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Worship of Lord Gauranga

Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata Madhya Khanda 9.46-74


Audio Commentary & Lecture by His Holiness

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada


Transcption service by Bhakta Matus.


Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya


So we have seen how the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Gauranga Maha-prabhu, He made the maidservant of Shrivasa, whose name was dukhi into sukhi, happy, because He allowed her to directly engage in bathing Him. That good fortune which is not available to even the most exalted devotees, that good fortune is attained by Shrivasa Thakur’s maidservant of His house, just because she is serving Shrivasa Thakura. So we saw in verse number 45, Chaitanya Bhagavata, Chapter 9, that how after bathing the Lord the devotees cleansed the Lord, wiped the Lord with a divine cloth and then cleaned the throne and then made the Lord sit on a simhasana and Lord Nitai, Nityananda Prabhu held an umbrella on His head and some fortunate devotees fanned Him with the whisk fan. Now we will see how the devotees begin His worship.


Verse 46


pujara samagri lai’ sarvabhaktagana .

pujite lagila nija-prabhura carana


So all the devotees, they took all kinds of various ingredients for worshiping the Lord and they approached the Lord and nija-prabhura. Vrindavana dasa Thakura is using the word nija, nija means own Lord. Gauranga is their own Lord, because Gauranga is freely making Himself available for worship in this Mahaprakash Lila, so He has become endear to the devotees even more! So pujite lagila nija-prabhura carana, so they started worshiping the Lotus Feet of nija-prabhu, Gaurangasundara. His Lotus Feet were the beginning of their worship. We begin our worship with the Lotus Feet because we can not approach the Lords Lotus Face directly, His body. Our eyes and our worship should first be concentrated on His Lotus Feet, then we should meditate on His Ankles, then His Thighs, His Knees, His Thighs, then His Waist, then His Navel, then His Chest, His Abdomen, His Chest, His Golden Rod-Like Hands, His Beautiful Neck, Conch-Like Neck and then His Lotus Face, His Beautiful Red-Bimbal Lips, His Nose like sesame seed and His two Beautiful Ears and His Lotus Eyes and His very Striking

Eyebrows, which destroy the influence of cupid. Once somebody asked Prabhupada, what should I do if I am captured by lusty desires. Prabhupada said, you just go and sit before the Lord and meditate on the Lord’s Eyebrows, api. The Lord’s Eyebrows are actually bows without strings. They release the beautiful arrows of love which enable our heart to become pure and free of lust, which conquers our heart, also through the eyebrows of the opposite sex. So the Beautiful Eyebrows, the Beautiful Forehead of the Lord like plane Effulgent Forehead and then His Curly Hair, fragrant and worshiped by the demigods. So all this meditation can be done but we should begin with the Feet, the Lotus Feet. The devotees started worshiping the Feet.


Verse 47


padya, arghya, acamani, gandha, pushpa, dhupa .

pradipa, naivedya, vastra, yatha anurupa


The devotees brought, for washing the Feet, they brought auspicious ingredients. Padya, first to wash the Lotus Feet, arghya to wash the mouth, acamani, to wash the Hands, arghya, acamani to wash the Mouth, gandha, pushpa, sandal wood paste and other fragrances, flowers, incense, and lamp, ghee lamp, pradipa, naivedya means different foodstuff offerings, vastra means a nice divine clothes, yatha anurupa, as per their attraction to the Lord they brought so many different things to worship the Lord.


Verse 48


yajnasutra yathashakti vastra-alankara .

pujilena kariya shodasha upacara


According to their capacity the brahmanas brought sacred thread to be offered on the Body of the Lord and clothes and ornaments. In this way they worshiped the Lord with 16 kinds of ingredients which were available. Yashodasho upacara, the 16 kinds of ingredients of worship are discussed in detail by Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura Prabhupada in His commentary to Chaitanya Bhagavata, Madhya Khanda, Chapter 6, verse 1, 110.


