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Beginning of the 21-hour Ecstasy

Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata Madhya Khanda 9.1-19


Audio Commentary & Lecture by His Holiness

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada.


Transcption service by Bhakta Matus.


Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya


Chaitanya Bhagavata by Shrila Vrndavan Dasa Thakura


We will begin the chapter 9 today which is the description of the Lords 21-hour-ecstasy known as revelation or Mahaprakash-lila where the Lord gave mercy to all His most intimate devotees.




gauranidhi kapata sannyasi-veshadhari.



So Vrndavan dasa Thakur is beginning this chapter by saying that gauranidhi kapata sannyasi-veshadhari. Kapata sannyasi-veshadhari means that, there are many meanings to this, few meanings I’ll try to explain. Kapata sannyasi means that the Lord has disguised, concealed His original position as Supreme Absolute Truth by accepting the garments and ashram of a sannyasi. The Lord has concealed His actual position, that’s why He is known as kapata. Kapata means: He is deceiving, He is deceiving the whole world. Yeah crooked, in a transcendental crooked manner. But actually the devotees lovingly said, that He is kapata sannyasi but actually He has assumed a dress of a sannyasi even though He is the Supreme Enjoyer of all living entities and their services. He has assumed this form of a kapata sannyasi, of a sannyasi, just to run after the conditioned souls. Not for His own benefit, it is for the benefit of the conditioned souls. Of course He fulfilled His internal purpose also of understanding and relishing Radha’s love for Himself by assuming this sannyasi…Another meaning of kapata sannyasi is that He had concealed desires. He had the desire to relish the three unfulfilled ambitions in Vrndavan about tasting Radha’s love. To fulfil those desires He assumed sannyasi, that’s why He is known as kapata sannyasi. One meaning of kapata sannyasi is that He has disguised His original position. Another meaning of kapata sannyasi is, He is Krishna Himself, but He is concealing in a gaura, gauranidhi, in a golden form in kali-yuga. That is why He is a kapata sannyasi. Another meaning of kapata sannyasi means that even though He is the Supreme Lord Himself, he concealed Himself as His own devotee by assuming the dress of a sannyasi. That’s why He is known as kapata sannyasi. So in that way there are many many meanings but actually one should know that He is akhila-bhuvana-adhikari. He is the Proprietor, the Master of unlimited number of material planets, universes as well as spiritual universes and planets. So the Lord has given up all kinds of material enjoyment. Sorry, I mean apparently it looks like material enjoyment but for the Lord it can not be material. He has given up all kinds of His own enjoyment. He gave up sachi-mata, He gave up His wife vishnu-priya and assumed a role of a sannyasi just to teach to the world how dedicated one should be to achieve pure love of God.


Text 2


jaya jagannatha shacinandana chaitanya .

jaya gaurasundarera sankirtana dhanya


All glories to that Lord Jagannath who is known as Shacinandana and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He is known as Chaitanya because he gives consciousness to all the dull and liveless residents of this material world. Chaitanya means consciousness. So just by remembering Him the soul achieves actual consciousness. Otherwise the soul is dead to its own requirements. The soul is simply on the bodily platform. So jaya gaurasundarera sankirtana dhanya: All glories to those sankirtana-pastimes of the Lord Gaurangasudar which are the ultimate destination of all conditioned souls. To become one small particle of dust where the Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu is performing sankirtan along with Lord Nityananda and His great associates is the supreme goal of all kinds of spiritual practice. And it is aspired for by even Brahma and Shiva and all the great demigods. So Gauranga’s pastimes are interwoven with kirtan. Kirtan is like the thread which is going all over… the basis of Lord Gauranga’s pastimes. Because it is through kirtan the Lord relished, practiced and preached the chanting of His own Holy Names.


