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05. Shrimati Malini's Prayers to Lord Nityananda


“ye jana aanila mrita gurura nandana .

ye jana paalana kare sakala bhuvana .46..


For He who has brought back the dead son of spiritual master.Sandipani Munis son died long time back.Krishna and Balaram after studyinmg in Ashram,Sandipani Muni asked for Gurudakshina that Lord Balaram and Krishna get back his son.So 64 days Lord Balaram and Krishna went to prabhasa tirtah riding on a chariot and They demanded son of spiritual master from the ocean,but diety of ocean told Them that son was killed by deamon called panchajanya.He is inside the ocean and devoured the son.Krishna and Balarama entered the water in palace of Panchajanya and killed him,this is how Lord Krishna got the conch Panchajanya.But they could not find spiritual masters son within belly of deamon.;So they went to abode of Yamraja and Yamraja duly worshipped Balarama and Krishna and according to their order He brought the dead son of Sandipani Muni back.So Malini devi is saying “You got back the dead son of Your Guru,You are Balarama You and Krishna got back the dead son of Your Guru and also it is You who maintains all the universes of whole creation actually.


yamera ghara haite ye aanite paare .

kaakasthaane vaati aane,—ki mahattva taare ?47..


You could get the son of Your Guru directly from Yamaloka what to speak of getting a brass pot from a crow,nothing,very insignificant. Those who don’t believe this pastime will be destroyed,because You can get the dead son from Yamaraja, so what is this.


yaanhaara mastakopari ananta bhuvana .

lilaaya naa jaane bhara, karaye paalana ..48..


You hold innumerable the universes on Your head and yet feel their weight just for performance of pastimes,Unlimited universes just for performance of pastimes He maintains them,He does not feel any weight though each uniuverse must be weighing millions and billions,and trillions of tones,one earthly planet nobody has power to move it shake it.So one can imagine the whole universe,how much weight it is.Those Universes are lying on hoods of Nityananda Prabhu and He is not feeling any weight at all,you can imagine how powerful He must be.


anaadi avidya dhvamsa haya yaanra naame .

ki mahatttava taanra, vaati aane kaakasthaane ? 49..


By just chanting Your name, Nityananda Prabhu’s name. the potency of this name is described in this verse by Malini the avidya and ignorance,avidya is the actual cause for us being in the material world embodiment from avidya false desire then comes ego then comes intelligence then the mind then the five gross elements.So everything starts from avidya or ignorance,so by chanting Your name avidya or ignorance from immemorial time can be destroyed,eradicated completely from the root by chanting holy name of Nityananda so what is the Glories of getting one bowl from a crow,hardly anything,by chanting your name the unimaginable ignorance which has no beginning or end is destroyed forever.So what is the big thing in to get one bowl from crow.


ye tumi lakshmanarupe purve vanavaase .

nirantara rakshaka aachilaa pitaapaashe ..50..


Sita was constantly in forest for Ram, and as Lakshmana you were constantly guarding her protecting her.These pastimes are mentioned in the Valmiuki Ramayana, Aranya Khanda chapter 4.43 Lakshmana is also Nityananda, He is an expansion of Lord Nityananda just as Ram is an expansion of Lord Gauranga.


tathaapiha maatra tumi sitaara carana .

ihaa vai sitaa naahi dekhale kemana ..51..


Yet the most surprising thing was that you were guarding Sita constantly day and night you were protecting her in the forest but yet you never saw her face ever,you just saw her lotus feet.You never looked up.Ramayana Uttara Khanda 58.21, Lakshmana says that”My dear Sita I have just seen your lotus feet never even your form”.


tomaara se vaane raavanera vamsha-naasha .

se tumi ye vaati aana, kemana prakaasha ?52..


It was you by whose arrows the entire dynasty of Ravana was destroyed so what is the glory in bringing a small bowl from a crow.Very beautiful prayers by Malini she is Glorifying Nitai’s activities in His transcendental incarnations.


yaahaara carane purve kaalindi aasiyaa .

stavana karila mahaa-prabhaava jaaniyaa ..53..


