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03.Transcendental Blissful Quarrels


Prabhu vishvambhara bale,—“shuna nityaananda .

kaahaaro sahita paache kara tumi dvandva ..11..


Lord Nityananda Prabhu was told by Lord Vishvambhara that ‘please hear Nityananda You always pick up quarrel with someone please don’t do that again’.


cancalataa naa karivaa shrivaasera ghare .”

shuniyaa shrinityaananda ‘shrikrishna’ sanare ..12..


‘Please don’t act in a restless and mischievous manner in Shrivase’s home’ and hearing this Lord Nityananda would remember Krishna.


“aamaara caancalya tumi kabhu naa paaivaa .

aapanaara mata tumi kaare naa vaasivaa ..”13..


Lord Nityananda replied ‘My dear Lord You have never seen Me performing any pranks or childish mischief You have never seen Me like that any time, You will never see Me like that but because You are extremely restless You are that cowherd boy of Vrindavana, You are Krishna Himself that is why You think others also will be like that.


vishvambhara bale,—“aami tomaa’ bhaala jaani .”

nityaananda bale,—“dosha kaha dekhi shuni ..”14..


Lord Vishvambhara said ‘my dear Lord Nityananda don’t try to justify I know You very well.Nityananda Prabhu said ‘ok tell me what is My fault’.


haasi bale gauracandra,—“ki dosha tomaara ?

saba ghare annavrishti kara avataara ..”15..


Gaurangachandra said ‘Oh You are asking Me what is Your fault, in every home in every room You go and throw food stuffs everywhere, Your incarnation is like that.’


nityaananda bale,—“ihaa paagale se kare .

e chalaaya ghare bhaata naa dive aamaare?16..


Nityananda Prabbu said that ‘This is the activity of madman I never do all that, this is Your trick of depriving Me of eating rice. Give Me rice in Your own home, You don’t want to give me bhiksha, You don’t want to give me alms, You don’t want to feed Me that is why You say I go to home and home and throw food stuffs there.


aamaare naa diyaa bhaata sukhe tumi khaao .

apakirtti aara kena baliyaa vedaao ?”17..


First of all You eat Yourself alone without feeding me.You enjoy nice foodstuffs and You don’t invite me and secondly now You are coming out and accusing me of misdeeds this is two things together.’ So this is the same quarelling that goes on in Vraja lila also between Balaram and Krishna where Balarama tells Krishna that ‘When You reside in the palace of Nanda and Yashoda, O Krishna you are always demand and get good foodstuffs and enjoy them, and if I try to get such food stuffs You criticize Me and disclose My mischief to everyone this is nothing but selfishness’. So Lord Nityananda and Lord Gauranga are transcendentally quarreling.


Prabhu bale,—“tomaara apakirttye laaja paai .

sei se kaarane aami tomaare shikhaai ..”18..


Lord Gauranga is saying that ‘If You are dishonored in anyway by anyone because of Your apparent restless activities, pastimes than I will feel very embarrassed, ashamed that is why I am instructing you in proper manners etiquettes.’


haasi’ bale nityaananda,—“vada bhaala bhaala .

caancalya dekhile shikhaaivaa sarvakaala ..19..


Nityananda said ‘very good very good you are instructing me but when You see me restless then You instruct me not now, now I am normal if you see there is anything then You instruct Me’.


nishcaya vujhilaa tumi, aami se cancala .”

eta vali’ Prabhu caahi’ haase khala khala ..20..


You must have certainly understood by now that I am very restless in your love’. In that way Lord Nityananda looked at Lord Gauranga and started laughing very loudly, uproariously.


aanande naa jaane baahya, kon karma kare .

digamvara hai’ vasra vaandhilena shire ..21..


So because of extreme bliss Lord Nityananda did not understand, did not have any external consciousness.What He did, what He did not do, He did not know anything. Once what Lord Nityananda Prabhu did in His blissfull trance extreme trance of love for Lord Gauranga, He removed His clothing dress and tied it on His head and He Himself became totally naked.


jore jore lampha dei haasiyaa haasiyaa .

sakala angane vule thuliyaa thuliyaa ..22..


Then He laughed and He jumped loudly laughing and jumping around in the courtyard staggering ,rolling on the ground of courtyard of Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu in extreme blissful love and He was totally unaware that He had no clothes on the body He was totally in a transcendental situation.


gadaadhara, shrinivaasa aara haridaasa .

shikshaara prasaade sabe dekhe digvaasa ..23..


Gadhadhara, Shrivasa and Haridasa, all these three great personalities saw this pastime of Lord Nityananda Prabhu rolling on the ground without any clothes and they understood that this is some very special mercy ‘shikshra prasada’. Lord Nityananda wants to teach He wants to give some special mercy to everyone.


daaki’ bale vishvambhara,—“e ki kara karma ?

grihasthera baadite emata nahe dharmama ..24..


Lord Gauranga Vishambhara called out ‘Oh what are you doing Nitai what are You doing Nityananda this is not the proper action to be performed at the house of a grihastha of a householder’. Lord Gauranga even though He is Krishna Himself, but Lord Gauranga never displayed His conjugal pastimes with the gopis in Navadvipa with other peoples wives. He was very exemplary in His behaviour and He taught all the devotees of the world how to worship Him and chant his Holy name. We cannot imitate Krishna but we can try to follow on the ideal activities of Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu it is very easy for souls of kali yuga to do that. So Lord Gauranga stopped Lord Nityananda.


ekhani valilaa tumi—‘aami ki paagala?’

eikshane nija-vaakya ghucila sakala ..”25..


Lord Gauranga said that ‘Just a few moments ago You said that You are not mad You are totally normal but now you are contradicting Your own words.You have forgotten Your own words, what are You doing?


yaara baahya naahi, taara vacane ki laaja ?

nityaananda bhaasaye aananda-sindhu-maajha ..26..


Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura is telling a very good point that ‘If someone has no external consciousness at all and one is simply drowned in ocean of pure blissful happiness then what will words do to Him’.You can speak so many words he will not even understand the meaning of those words.So Lord Nityananda was so much ecstatic nobody can imitate Lord Nityananda Prabhu otherwise one will die but Nityananda Prabhu was so much in transcendental bliss. We never see any incarnation of Lord in this much transcendental bliss. This is peak, high climax of all transcendental happiness exhibited in body of Lord Nityananda that is why His name is Nityananda. Nityananda. So He hardly has any external discrimination. So Nityananda Prabhu could not listen to words of Gauranga and was simply drowning in bliss.


aapane dhariyaa Prabhu paraaya vacana .

emata acintya nityaanandera kathana ..27..


In that way Lord personally caught Lord Nityananda with His own hands and this is how inconceivable pastimes of Lord Nityananda Prabhu took place


caitanyera vacana-ankusha maatra maane .

nityaananda mattasimha aara naahi jaane ..28..


Lord Nityananda could only hear the controlled words of Lord Gauranga,nobody else.So only one who could control Lord Nityananda Prabhu was Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu, ’Nityananda matta simha ara nahi jahe’ Nityananda Prabhu like a maddened lion was not at all in the mood of listening to anyone except words of Lord Gauranga.