Text 3


jaya nityananda-gadadharera jivana .

jaya jaya advaita-shrivasa-pranadhana


All Glories to the life and soul of Nityananda and Gadadhara Pandit! And all glories to Pranandhana, the wealth, treasure and soul of Advaita and Shrivasa! So it is so sublime to stay here in Puri Dhama, because whenever I utter the name of Gadadhara instantly the Tota Gopinnath Temple is revealing the heart and one desires to become a particle of dust there, where Gadadhara Pandit has walked and performed His transcendental pastimes, He exchanged His most intimate love with Lord Gopinnath and Lord Gauranga. So He is the jivana, He is live of Gadadhara, because Gadadhara never gave Him up, even when He was in Navadvip, Gadadhara was always at His side and even when He came to Puri Dhama, Gadadhara is there. He took “shelter” sannyasi, because He knew that Lord Gauranga is going to stay at Puri Dhama till the end of His disappearance pastimes. That is why Gadadhara took “shelter” sannyasi, because He said that: “ If the Lord is not going to leave Puri Dhama, leave than why should I leave Puri Dhama?” Wherever the Lotus Feet of Lord Gauranga is there, that is actually Vrindavana. And wherever Gadadhara is there that is also Vrindavana, because He is Shri Radha Herself. Advaita Gosai is the Lord of Shantipur, the supreme abode, His supreme abode, there He delivers all the most fallen offensive souls.


Text 4


jaya shrijagadananda-haridasa-prana .

jaya vakreshvara-pundarika-premadhama


All Glories to that live and soul of Jagadananda Pandit who is Satyabhamma Herself, the queen of Krishna in Dvaraka, who is “invamnia bhamma”, who is always giving the highest pleasure to Lord Krishna. She appeared in Gauranga-lila as Jagadananda Pandit, who resided in Puri. And by the mercy of Lord Gauranga, Satyabhamma in the form of Jagadananda could enter into the deep secrets of Radha and Krishna’s Pastimes. We see in the great book written by Jagadananda known as Prema Vivartha which the Babajis of Godruma used to read as per jaiva dharma. Very beautiful book by Bhaktivinoda Thakur. In Vrindavan, normally as Satyabhamma he could not enter but as Jagadananda he could enter. That is the mercy of Gauranga Mahaprabhu. That is proofed in his book Prema Vivartha, where he describes the intimate pastimes of Radha and Krishna and he aspires for that love. He understands the various moods of madhurya-rasa of Radha and Krishna arising in the body of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu, by the mercy of Lord Gauranga Himself. And all glories to Haridasa, the life and soul of Haridasa Thakur, whose only desire is to remain immersed in the Holy Names of Lord Gauranga-Krishna. Jaya vakreshvara-pundarika-premadhama: All Glories to the Lord of Vakreshvara Pandit who as a great dancer who told to Lord Gauranga in Puri the line of 100 gandar-verse to sing for me. My dear Lord, I feel so much bliss in Your association during kirtan. So Lord Gauranga smiled at him and Lord Gauranga said: ” If I’m another associate like you than I will be flying in the air. I will be so joyous, ecstatic…” So Vakreshvara... Actually Vakreshvara’s disciple was Gopala Guru Goswami and Gopala Guru Goswami’s disciple was Dhyanachandra Goswami and they’re the mahantas of the Radha kanthamat. They have… Yes, this Samadhi Vrindavana… But they took, maintained the Gambhira, the home of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu. …Radha-kanta-deva… Those are the deities worshiped by Gopala Guru Goswami and Dhyanachandra Goswami. And it was here where Dhyanachandra Goswami wrote his famous book Gaura Govinda Smarana Archana. …Yes, the rasa dance is going on eternally there, radha kanta. It was the original deity of Kashimisra, then it was given to Gauranga and then it was passed to Gopala Guru and then Dhyanachandra. …Gopala Guru Goswami…Vakreshvara… So that is the pastime of our Gopala Guru Goswami arouse from the death after his disappearance and then he came back again to Gambhira, the “Hare-cristal” Dhyanachandra, we will describe that pastime… The pastimes of how his name became a guru… He taught Lord Gauranga himself. That’s why Gauranga named him as Guru, Gopala Guru, you are my guru. The Lord is always merciful, accepts subordinate… becomes subordinate to His devotees. So Pundarika, He is also the prema dhama, the abode of love of Pundarika, the Nidhyanidhi whose other name is Premanidhi who is the incarnation of Vrishabhanu, Radha’s, Radharani’s father. He came in Gauranga-lila as Pundarika. That’s why Lord Gauranga used to address him as baba, father. Because Gauranga is Radha and Krishna combined. So the father of Radha is His father and the father of Krishna is His father. Both are His fathers. So Jagannath Misra was His father and Pundarika Nidhyanidhi also was His father.