Due to the influence of Lord Balarama the river Kalindi Yamuna became frightned and offered prayers to Your feet,You are the same Lord what is the greatness in getting bowl from crow,what to speak of crow Yamuna came to You voluntarily and she started offering you prayers.This pastime is there in Bhagavatam,from Dvarka once Lord Baladeva came to Vraja to meet His devotees and to perform the rasa dance with His batch of Gopis.Then Krishna’s Gopis saw this rasa dance from far and they were very satisfied after very long period of time they could feel presence of Krishna very strongly though they always feel. So Balaram came to Vrindavana to asuage the feelings of separation of His gopis and Krishna’s gopis. So He came in month of Chaitra and Vaishakha April and May, to Vrindavana and at that time Balarama drank Varuni the honey like nectar given by Varuna and then He enjoyed pastime with gopis after enjoying pastimes to remove their tired fatigue,transcendental fatigue.Balarama and the Gopis wanted to sport in the Jamuna so Baldeva ordered Yamuna to come.Yamuna was little far,so considering Balarama was transcendentally intoxicated Yamuna or Kalindi neglected His order for some time.This is a pastime, then Lord Nityananda Baladeva the son of Rohini, became so angry that He began to scratch,push Yamuna from the tip of His plow,to make streams of Yamuna.At that time she became extremely afraid and she came personified and fell at the feet of Lord Balarama begging for His pardon by offering various prayers which are written in canto 10 chapter 65 of Shrimad Bhagvatam. So Nityananda Balarama You are the same personality to who Kalindi had come to ask for forgiveness.So what is this pastime with a crow,I mean its hardly anything,for Your devotees you are ready to do anything.Actually this pastime has a significance it shows us that even if one is a great devotee of Lord Krishna and if one dosent accept order of Nityananda Prabhu to chant Gauranga’s name.”Bhaja Gauranga,kaha Gauranga,laha Gaurangera nama re”. One dosent accept order of Lord Nityananda to worship Lord Gauranga in kali yuga,to chant His name than, eventhough such a devotee is a great devotee of Lord Krishna,but there is chance of wrath of Lord,if such a devotee tries to obstruct the mission of Lord Nityananda.Spreading of Gauranga’s name.Eventhough He may be devotee of Krishna.But one has to be very careful not to displease Lord Nityananda Balarama because otherwise one is doomed.If Radha Krishna chastise a devotee Gauranga will protect him,if Gauranga chastises Nityananda will protect.If Nityananda chastises there is none to protect so better we have to be careful not to displease Lord Nityananda Prabhu in anyway.Not to undermine His order not to stop anyone from chanting the name of Gauranga,never to stop anyone,never to discourage anyone never to call it a deviation chanting Gauranga’s name,one should not even hear this, its very displeasing to Lord Nityananda Prabhu,and Nityananda’s plow will wreck our devotional life like He wrecked the life of Yamuna into hundreds of rivulets.


caturddasha-bhuvana-paalana-shakti yaanra .

kaakasthaane vaathi aane—ki mahattva taanra ?54..


All the 14 planetary systems You are maintaining my dear Lord by your potency my dear Lord than what are the glories of bringing brass bowl from crow.


tathaapi tomaara kaarya alpa naahi haya .

yei kara, sei satya, caari vede kaya ..”55..


So Malini till now she is saying that Your activities are so glorious and gigantic and powerful that getting a bowl from a crow is insignificant compared to other transcendental activities.So there is no surprise about it,but Malini is saying that my dear Lord none of Your activities are small,every activity is supreme, pure and transcendental. All four Vedas state that whatever you do is the ultimate truth.. Same is repeated by Shrila Narottama dasa Thakura in His song.He says” Nitaire charan satya tahara sevaka nitya,Nitai pada seva sada kore aash"


The only truth in this world is His Lotus feet and servants of Lord Nityananda’s Lotus feet are eternal,the servants of other things are perishable,but servants of Lord Nityananda’s lotus feet are eternal.His lotus feet are the only truth in this world accessible to conditioned souls


haase nityaananda taana shuniyaa stavana .

vaalyabhaave bale,—“muni kariva bhojana ..”56..


Hearing Malini’s beautiful prayers Lord Nityananda smiled and and in the mood of child He says “I will eat.”


nityaananda dekhile taahaara stana jhare .

vaalyabhaave nityaananda stana paana kare ..57..


As soon as Malini would see Nityananda, her breast would be full of milk and in mood of child Lord Nityananda would drink Her breast milk.


ei mata acintya nityaanandera carita .

aami ki valiva, saba jagate vidite ..58..


In that way Shrila Vrindavan dasa Thakura says that Lord Nityanandas pastimes are inconceivable,if anyone doubts this or criticizes this ,then he will be destroyed,completely destroyed.His pastimes are known throughout the world,what can I say more,Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura is saying


karaye durjneya karma, alaukika yena .

ye jaanaye tattva, se maanaye satya hena ..59..