Verse 49


candane kariya lipta tulasimanjari .

punah punah dena sabe carana-upari


So the devotees, they did the tulasi manjari, the soft seeds of Tulasi Devi in fragrant sandalwood paste and they repeatedly offered these at the Lotus Feet of the Lord. This is the way to worship the Lotus Feet. One should did the soft tulasi manjaris and sandalwood paste and put it at the Lotus Feet of the Lord. Chaitanya Bhagavata is such a sublime scripture, it not only teaches us the greatness of the Holy Names, the Mercy of Nityananda and Gauranga, it also teaches us how to do deity worship, how to worship the Lord.


Verse 50


dashakshara gopalamantrera vidhimate .

puja kari’ sabe stava lagila padite


So the Lord was worshiped with the 10 syllable Gopala Mantra and many different prayers. According to rules and regulations He was offered many prayers. The 10 syllable Gopala Mantra is explained in the Gotamya Tantra, Chapter 2 and Narada Pancharatra, Chapter 2, Verse 3, Chapter 4, Verse 6 & 8. And this mantra is Gopijana Valabhaya Svaha, Gopijana Valabhaya Svaha. So 10 syllable mantra. This is what Gopala Mantra, this is what, it’s a part of the eighteen syllable Gopala Mantra. So Lord Gauranga was worshiped with this 10 syllable mantra with different stutis and stavas, prayers.


Verse 51


advaitadi kari’ yata parshada-pradhana .

padila carane kari’ danda-paranama


All the great associates of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu headed by Advaita Acharya, they all fell like rods on the ground offering their obeisances to the Beautiful Form of the Lord, which was being worshiped by the devotees. You see the propensity to offer dandavat to the Lord and to the devotees. Is not something which can be externally imposed. It is a spontaneous manifestation of the humility of the heart of a devotee. When we offer obeisances to the Lord, the devotees feel so much bliss. They want to get up and again offer obeisances, millions of times, want to offer obeisances to the Lord. They are not satisfied, because the presence of the Lord is so overwhelming. The Beauty of the Lord that the devotees want to offer their total body, mind, words, heart, everything to the Lord and dandavat, falling like a rod, is a very easy way to offer one’s whole body to the Lotus Feet of the Lord.


Verse 52


premanadi vahe sarvaganera nayane .

stuti kare sabe, prabhu amayaya shune


Tears of love, premanadi vahe, pure love, tears of pure love were flowing from the eyes of all the great associates of the Lord, who were assembled there and who were beholding, who were worshiping the Lord personally. The greatest good fortune they were getting and everyone was offering their prayers. And the Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu, He was not galas to the prayers. He was amayaya shune, He was listening very attentively to all the prayers offered by all the devotees, sincerely amayaya, means He was personally listening, hearing.


Verse 53


“jaya jaya jaya sarva-jagatera natha .

tapta jagatere kara shubha drishtipata


The first prayer to the Lord is, by the devotees, is for the benefit of others. The devotees are saying jaya jaya jaya sarva-jagatera natha: “All glories, all glories, all glories my dear Lord, the master of all the universes. Please, caste Your auspicious glance on the living entities of this universe who are being inflicted, constantly inflicted by the three-fold miseries of material existence: adibhautika, adidhaivika and adiathmiklesh. The miseries imparted to them by nature known as adhidaivika klesh, miseries and the miseries given to them by their body and other living entities known as adibhautika klesh and the miseries given to them by… that is know as adiathmika klesh. By three kinds of miseries the living entity is trapped very badly in material existence and please glance upon this world, so that they will be relieved of their miseries.”


