there will be spiritual revolution within heart,heart will be totally purified,because Lord Gauranga will see that devotees reading this pastimes and the faith of the devotee in Nityananda is increasing and one is not doubting the character of Nityananda even a little bit,then Gauranga immediately purifies heart of devotee.


aai-sthaane panca kshira-sandesha paaiyaa .

eka khaaya, aara caari phele chadaaiyaa ..83..


Now Nityananda Prabhu wanted to show His prowess and potency to none other than Sachimata,that His pastimes are not ordinary.So Sachimata gave five pieces of milk sweets to Lord Nityananda Prabhu,He ate one of them and four He threw them out.


“haaya haaya”—bale aai—“kene phelaailaa ?”

nityaananda bale,—“kene eka thaani dilaa ?”84..


Sachimata said”Alas!Alas!Why did you throw of 4 of them” Nityananda Prabhu said “Why did you give all of them together?”


aai bale,—“aara naahi, tabe ki khaaivaa ?”

nityaananda bale,—“caaha, avashya paaivaa ..”85..

Sachimata said”I don’t have anymore,what You will eat now,You must be hungry” Lord Nityananda Prabhu replied “if you want that they are there then they will be there surely”


gharera bhitare aai aparupa dekhe .

sei caari sandesha dekhaye parateke ..86..


Sachimata was amazed,at Nityananda words,she went inside the kitchen and she saw to her great surprise that the 4 pieces of Sandesh were there intact.


aai bale,—“se sandesha kothaaya padila ?

gharera bhitare kon prakaare aaila?”87..


Sachimata said “ Nityananda threw Sandesh somewhere else,how did they come here inside kitchen,He threw them outside how did they come inside the home”


dhulaa ghucaaiyaa sei sandesha laiyaa .

harishe aailaa aai apurva dekhiyaa ..88..


Very surprising thing was that there was some dust sticking to sandesh,so Sachimata removed the little dust over Sandesh and she brought them outside,but then when she came outside she saw another big wonder,she was in total dilemma.


aai’ dekhe nityaananda sei laadu khaaya .

aai bale,—“vaapa, ihaa paailaa kothaaya ?”89..


When she came out she was seeing Nityananda eating those ladoos,Sachimata was totally stunned and shocked and she told Nityananda”My dear son,where did you get these from?”


nityaananda bale,—“yaahaa chadaanaa phelilun .

tora duhkha dekhi’ taai caahiyaa aanilun ..”90..


Nityananda Prabhu wanted to confuse Sachimata even more,so He said that my dear mother you did not like that I threw those sweets away,you said haya haya alas alas so I went and got those sweets and eating them.


adbhuta dekhiyaa aai mane mane gane .

nityaanandamahimaa naa jaane kona jane ?91..


Seeing these wonders miraculous pastimes,Sachimata contemplated, thought within her mind,who actually in this world actually knows the Glories of Nityananda Prabhu,very very difficult to understand.


aai bale,—“nityaananda, kene more bhaanda’ ?

jaanila ishvara tumi, more maayaa chaada ..”92..


So Sachimata looked at Lord Nityananda “Why are You trying to bewilder me and confuse me,now I know and undrstand fully that you are the Supreme Personality of Godhead,you are Ishvara Himself ,please remove Your covering of bewildering me,please don’t do this.


vaalyabhaave nityaaananda aaira carana .

dharivaare yaaya,—aai kare palaayana ..93..


In the mood of a child, Nityananda Prabhu immediately tried to grab the lotus feet of Sachimata and Sachimata ran away.


eimata nityaananda-taritra aghaadha .

sukritira bhaala, dushkritira kaaryyavaadha ..94..


In that way the characteristics of Nityananda Prabhu are unfathomably deep agadha cannot be conceived by anyone, and hearing about them is very very auspicious and very very beneficial to those who have faith in them.But those who are sinful and envious people will be destroyed by hearing these pastimes, they will face many obstacles if they don’t have faith.


nityaananda-nindaa kare ye paapishtha jana .

gangaao taahaare dekhi’ kare palaayana ..95..


Anyone who criticizes Lord Nityananda in thought word or deed or mind in any kind of way,even little bit even tiny drop of envy one has against Nityananda then even mother Ganga,she will run away when one sees such a person.She will not even feel like approaching.


vaishnavera adhiraaja ananta ishvara .

nityaananda-mahaaPrabhu shesha mahidhara ..96..


So Nityananda Prabhu thought. Shrila Krishnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami states that Lord Gauranga is known as Mahaprabhu and Nityananda and Adviata are known as Prabhus, Kavi Karnapura also says that Gauranga is known as Mahaprabhu, no one else. But Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura addresses Lord Nityananda Prabhu, and in Chaitanya Mangala, Shrila Lochana dasa Thakura also addresses Nityananda Prabhu as Mahaprabhu,so we see some apparent contradiction, this is explained by Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura Prabhupada,that Nityananda Prabhu can be addressed as Mahaprabhu lovingly by His devotees,there is no harm.When the Acharyas says that Gauranga is Mahaprabhu and other two are Prabhus,they mean that Gauranga is Master,Served Godheads,and those two are Servitor Godhead.But Nityananda Mahaprabhu He has Mahabhava,He exhibits the Supreme mellow,Gauranga prema.So by Nityananda Prabhus Ashraya one achieves ultimate oblect of worship Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu. So He is the king of Vaishnavas,the presiding diety of all Vaishnavas,He is ananta-ishvara,He is controller and master of unlimited planets and universes in spiritual and material world,He is also Ananta Shesha and bears thousands and millions of Universes on His hoods.


ye te kene nityaananda caitanyera nahe .

tavu se carana-dhana rahuka hridaye ..97..


Whatever relationship Lord Nityananda has with Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu I will always carry the treasure of His lotus feet within my heart.


vaishnavera paaye mora ei manankaama .

mora Prabhu nityaananda hau balaraama ..98..


Shrila Vrindavan dasa Thakura is begging and praying in second last verse of chapter to lotus feet of all the Vaishnavas who are hearing Chaitanya Bhagavta that please bless me that my master always remains Nityananda Balarama life after life


shrikrishnachaitanya-nityaanandacaanda jaana .

vrindaavanadaasa tachu padayuge gaana ..99..


Sitting at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda and Lord Gauranga,Shrikrishana MahaPrabhu Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda MahaPrabhu,the moon like Lords,I Vrindavana dasa sing the Glories of lotus feet their holy names and their pastimes.


iti shrichaitanyabhaagavate madhyakhande

shrinityaanandacarita-varnanam naama


Thus ends the Chapter 11 of Madhya Khanda of Chaitanya Bhagvata entitled The Characteristics of Nityananda.

Chaitanya Bhagvata ki Jaya,Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura ki jaya

dvaadasha adhyaaya.Nityananda Gauranga MahaPrabhu ki Jaya,Samaveta bhakta vrinda ki jaya