Text 5


jaya vasudeva-shrigarbhera prananatha .

jiva-prati kara prabhu shubhadrishtipata


All Glories to the Prananatha, the Lord and the Master of Vasudeva and Shri Garbha Pandti !. My dear Lord, please, glance mercifully, auspiciously on the living entities, please, give Your merciful glance! Yesterday I had this realization: It was around twelve o’clock in the night…. So probably also the tsunami waves were expected and I was sitting in the Lotus Feet of Nityananda Gauranga and just looking at Their Lotus Faces and remembering Their Holy Names and I felt Their strong presence. Nityananda Gauranga are telling me: “Just keep on serving, do not worry. Just keep on spreading Our Names and Pastimes.” And I requested Them, I prayed to Them:” My dear Lord I am totally detached, I’m only attached to serving You in whatever position You put me in. If You want to… Please, use me as an instrument. If You want to make me live and spread Your Holy Names, I will do that. You want me to die and come to the shelter of Your Lotus Feet, that also I will be ready to do. If You want to send some resources to spread Your Holy Names, I’m ready to accept. If You don’t want to send any resources, that also I’m ready to accept and spread Your Holy Names...” So it is so nice to always have this shubhadrishtipata, the merciful side-long glance of Nityananda and Gauranga, which is most auspicious and the Lord said, that because They are here they will always protect Their devotees by Their glance…


Text 6


bhaktagoshthi-sahita gauranga jaya jaya .

shunile chaitanya-katha bhakti labhya haya


So I say Jaya Jaya, I glorify Gauranga along with bhaktagoshthi along with His assembly of His associates, His devotees with whom He sits and discusses His Own Pastimes. Before Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu advented in this world very few people even understood the meaning of the word bhakti. It was impossible to even comprehend what did actually bhakti mean. But now Vrindavan dasa Thakur is saying that it has become so easy that now just by hearing Chaitanya -katha, just by hearing Gauranga-katha one will achieve pure devotional service. So who… pashugnat, who is that most fallen cow-killer, meat-eater or a degraded person who will accept this Gauranga-katha, most unfortunate after getting the human form of life, though Lord Gauranga delivered even the dogs and the dears and elephants and trees and all non-moving living entities also, but Gauranga-katha can be heard much more conveniently in the human body, in the human form of life. So those who have taken birth in this most auspicious kali yuga where Lord Gauranga has appeared, if they do not hear Gauranga-katha then what hope do they stand ?! “…Bhase sei jiva car, tara koti kalpe tara nahi kahi dhar”

Krishnadasa Kaviraja Goswami says that one kalpa of Brahma equal to 4.32 million years into two… into one thousand. So it comes to 8.64 billion years. So if a soul taking birth in this most fortunate kali yuga does not hear Gauranga-katha, Gauranga-nama, does not take shelter of Lord’s Nityananda-Lila and Nityananda-Nama, then one doesn’t drown in this tidal wave. “…Jhena bhase” one doesn’t drown in this tidal wave of Nityananda Gauranga nama and katha. Will have to transmigrate, struggle and wait for koti kalpas, for millions of kalpas. Imagine: one kalpa equal to 8.64 billion years… 24 hours of Brahma is equal to our 18.6 billion years. Imagine: million of such kalpas one will have to wait… Even this kali yuga we are born and we are born in the same kali yuga as Gauranga and Nityananda. We won’t get this rare opportunity again! Next time we will be born after 23 million years after Gauranga has come. “Whose …the garanty?” There may not be even any scripture about Gauranga’s Lila available. Nobody would even have a drop of knowledge about the Holy Names of Nityananda Gauranga and Hare Krishna. What we will do at that time? So that is way Krishnadasa Kaviraja Goswami says, that if you do not drown in this tidal wave of Nityananda Gauranga Nama and Lila in this life, because this life you have got on the most auspicious kali yuga ever in this material world… Then the soul will be doomed for millions of millions of billions of trillions years, transmigrating in different species of life. No hope. So Chaitanya-katha and Chaitanya-Nama are our only hope in this kali yuga.