Verse 54


jaya adihetu, jaya janaka sabara .

jaya jaya sankirttanarambha avatara


All glories to You, Adihetu! This is a new name, new name of Lord Gauranga, Adihetu. Hetu means cause and Adihetu means You are the original cause of everything, the whole creation, spiritual and material, You are the original cause, Adihetu. And janaka sabara, You are, janaka means the father who gives birth, You are the seed-giving father of all living entities. Even though all the living entities have come from the glance of Mahavishnu, Mahavishnu impregnated the souls in this material nature but my dear Lord Gauranga, You are the father of even Mahavishnu. Mahavishnu is a purusha, Your own purusha-avatara. He has manifested from Your Transcendental Body. So You are ultimate cause, You are the janaka, You are the ultimate father of all souls in the whole of creation. Jaya jaya sankirttanarambha avatara and You have personally descended in Kali Yuga now. You have personally descended to arambha, arambha means to inaugurate, to inaugurate the sankirtana movement. The sankirtana of Your Holy Names. That is way Your avatar is there, Your incarnation is there. Though before Lord Gauranga came, there were many sincere devotees but most of them were inclined towards solitary worship, nirjana bhajan, towards their own deliverance. But Gauranga, His Incarnation, Gauranga preached sankirtana, sankirtana to deliver all the living entities. Nirjana bhajan will deliver only the soul who is practicing it, but sankritana delivers everyone, the whole creation. So all glories to You.


Verse 55


jaya jaya veda-dharma sadhujanatrana .

jaya jaya abrahma-stamvera mula-prana


These are the very beautiful prayers, because these prayers have been recited by the dear associates of the Lord directly, in front of the Lord. They are saying that veda-dharma sadhujanatrana, You are the sawyer of the Vedas, the dharma, the real religion of the soul and sadhujana, Your devotees. You are the sawyer of all three of them. You are the protector of the Vedic principles, veda-dharmatrana. Jaya jaya abrahma-stamvera mula-prana, from astambha means grass, non-moving entities like trees or shrubs, creepers, so like from the non-moving living entities to Lord Brahma, You are the Original Soul of all these souls, of all these living entities, You are the Original Life. You are the Original Existence behind all existence. So that is how the Lord is being glorified. You see these prayers which are being offered the Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu are not prayers to the Lord in the mood of a devotee, they are prayers to the Lord in the mood of Supreme Lord, God Himself. So these prayers are not interfering with the Lord’s mood. In fact the Lord is amayaya shune, the Lord is hearing very attentively to these prayers, He wanted to hear these prayers. He is fully satisfied with these prayers more than He is with the Vedic hymns. So we should never think that Lord Gauranga’s mood will be hampered when we worship Him as God. We should never think that Gauranga’s mood will be hampered when we chant His Holy Names directly, when we chant “Gauranga”, His Holy Names. We should not think, because Lord Gauranga has instructed all souls to chant Krishna’s Holy Names, we should not think that while we chant Gauranga’s Holy Name, Lord Gauranga’s mood will be disturbed. No. Here the devotees are directly glorifying Gauranga and Gauranga is very pleased. Krishna and Gauranga both are the same Personality, so there should not be any difference in Their worship also.


Verse 56


jaya jaya patitapavana gunasindhu .

jaya jaya parama sharana dinavandhu


Jaya jaya patitapavana gunasindhu, there is no need to explain these verses because very simple and very beautiful names. Jaya jaya parama sharana dinavandhu, You are the patitapavana the deliverer of all fallen souls and gunasindhu, the ocean of Transcendental Divine Qualities, Unmatched Unparalleled Qualities. And parama sharana, You are the most topmost shelter for all souls, most accessible shelter of all souls. And You are dinavandhu, You are the friend of the pure in the heart, pure in the heart, dina. Dina does not necessarily mean that one has no material riches. You see many poor man also they don’t have any money but they are very puffed-up. They do not approach God. They kill animals and eat them and they do their professions by stealing things, robbing. No, so this is not dina, this not the dina mentioned in this verse. Dina means humility of the heart, the poverty of the heart – akinchan, tvam akinchana gocharam. Kuntidevi says in the Bhagavatam that: “You are the property of the impoverished, in the heart.” Those devotees who feel in the heart as dina, as impoverished. They feel totally helpless and surrendered to the Lord without any of kind of ego, false ego. Such devotees will get Gaurangasundara as their bandhu, dinabandhu, as their brother, as their friend, as their well-wisher, as their maintainer, everything.


