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02.Lord Nityananda’s mood of a cowherd boy


shrivaasera ghare nityaanandera vasati .

‘vaapa’ vali’ shrivaasere karaye piriti ..7..


So in the house of Shrivasa Nityananda Prabhu was residing there. Nityananda Prabhu considered him as His father and always He was addressing Shrivasa as ‘My dear father’. In that way Lord Nityananda was showing affection to Shrivasa thakura because Lord Nityananda was in the mood of a very affectionate child.


aharnisha vaalya-bhaave baahya naahi jaane .

niravadhi maalinira kare stanapaane ..8..


So 24 hrs day and night Nityananda Prabhu was not conscious He was unconscious about His external surroundings and that is why He used to drink the breast milk of Malini devi the wife of Shrivasa. This not something which is transgressing vedic principles because Lord Nityananda Prabhu was Himself thinking that He is a cowherd boy of Vrindavana and Malini devi is elderly gopi of Vrindavana kilimbika gopi. So in that mood of cowherd boy Lord Nityananda was always drinking her breast milk.


kabhu naahi dugdha, parashile maatra haya .

e saba acintya-shakti maalini dekhaya ..9..


Sometimes there was no milk in Malini’s breast, but when Lord Nityananda would desire to drink her breast milk then immediately by the touch of Lord His Achintya shakti inconceivable potency Malini’s breast will become full of milk and Lord will drink it.


caitanyera nibaarane kaare naahi kahe .

niravadhi vaalyabhaava maalini dekhaye ..10..


Because Lord Gauranga forbid Malini to tell anyone about this intimate pastime with Lord Nityananda Prabhu because common people will not be able to understand the divinity and transcendental nature of Lord Nityananda’s pastimes. But Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakur is telling us these pastimes because, till the time both MahaPrabhus were present on this planet manifesting pastimes,the pastimes were kept confidential but after the order of Lord Nityananda, Shrila Vrindavan dasa Thakura is describing all these pastimes without any shame,without hiding anything, whether people of the world understand or not they have to accept Lord Nityananda as it is they have to understand all His activities are transcendental.So Malini devi constantly saw pastimes of Lord Nityananda Prabhu.