Text 7


madhyakhanda katha bhai shuna ekacite .

mahaprabhu gauracandra vihare ye-mate


My dear brothers and sisters, please hear this Madhya-khanda-pastime of Chaitanya Bhagavata 1.8 with rapt attention, how Mahaprabhu, Gaurangacandra, the moon-like Lord enjoyed His transcendental pastimes in Navadvip. Please hear this pastime, because by hearing this pastimes Your heart will become crystal-clear and very pure. Gaurangera madhura-lila jara karne prave shila… ridhaya nirmala bhelo tar: Narottama dasa Thakur says that Gauranga’s madhura-lila, that fortunate person whose earholes this madhura lila sweet pastimes enter into, such a soul’s heart becomes nirmala, pure and the soul can see the Lord face to face. Unless our heart becomes pure and clean, one can see only lust, anger, greed, lies, illusion in our heart. One can not actually see the Lord. So first we need to make the heart as nirmala or pure. That is only possible by Nityananda Gauranga’s Holy Names and Their most merciful Pastimes.


Text 8


eve shuna caitanyera maha-parakasha .

yanhi sarva-vaishnavera siddhi-abhilasha


Now hear please the Mahaprakash-Pastime of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu, which each and every devotee should understand thoroughly, if the devotee wants to achieve the mercy of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu, because it is only during this Mahaprakash-lila when the Lord was extremely merciful to each and everyone of His devotees and fulfilled their innermost desires, siddhi, gave perfection to all the devotees and to all their desires.


Text 9


‘sata-prahariya-bhava’ loke khyati yara .

yanhi prabhu hailena sarva avatara


This Pastime is known all over the creation as ‘sata-prahariya-bhava’, means the sata-prahara. One prahara means three hours and sata-prahara means seven praharas, equal to 21 hours. So the Lord went into the ecstasy, into this Mahaprakash-ecstasy for 21 hours. And with His most confidential devotees and during this period the Lord manifested the Forms of all the Incarnations in this body to fulfil the desires of all the devotees. There was no incarnation, which the Lord did not manifest. This Pastime is very, very unique, special and specific to Gauranga’s Pastimes, because this Mahaprakash-lila will not be showed by any incarnation. And it will not be shown by any incarnation in the past, present and future ever. It is only Gauranga’s causeless mercy that He is going to this ultimate extent of displaying all the Incarnations to all His devotees. …Praharas…hours…Yes, the Mahaprakash-Pastime manifested for 21 hours, totally. And then the Lord ended this Pastime, though it is going on eternally.


Text 10


adbhuta bhojana yanhi, adbhuta prakasha .

yare tare vishnubhakti-danera vilasa


During this Pastime the Lord ate wonderful foodstuffs which were offered. You know, He astonishingly ate so many foodstuffs like Krishna in the Form of Govardhana. He ate all the foodstuffs, the thousands and thousands of tons of nice bhoga-preparations offered by the residents of Vrindavana. Similarly here Lord Gauranga manifested the same Pastime in Navadvipa and He ate and ate and ate… And then He manifested wonderful Forms and He imparted Vishnu-bhakti. Dhana, He gave dhana, means charity. Charity means one doesn’t deserve it and one gets it. So He gave charity of Vishnu-bhakti, Krishna-bhakti, His own bhakti, His own prema to one and all assembled there.


Text 11


raja-rajeshvara-abhisheka sei dine .

karilena prabhure sakala bhaktagane


On that same day the devotees gave the Lord a very, very special abhisheka, bet the Lord with raja-rajeshvara-abhisheka. Means the abhisheka, which is for the king of all kings. The devotees bet the Lord in a very, very special way. Personally.


Text 12


ekadina mahaprabhu shrigaurasundara .

ailena shrinivasa panditera ghara


One day Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu walked from the house of Sacidevi to Shrivasanger and came to the house of Shrivasa Thakura. And They had the desire to manifest this Mahaprakash-lila.