Verse 57


jaya jaya kshirasindhu-madhye gopavasi .

jaya jaya bhakta-hetu prakata vilasi


All glories, all glories to You Who are like a cowherd boy, gopavasi! You are the cowherd boy residing in the, with the cowherd people in the transcendental ocean of milk, khira, khirasindhu. There are two shvetadvipas, one shvetadvipa is in this material world, the abode of Kshirodakashay Vishnu and the other shvetadvipa is in Goloka Vrindavana, the abode of Krishna as a cowherd boy. So here the devotees are talking about that Goloka in the spiritual world, which is a shvetadvipa khira. It is the banks of the ocean of milk. Jaya jaya bhakta-hetu prakata vilasi: “My dear Lord, all glories to You, all glories to You, because You are manifested in Kali Yuga, bhakta-hetu, because of Your devotees to give pleasure to Your devotees. And vilasi, Your other name is vilasi, You perform pastimes for the pleasure of Your devotees.” So bhakta-hetu prakata vilasi. Gopavasi, gopa, one meaning is cowherd boy, and the other meaning of gopa is concealed, secret. So here the devotees are also telling the Lord that You are gopavasi, means You are also hidden in the deep kept of the crevasses of the heart of the living entities and You manifest Yourself in the soul’s desire to see You. You instantly manifest Yourself.


Verse 58


jaya jaya acintya-agamya-adi-tattva .

jaya jaya parama komala shuddha-sattva


All glories, all glories to You who is inconceivable, achintya-agamya, unfathomable, boundless! Adi tattva, You are the original philosophical truth of all truths, the thread of all existence. Jaya jaya parama komala shuddha, You are the very very soft, Your whole Body is very, very delicate and soft, komala, most gentle form, shuddha sattva, of pure goodness, You are not tinged with the mode of goodness, passion, and ignorance of this material world. You are above that, You are in shuddha satva, mode of pure goodness, pure unadulterated, untinged, infallible goodness.


Verse 59


jaya jaya viprakulapavana-bhushana .

jaya vedadharma-adi sabara jivana


All glories, all glories to You Who are the crest jewel, the ornament, the crest jewel ornament, the purifying and delivering ornament of the brahmana, brahmanical community, brahmana community! You have taken birth in Kali Yuga in a brahmana family. You know why Krishna even though He is a cowherd boy, vasya, Nanda Maharaja, why did He come in Kali Yuga as brahmana? He specifically came in Kali Yuga as a brahmana, because He thought that in Kali Yuga I have to teach people My Own Bhakti, My Own Holy Names, how to chant Them. That’s why I have to come as a teacher not a cowherd boy. Teacher, normally teacher is like in a brahmanical class. So the Lord came in a brahmanical family of Jagannath Misra and Saci Mata, Sacidevi. They were the highly pure and aristocratic brahmanas of Navadvipa. He appeared in this family and He purified His all family lineage, delivered everyone of them by His Appearance. Jaya vedadharma-adi sabara jivana, so again He is the life and soul of the Vedic principles and all the living entities.


Verse 60


jaya jaya jamila-patitapavana .

jaya jaya putana-dushkriti-vimocana


All glories to You Lord Gaurangasundara, all glories! You are the one whose Holy Name Ajamila chanted at the time when the Yamadhutas came to take His soul to the hellish planets and He was delivered. Even the most fallen Ajamila, he was delivered by chanting Your Holy Name unknowingly. And all glories to You, all glories to You the deliverer of Putana! He is dushkriti, the one of the greatest demonesses, witches, ever to walk on the planet, on the surface of this earth. Even such a greatest demoness, You vimocana, You delivered her. You extricated her from all her sins. And just because she tried to feed You some breast milk and there is some motherly element involved in that when You feed the breast milk, though she wanted to murder You by feeding You the poison which was smeared on her breast. Even then You took only her positive feelings of motherly affection for You and You not only delivered her from the bondage of birth and dead, but You gave a position of nurse, of a nurse in the spiritual world, assistant of Yashoda and Nanda Maharaja. So You are very, very merciful, very, very merciful. She had killed millions of babies, Putana, but You destroyed all her sins in one second and You gave her the eternal position of Your nurse in Goloka Vrindavana. So who is such a fool that who will not worship You?! Just doing a little bit of devotion, one becomes, one gets tremendous amount of spiritual benefit.