So His activities are difficult to understand by devotees what to speak about non-devotees,very difficult and incomprehensible and unparalleled activities and it is only who understands the tattva, Nityananda naam tattva, Nityananda dhama tattva, Nityananda leela tattva, Nityananda bhakta tattva. Anyone who understands the tattva,philosophy of Nityananda Prabhu position of Nityananda Prabhu only can actually understand these pastimes as true and develop faith in them.


We have seen how Malini devi was so fortunate in 3 worlds because she had the good fortune of directly serving Lord Nityananda who is the creator maintainer and destroyer of the material world,there is nothing that Lord Nityananda will not do for His devotees.though it was very insignificant for Him,still He got back the bowl from the crow just for sake of Malini devi His pure devotee,so even the most insignificant service for zHis devotees just like Krishna became the menial chariot driver for Arjuna,for what.He had no intrest in battle,His city of Dwarka was not getting affected in the battle,because the Pandavas Arjuna is very dear to Him that’s the only reason why He became menial chariot driver.its is very menaila service because in attle all glories will go to driver,the driver is very insignificant,So Krishna took insignificant service nobody remebrs the drivesr of many chariots in kurukshetra,ofcourse when Lord does it it becomes very significant like Malini says Here eventhough bringing back bowl from crow is insignificant to you but because you have done it yourself it is become glorified in all the worlds it is no longer insignificant with respect to your devotes it is transcendental activity.


aharnisha bhaavaaveshe parama uddaama .

sarva-nadiyaaya vule jyotirmmaya-dhaama ..60..


Absorbed in transcendental ecstasy,bhava-vesha means manifestation of divine emotions,param udana means very freely Lord Nityananda theres no proper word to describe meaning of udama,udama means very independently very powerfully Lord Nityananda Prabhu day and night wandered about in Navadvipa dhama fully absorbed.And all the residents of Navadvipa were thinking that jyotirmaya dhama this abode, Lord Nityananda when He used to pass by He is abode of jyoti of transcendental light,effulgence,sun-ball,moon itself,Lord was very effulgent He destroyed the illusion of all living entities by His form.


kivaa yogi nityaananda, kivaa tattvajnaani .

yaahaara yemata icchaa, naa balaye keni ..61..


Some in Navadvipa said that oh Lord Nityananda is a great yogi,some said He is a very great philosopher and knowledgeable philosopher knowing tattva,whatever each one of them felt,whatever they felt like saying they said. They can say that,they are free to say that,Shrila Vrindavan dasa Thakura is saying.But according to me Shrila Vrindavna dasa Thakura is saying..


ye se kene nityaanda-caitanyera nahe .

tavu se carana mora rahuka hridaye ..62..


That whatever Lord Nityananda Prabhu has with Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu what one feels subjectively and does not know subjectively whatever it is.But I don’t care what people think,I want that the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Prabhu always arise in my heart that is my only desire.I don’t want to see Lord Nityananda independeantly from Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu,both are brothers one is served Godhead,other is Servitor Godhead so but I don’t care what people speculate about Lord Nityananda Prabhus position and relation with Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu.


eta parihaareo ye paapi nindaa kare .

tabe laathi maarom taara shirera upare ..63..


In spite of seeing Lord Nityananda as most effulgent sun on Navadvipa and in spite of hearing Lord Nityananda’s 24 hour devotional sentiments there are some very sinful people papi who criticizes Lord Nityananda with their mouth which has been given by Lord Nityananda so what an ungrateful act,power of speaking has been given by Lord Nityananda to all souls. Some envious souls use the same power to criticize the Lord which makes their doom inevitable. Shrila Vrindavan dasa Thakura is saying if somebody criticizes Lord Nityanandain front of me according to scriptures one has to leave that place or one has to stop the person so I will hit Him on head if someone criticizes Lord Nityananda in front of me I will not tolerate that,because it is the most sinful action most ungrateful action and it is our duty, duty of devotee to stop sin being happening in front of himself, not because of any way to harm that person but because of trying to stop him from criticizing Lord Nityananda


eimata aache Prabhu shrivaasera ghare .

niravadhi aapane gauraanga rakshaa kare ..64..


In that way Lord Nityananda Prabhu as He was residing in home of Shrivasa Thakuras home(Shrivasa Angan)Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu would Himself take care of Him,would protect Him,when He was totally oblivious of external consciousness Lord Gauranga would protect Him personally.