Text 13


sange nityanandacandra parama vihvala .

alpe alpe bhaktagana milila sakala


He came along with Lord Nityanandacandra, He was not alone. And Nityanandacandra was totally, supremely agitated with the Love for Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu and His Holy Name. And gradually, when both these Lords came to Shrivasa’s home, all the other devotees gradually assembled there to perform the Sankirtan-Pastimes with these two Lords.


Text 14


aveshita citta mahaprabhu gaura-raya .

parama aishvarya kari’ caturddige caya


So His heart was so much overwhelmed with ecstasy and love, that Mahaprabhu Gauranga-raya. Raya means king, the Lord of the kings, of all the kings, the kings, the king of everyone. He manifested His supreme opulence there in Shrivasa’s home and He started looking in four directions, all the four directions… All the four directions became purified by His glance. Godananda Saraswati describes how Lord Gauranga’s glance is like… The whole directions are purified just by the, the… like white flowers, the effulgence of radiant white flowers. So Gauranga’s glance purifies even the four directions. What to speak of the living entities, that He glances upon!


Text 15


prabhura ingita vujhilena bhaktagana .

uccaihsvare caturddige karena kirtana


And seing the Lord glance like this, that the devotees understood the indication of the Lord, that today is going to be our day of greatest good fortune. We are going to see the Mahaprakash of the Lord. And the Lord and the devotees they started kirtan in hucheysvare, in loud, loudly. And they started crying out and singing the Holy Names very loudly. Haridasa Thakur explains in Chaitanya Bhagavata that chanting loudly the Holy Names is one hundred times more powerful than chanting the Name silently. Those who hear, thousands and millions of living entities, can get benefit when one chant loudly. So when one delivers other souls by the Holy Names, the Lord is very pleased upon us and the Lord gives us the taste for the Holy Names. Name ruci cibedoya: the attraction for the Holy Names and mercy for the fallen living entities and service to the vaishnavas, vaishnava-seva. These are the three things required for a devotee to do.


Text 16


anya anya dina prabhu nace dasyabhave .

kshaneke aishvarya prakashiya punah bhange


In many other days the Lord would dance in Form of His own devotee, but today the Lord wanted to reveal Himself without any bars, without any wholes. And the Lord wanted to reveal Himself as Supreme Lord, Master of everyone. In normal days the Lord would manifest the mood of His servant, then sometimes the mood of the Supreme as His mood of the Master of all living entities then He would retract that mood, withdraw it and again experience the mood of His devotee. But in this Mahaprakash-lila the Lord constantly maintained the mood of being the Enjoyer, being the Supreme Lord, Krishna Himself accepting all the worship of all the devotees for 21 hours, continuously without any break.


Text 17


sakala bhaktera bhagye e dina nacite .

uthiya vasila prabhu vishnura khattate


The devotees are happy to see the Lord’s different moods, the mood as a devotee. Because the devotees are more happy to see the mood of the Lord as the Lord, because then they can fulfil their desires, fully by serving Him, by serving Him…by serving His Lotus Feet. Like Advaita Acharya did not like that the Lord called Him as an elder. Advaita Acharya always wanted to become the servant of Gauranga. So this was the very, the most special day for all the devotees in His Pastimes, because on this day the devotees could fulfil their heart’s desire by serving the Lord as the Lord, who He actually is. He did not take the role as a devotee in this Pastime. Because He is the Lord, He became the Lord. And that is why Vrindavan dasa writes, today, this day was the awakening, this was the supreme awakening of the good fortune of His devotees. And they started dancing and the Lord got up and He said, personally Himself He sat on the throne of Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu, in Shrivasa’s home. Normally when He was in the mood of a devotee, He would not do like this. He would teach everyone how to worship, but today He wanted to be even more merciful to His devotees and He sat on the throne of the Lord Vishnu.