Verse 61


jaya jaya adosha-darashi ramakanta .”

ei mata sttati kare sakala mahanta


All glories to He, all glories to You! One of the famous names of Gauranga is Adosha-darshi. Adosha-darshi means, when Lord Gauranga glances upon someone, He does not see what are the faults of that person. Adosha-darshi, He never considers the disqualifications of living entities and their faults or mistakes in giving His Mercy. Because if He considers, then in Kali Yuga He can not give His mercy to anyone! No one is qualified for receiving His Mercy. So He neglects. He knows the defects of the living entities and does not see them, deliberately doesn’t see them. He knows everything! That is why He is the most merciful incarnation. And His Name is Ramakanta. Rama is the Goddess of Fortune, one who performs His Pastimes with the Rama, known as Rama, the reservoir of all pleasure, Lakshmi Devi. So You are the consort of Lakshmi Devi, that’s why Your Name is Ramakanta. Ei mata sttati kare sakala mahanta: in this way all the great associates of Gauranga Mahaprabhu offered many various kinds of prayers to the Lord, which are very, very beautiful.


Verse 62


parama-prakata-rupa prabhura prakasha .

dekhi’ paranande duvilena sarva-dasa


So seeing the supreme manifestation of the Lord is the Form, parama-prakata-rupa. He personally manifested Himself in Navadvip, but in the Mahaprakash Lila He is having even more Special Form, parama-prakata-rupa prabhura prakash. Even more merciful manifestation all the devotees are seeing. And seeing this paranande duvilena sarva-dasa, all the servants became drowned in parananda or very high superial happiness which they had never experienced ever before.


Verse 63


sarva maya ghucaiya prabhu gauracandra .

shricarana dilena, pujaye bhaktavrinda


So now the Lord decided in this Mahaprakash Lila: “I will give up all My Maya. I will… Now I tried to conceal Myself in Navadvip, I’m Krishna Himself. I tried to conceal Myself, but I will no longer hide Myself now at this Mahaprakash Lila.” And the Lord, ghucaiya, all the maya, yogamaya, mahamaya, the Lord removed it and the Lord extended His Lotus Feet and told the devotees: “Worship My Feet!” Shricarana dilena, pujaye bhaktavrinda: all the devotees started worshiping His Lotus Feet. Such a merciful Lord!


Verse 64


divya gandha ani’ keha lepe shricarane .

tulasikamale meli’ puje kona jane


Somebody would get very divine fragrance sandalwood and paste it over, smear it over the Lord’s Body with so much love and ecstasy. And some other devotees would bring tulasi manjaris, tulasi kamala, the manjaris, the seeds of tulasi are known as the lotus of tulasi, tulasi kamala. So the devotees brought that and they would smear on His Lotus Feet. So gandha. Gandha means fragrance. Gandha actually is a combination of four: mixture of sandalwood paste, aguru and camphor. This is know as gandha, these three ingredients, or sometimes it is a mixture of two portions of musk, four portions of sandalwood, three portions of cumcum, vermillion powder and one portion of camphor. Like that… So the devotees very carefully prepared these beautiful fragrant mixtures and they smeared on the Lotus Feet of the Lord.


Verse 65


keha ratna-suvarna-rajata-alankara .

padapadme diya diya kare namaskara


Some devotees brought ornaments made up of gold and pure gold and silver and some devotees brought directly, they brought the most brilliant gems and rubies and diamonds, emeralds and they brought these kind of beautiful gems. They all placed it on His Lotus Feet and offered obeisances to the Lord’s Lotus Feet. What a great fortune! Because Rukmini in Chaitanya Mangala tells Lord Krishna that: “My dear Lord, You are the supreme abode of pleasure and remembering Your Name, Pastimes is full of pleasure. But the greatest pleasure is serving Your Lotus Feet.” She started crying when she held the Feet of Krishna on her breast and Krishna said: “Why are You crying?” Rukmini said: “My dear Lord, You know everything in this world, but You can’t know one thing.” Krishna became very grave, Krishna said: “What do I don’t know? I thought I knew everything. Tell me, tell me quickly what do I don’t know!” Rukmini said: “You don’t know how much nectar is there in Your Lotus Feet. How much nectar the devotees get by serving Your Lotus Feet.” Now while holding the Lotus Feet Rukmini was crying so Krishna said: “Why are You crying? You have me with You now. You have My Feet. You have me. Why are You crying?” She said: “You don’t know my dear Lord, You don’t understand the devotion, the pleasure of serving Your Lotus Feet. That pleasure makes one mad with happiness! And also sad with eminent separation.” Rukmini said: “Now I have Your Lotus Feet on my chest near my heart, but I’m crying, because I know very soon I will have to give up these Lotus Feet. That’s why I’m crying.” So Krishna said: “Ok. What is this Rukmini?” Rukmini said: “My dear Lord, You can’t understand this feeling of serving Your Lotus Feet. If You want to understand this feeling, You have to take the mood of Radha. Only two devotees in this creation know this pleasure, submost pleasure of serving You. That is Radharani and me, only two. But even higher than my love, my service is Shrimati Radhika’s service to You. My dear Lord, unless You take on the feelings and the mood of Your beloved Radha, You cannot actually relish the pleasure we feel in serving Your Feet, Lotus Feet.” So at that time Krishna was just contemplating to take the mood of Radha and become GAURANGA. At that time Narada just came and saw the pastime. So keha ratna-suvarna, so some devotees offered gems and diamonds on the Lord’s Feet. They were not selfish, they offered everything which they had. [Question of a devotee] No, Gauranga. Narada, he travelled all over the universe of the four-headed Brahma and then he came to Dvaraka, to the eternal Dvaraka. Then the Lord was already meditating how to take on Radha bhava. Because Rukmini had recommended to Him. And at that time Narada came, he was very sad, because nobody was listening to his preaching in the universe. He was touring everywhere, people were closing their doors on him. Pure devotee you can imagine how difficult preaching is. Pure devotee like Narada, he is having tears in his eyes. All the eight ecstatic symptoms, ashta-sattvika-vikara on his body. Throat is choking up with love, tears flowing like the Ganges and heart is pallipitating, his hairs are on the end but still the people cannot recognize. He is going from home to home requesting them to take up the bhakti of the Lord, take up the Holy Names of the Lord. They were not listening to him. So because of his request the Lord also became more anxious to take on the Form of Gauranga Mahaprabhu. And that is the first time the Lord showed His Form as Gauranga to Narada. Narada could not see with his eyes, he fainted on the ground, the golden form. Even after seeing the blackish form of Krishna, Narada was not satisfied. Narada said: “Please, show me Your Golden Form again.” He said: “This is the reservoir of all beauty, because it is the combination of Radha and Krishna. So after seeing Your Golden Form even the Blackish Form, I feel I want to see the Golden Form again and again.” Because sometimes very pure devotees may see Krishna, but they may not see Radha. And some devotees they may see Radha, but they may not see Krishna. But devotees of Gauranga they see both Radha and Krishna simultaneously. There is no question of searching after one, both are there always in this Form.