Text 18


ara saba dine prabhu bhava prakashiya .

vaisena vishnura khate yena na janiya


On other days He would sit on the throne of Vishnu as the Lord and after maybe a few hours He would get embarrassed and He would say: “ Oh, I’m sorry.” and He would again become in the mood of His own devotee. On other days, you know… So like He exhibited different varieties of moods every day, like mood of His own devotee, mood of the Lord Himself, but during these 21 hours…


Text 19


sata-prahariya-bhave chadi sarva maya .

vasila prahara-sata prabhu vyakta haiya


But during this sata-prahariya-bhave, this bhave of the Lord, 21 hours of this Pastime, this bhave is the most important for kali yuga. Because these 21 hours the Lord is vyakta haiya, He revealed Himself totally, without hiding Himself. Devotees tend to read more the pastimes of the lord as a devotee in Chaitanya Caritamrita but they read that without reading the Lord’s sata-prahariya-bhave, His Mahaprakash-lila of 21 hours. So the devotees get the conception of Gauranga only as only a great devotee. They are not able to understand Gauranga as the Supreme Lord and Master, the Supreme Enjoyer, because one has not read or heard this sata-prahariya-bhave-Pastimes, this chapter. So throughout this seven praharas and 21 hours the Lord did not try to hide Himself and fully revealed Himself in all means, by all ways, showed all the Forms of all the incarnations to all His devotees and accepted their worship, elaborate and gigantic worship. Lord accepted by all means. The people of kali yuga will be more fortunate, if they worship the Lord in this mood of sata-prahariya-bhave, this Mahaprakash-mood, then if they worship Lord Gauranga as a devotee, His own devotee. That is way Bhaktisaddhanta Prabhupada used to say that in that regard Chaitanya Bhagavata is even more important for the conditioned souls than Chaitanya Caritamrita. Because Chaitanya Bhagavata, the mood…