Verse 66


pattaneta, shukla, nila, supita vasana .

padapadme diya namaskare sarvajana


In this way everyone offered white, blue, yellow and various colors of silk and cloth, fine silk and cloth to the Lord to wear, to the Lord’s Lotus Feet and they offered obeisances. One can imagine the beautiful scene in the Shrivasa’s home. So much beautiful paraphernalia being offered at the Feet of the Lord. Gems and emeralds and diamonds and gold and silver and beautiful cloths of so many different colors, white, yellow, blue and so much fragrance, so much camphor, so much aguru… [Question of a devotee] They are simple for themselves, but for the Lord they offer all opulent things. [Question of a devotee] They are the devotees of the Lord and they have to just desire and the Lord will supply them. They desired to worship the Lord in that way. Like the vrajavasis they cooked so much for Govardhana Puja, for Krishna. They did not have that many things in their home, but they cooked mountains and mountains of sweet-rice and halava and puris and… It was surprise where they got all this from. The Lord provides if the devotees want to serve them, serve Him. Like Prabhupada, when He went to the west he had nothing financially, but He had desire to spread the Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra. So Lord provided him with everything, more than he could desire for. The Lord provided him with everything: followers, resources, temples, funds, name, fame, everything Prabhupada got. And more Prabhupada got all this and Prabhupada used it in service to the Lord! So the Lord providing more, more, more. It’s a competition with the Lord. The devotees used the ingredients supplied by the Lord to glorify Him and the Lord being pleased by that worship Lord gives more, more, more. And the devotees use more, more, more.


Verse 67


nanavidha dhatupatra dei sarvajane .

na jani kateka asi’ pade shricarane


The devotees came and they offered various kinds of metal containers, some made up of eight metals, ashta dhatu, some sapta dhatu, shashta dhatu, different kinds of pure alois containers made up of different kinds of alois and those containers also, they offered at the Lord’s Lotus… Whatever they had, virtually they offered at the Feet of the Lord and nobody can even estimate that how many millions and millions of people came that day and offered everything to the Lotus Feet of the Lord. This is the Mahaprakash Lila.


Verse 68


ye carana pujivare sabara bhavana .

aja, rama, shiva kare ye lagi’ kamana


That Lotus Feet which all the souls in this universe aspire to worship and that Lotus Feet which Aja, aja means Brahma, the unbound Brahma, Rama, Lakshmi and Shiva, They want to worship that Lotus Feet. They desire that. They don’t get that worship so easily. They desire to worship those Lotus Feet now being worship by all the devotees of Navadvipa. And not only the vaishnavas! Those Lotus Feet are worshiped by the servants and maidservants of the devotees, the vaishnavas, also.


Verse 69


vaishnavera dasa-dasigane taha puje .

ei mata phala haya, vaishnave ye bhaje


So Vrindavana dasa Thakur says: “This is the result, see this is the fruit of worshiping the vaishnavas, serving the vaishnavas and not trying to directly approach the Lord.” When you serve the vaishnavas, one will get direct service to the Lord’s Lotus Feet. But if one tries to bypass the vaishnavas and try to serve the Lord directly, one will never be able to even approach the Toenails of the Lord what to speak of worshiping Him. Ye me bhakta ajana partha, name bhakta jate janaha, mad bhaktanam cei bhakta, teme bhakta tama mata: “Oh my Partha, oh my dear Arjuna, those devotees who are my direct devotees actually who try to become my direct devotees, they are actually not my devotees, ye me bhakta ajana partha, name bhakta jate janaha.” Then Arjuna said: “Who are Your devotees my dear Lord, actually who are Your devotees?” Mad-bhaktanam cei bhakta, teme bhakta tama mata: “But those devotees, who worship my devotees, who are the devotees of My devotees, mad-bhaktanam cei bhakta. They are My topmost devotees, teme bhakta tama mataha, uttama, My Superial Devotees.” And Vrindavan dasa Thakura is very, very expert in warning us against vaishnava aparadha, offenses to vaishnavas, on other hand he is very, very expert in teaching us how much the vaishnava seva is, even higher than Bhagavan seva, serving the Lord Himself.


Verse 70


durva, dhanya, tulasi laiya sarvajane .

paiya abhaya sabe dena shricarane


Many other devotees brought fresh grass, green grass, durva grass and dhanya means paddy. They brought some paddy and tulasi. Those who did not have these opulent things to offer, they simply offered some durva grass and paddy and some tulasi at the Lotus Feet of the Lord. And even if they offered these things the Lord would gave them abhaya. Abhaya means the Lord made them fearless, because they worshiped the shricarane of the Lord. The name of Prabhupada, abhaya caranaravinda, which Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Prabhupada gave A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, that name actually comes from this verse. Said: paiya abhaya sabe dena shricarane, abhaya carane, that is coming that when it is the Mahaprakash Lila Pastime then the Lord is known as abhaya caranaravinda, abhaya carana. When the devotees offered anything to the Lotus Feet of the Lord during Mahaprakash Lila, they became abhaya, free of all kinds of fear.


Verse 71


nanavidha phala ani’ dena padatale .

gandhapushpa, candana, shricarane keha dhale


Some of the devotees brought various kinds of fruits, oranges, mangos, bananas, apples, grapes, pomegranates, papayas and avocados, all kinds of fruits devotees brought and they offered at the Lotus Feet of the Lord. And while some others they offered ghanda pushpa, fragrant flowers and mixed with sandalwood, they dropped on the Feet of the Lord. Dhale, they dropped those on the Feet of the Lord.


Verse 72


keha puje kariya shodasha upacare .

keha va shadanga-mate, yena sphure yare


Some devotees were inspired to worship the Lotus Feet of the Lord with sixteen kinds of ingredients, shodasha upacara and some devotees were inspired to worship the Lotus feet of the Lord with shadanga, six angas, six ingredients described in Madhya Khanda 6.33. We are very, very fortunate to hear this worship, carana worship, the worship of the carana puja, the worship of the Lotus Feet of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu. Because the Lotus Feet of Gauranga Mahaprabhu are the combination of the Lotus Feet of Radha and Krishna: gaurangere duti pada, jana dhana sampada, sei jhane bhakati rasasara. So anyone who worships the Lotus Feet of Lord Gauranga understands the essence of bhakti yoga, devotional service. The most confidential secrets of bhakti are revealed to in his or her heart. So we are so fortunate to hear this worship.


Verse 73


kasttari, kunkuma, shrikarpura, phagudhuli .

sabe shricarane dei hai’ kutuhali


So like everyone they brought musk, again they brought cumcum, vermillion, camphor, and phagudhuli, phagudhuli means the thing which during holy there which colours which they throw on each other, even those colours were brought by the devotees and they put it on the Feet of the Lord with great bliss, ecstatic jubilation. One million..


Verse 74


campaka, mallika, kunda, kadamva, malati .

nana pushpe shobhe shricarana-nakhapanti


So in that way the Lotus Feet and the Toenails of the Lord became very, very beautiful, exquisitely beautiful, because They were not only worshiped by these ingredients but the devotees feet they were full of pure love. So the love of the devotees the worship of the Lord beautiful. It is not just the ingredients. The ingredients, if an non-devotee may offer five kinds of items to the Lord as bhoga, but He does not accept it. So what does the Lord wants? Ingredients? No! The Lord wants the bhakti, the devotion, which the devotees are offering. So the devotion being so great in this Mahaprakash Lila of the devotees, shricarana-nakhapanti, the Lotus Feet and the Toenails of Lord Gauranga became so effulgent and so lovely and beautiful. They are already unlimitedly beautiful, but they became even more beautiful when devotees worshiped them with their devotion and all their ingredients. Tomorrow we will see what does the Lord demands next from the devotees in this Mahaprakash Lila. The devotees are so excited to fulfil all the demands of the Lord, because normally the Lord acts as His own devotee, doesn’t demand from them anything. This is their chance to really give everything to His Lotus Feet.


Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata ki Jay!

Vrindavana dasa Thakur ki Jay!

Mahaprakash Lila ki Jay!

Gauranga Mahaprabhu ki Jay!

Nityananda Prabhu ki Jay!

Samasta Gauranga Bhakta Vrinda ki Jay!

Shrila Prabhupada ki Jay!

Nitai-Gaura Premanande!