Chaitanya Caritamrita is for siddhas, liberated souls who already know the position of Gauranga Mahaprabhu fully and they can relish the Lord’s Pastimes in an intimate way. But Chaitanya Bhagavata, one has to approach Lord Nityananda-Gauranga as the Supreme Absolute Truth, the two jagat-gurus, two masters. Then the souls will be purified fully and they can understand Krishna-consciousness. So this sata-prahariya-bhave-Pastime is very, very important and this Pastime is eternal. One should not argue foolishly that the Lord exhibited this Pastime only for 21 hours and for so many years He exhibited the Pastime of being a devotee, His being a devotee are more important than the Pastime as His being as God. If one argues like that, it is like one is taking half of the hen. The hen was giving a golden egg from the backsides so people thought why should I, the fauler thought, why should I feed the grains in the mouth ni cut the han. Unfortunately the golden egg stopped. So one should not think, that one mood of the Lord is higher than the other. Just like Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada and Shrila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada both say that Krishna’s Name and Gauranga’s Name both are the same, they are both the same, equal potency. But still for the benefit…in a benefit concentration prayojen-vicare , for the benefit concentration the Gauranga Nama is more beneficial to the offensive conditioned souls. Similarly, the mood of Gauranga as God, and the mood of Gauranga as His own devotee, both moods are equally important, because both are the moods displayed by the Lord. But this mood displayed by the Lord in these 21 hours of Mahaprakash-lila is more beneficial to the conditioned souls. Because by mistake they worship Gauranga as a devotee, like these present historians all over India in the history books, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is considered a devotee, great saint. So they have totally misunderstood. Ok, at least due to that the historical books are uttering the Name of the Lord, mentioning the name of the Lord. But still that understanding is not actually right, because the Mahaprakash-lila of the Lord has not been manifested, has not been taught in the schools and the universities, has not been written in the history books. It has remained a very confidential part of the scriptures, because it was a 21 hours. But that is the Pastime, which should be revealed to the world, so that the world does not confuse the Lord with just a saint. Prabhudananda Saraswati says that there is no…what is the great glories in telling Gauranga as Matsya, Kurma or Varaha or Rama-avatar or Krishna? I mean, what is the glories of telling Gauranga as a incarnation of Rama or Nrshinga or Matsya or Kurma. There is no specific greatness by calling the Lord, because He is the source of all the incarnations. So, why He should be called as the incarnation of His plenary expansions? It has no sense, it is like reversing the situation. So similarly, why should the Lord be known as a great saint, when He is the Lord Himself? Why would the Lord exhibit this Mahaprakash-lila, if the Lord wanted to hide His Bhagavata or His position as the Supreme Absolute Truth, the Cause of all causes? Gaurangam Sachidanandam Sarvakarana Karanam: In Ananda Samitha Lord Siva tells Paravati that Gauranga is Sachidananda-Lord and is the Cause of all causes. Anadir, He is Origin of everything. So that is proofed in this Mahaprakash-lila. So devotees in their conditioned stage should approach and repeatedly read this Mahaprakash-lila, these two chapters, chapter 9 and chapter 10 of Chaitanya Bhagavatam-Madhya khanda, to properly understand the tattva of Gauranga-tattva. Without this…Nityananda Prabhu especially becomes pleased when we accept Gauranga as Krishna Himself, as the Enjoyer as God Himself. When we accept Gauranga as His own devotee, it’s ok, it’s very nice, we can follow in His footsteps, we can learn from His transcendental devotion. But, if we want to please Lord Nityananda, we should accept Gauranga as Sarvakarana Karanam, as the Cause of all causes, non-different from Krishna, Krishna Himself. And do not make Gauranga as a means to going to Krishna!! Nityananda Prabhu does not like this. Nityananda Prabhu says that Gauranga is the goal of all endeavours, He’s not the means. He’s the Supreme Lord Himself. Sometimes devotees tend to use Gauranga’s Name and Pastimes as a means to achieve Radha Krishna in Vrindavan. What does it mean, when one uses its means, that one…means like a ladder, when one uses the ladder and reaches the roof, one kicks away the ladder. So, Gauranga is not only the means, that we achieve Radha Krishna and then forget Gauranga’s Pastimes. No!!! Gauranga is the end! This is Lord Nitai’s verdict. Bhaja Gauranga Kaha Gauranga Laha Gaurangera Nama: “My dear souls! Please, make Gauranga as the goal of all your endeavours!” Every soul should get its spiritual body in Navadvipa and Puri Pastimes of Gauranga. That is ultimate destination of the soul along with getting a spiritual body in Radha Krishna’s Pastimes in Goloka Vrindavan. So, one who foolishly only endeavours for only position in one of the Pastimes, he or she find it very difficult to even attain that, Krishna-lila. This is only by the mercy of Gauranga one enters into Radha Krishna’s lila. So one has to…Gauranga is the goal and Radha Krishna are the goals! Simultaneously both are our goals! Not that one is the means and another is the goal. No!!! Some devotees are afraid of worshiping Gauranga as God, because they say: “Gauranga closed His ears and said: Vishnu, Vishnu, Vishnu…”, when somebody called Him as God Himself. But He’s not said: “Vishnu, Vishnu, Vishnu…” in the Mahaprakash-lila. For 21 hours He was exhibiting His mood of Lord and devotees are glorifying Him as the Lord, we are hearing the prayers of Shridhara, Haridasa, Advaita, Mukunda… They are all praying to Him as the Supreme Lord! He is not saying: ”Vishnu, Vishnu, Vishnu…”. …No!...In fact that is His Paraphernalia, His eternal Paraphernalia for His Pastimes. We should become disturbed if some of His Paraphernalia is taken away from Him. …Opposite… So Gauranga can and does wear a peacock feather as per murari gupta’s wish on Chaitanya Bhagavatam. If we offer Tulasi to His Lotus Feet, why can’t we offer a peacock feather to His head? In Mahaprakash-lila He wants everything, what to speak of Tulasi or peacock feather… He wants all the bhoga prepared in Navadvipa. Some devotees may argue that, ok but Mahaprakash-lila is active only for 21 hours and for only to the most confidential associates, for the general populace we should present Gauranga as a devotee of Krishna, we should worship Him as a devotee. But my dear souls, my dear brothers and sisters! Don’t you want to become a confidential devotee of Gauranga? Yes, if you want, then you have to accept the Mahaprakash-lila! You have to worship Him in that mood! If most confidential devotees of Gauranga are able to worship Gauranga as God Himself, Krishna Himself and worship Him with shora sho pachar, 16 kinds of ingredients, then it means that this kind of worship is even higher than worshiping Him as a devotee. Because everybody worships Him as a devotee, but only the most confidential devotees worship Him as God. So why don’t we want to do the higher kind of worship?! Why don’t we want to follow in the footsteps of Mukunda, Haridasa, Advaita and Nityananda Prabhu, who are glorifying Him directly as God in the streets of Bengal. Why, my question to all the devotees is, why do you want… Is high time!!! The tidal waves of Maya, the tsunami of Maya are coming hard on the conditioned souls. When will He be revealed? This is a multi-billionaire question. When will Bill Gates accept Gauranga Mahaprabhu? When will the whole world chant His glories, His Holy Names? By justifying our devotion for Lord Krishna, who is the same as Gauranga, non-different, They are the same, justifying our devotion to Krishna, sometimes we even try to block the preaching of Gauranga Nama, minimize the preaching. Why?! Ok, if you want name and fame, then you also preach Gauranga Nama! When you preach Gauranga Nama, thousands of souls will be delivered. So, why? By preaching the Holy Name of Gauranga all over the world, we will attract demigods again on this planet. They will also want to dance in bliss. Nityananda Prabhu says: “My dear Lord! Your Holy Name is more patitapavana than You Yourself!” So Gauranga spread the pure love all over the universe, all over India, when He personally appeared. Now Gauranga’s Holy Name can even more effectively even more powerfully drown the whole universe in prema-nama-sankirtana, in the tidal waves of prema, pure love. Just imagine, when Gauranga Nama and Nityananda-Gauranga-Nama is well-known all over this planet and thousands and millions of people are chanting on the globe along with the Hare-Krishna-Mahamantra, then so many offenseless vibrations of the Holy Names will be emanated form this planet and all the residents of the janaloka, maharloka, tapoloka, svagarloka, the higher planetary systems and the lower planetary systems will all come to this earth and dance in this wide sankirtana singing “Jaya Shachinandana Jaya Gauranga Jaya Padmavati-suta Jaya Nityananda”. They will chant and sing, so let us get together! Let us not accuse each other of name and fame and let us all work towards this one-pointed mission of broadcasting the Holy Name of Lord Gauranga, His worship! Let us not have this doubt in our mind, that Gauranga’s worship will replace the worship of Krishna! It will never replace! Because from Gauranga’s worship millions of streams of Krishna’s bhakti are flowing. Where Gauranga is being worshiped, the pure love for Radha Krishna is present. If one worships Gauranga separate from His identity as Radha and Krishna, then such a worship is not accepted by Gauranga Mahaprabhu. We are worshiping Gauranga as Radha and Krishna combined, so our worship is bona fide! And we are worshiping the Gauranga Mantra, the Gaura Gopala Mantra as a combined mantra of Radha and Krishna, so that Mantra is a bona fide form, way to worship both, Gauranga and Radha Krishna! Let us go ahead and let us join hands in all ways, so that the Gauranga’s Name will penetrate into the most lost villages and jungles of this material world, the concrete jungles and the forest jungles, the towns and the villages, everywhere. Gauranga Mahaprabhu exhibited both moods, He exhibited the Mahaprakash-lila and He exhibited the mood of His devotee for relishing His internal desires. So those devotees who are maybe more inclined towards Krishna only, who want to see Gauranga in the light of Krishna’s devotee more, they may feel that Gauranga’s mood will become disturbed. But in the Mahaprakash-lila He desired to accept everything! His mood was not disturbed. But for the conditioned souls worshiping Nityananda Gauranga as the Supreme Lords themselves is more beneficial. Very, very handful, very, very highly qualified souls are capable of relishing the moods which Lord Gauranga relished as His own devotee. But every soul can easily approach Nityananda Gauranga in the mood of the Lords Themselves, even if the soul is offensive and unclean and unqualified. That’s why Shrila Prabhupada set up gorgeous and elaborate worship of Nitai-Gaura’s Deities in all His temples. Why would He do it, if Their mood was being disturbed? Prabhupada also set up this Mahaprakash-mood. That is the mood when we are worshiping Nityananda Gauranga’s Deities. It is the eternal mood, sata-praharya-lila, the 21- hours-Pastime. The Supreme Personalities of Godhead. Supreme Personality of Servitor Godhead is Lord Nityananda and Supreme Personality of Served Godhead is Lord Gauranga.