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Title: 134 - 140 Spiritual Quotes by Swami Gaurangapada

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2007-05-03 10:58:36



Fear is our signal that we may not have firm faith in the constant protection of the Lord. One who is protected by the all-powerful Lord fears nothing or no one.


- Swami Gaurangapada.



Difficulties are meant to increase our sincerity in chanting NGHK Naam not discourage us. Remember the Lord is always in control! Chant & be Happy!


- Swami Gaurangapada.



All is blurry to a man of poor vision till he puts on glasses. Similarly, our vision of God is out of focus till we meet Guru who reveals God to us by his or her correct vision.


- Swami Gaurangapada.



Enlightenment by chanting Naam increases gradually not overnight just like one gets a job finally only after years of gradually progressive studies.


- Swami Gaurangapada.



Let us pray to Lord for pure love while working for our bodily needs. Time has turned heros into dust still we want to be heros & become zeros but not devotees.


- Swami Gaurangapada.



Every soul is seeking to love God and His Holy Name but ends up loving matter because matter is instantly visible to the material eyes but God is not.


- Swami Gaurangapada.



Mantra Meditation on the Holy Names of Nityananda, Gauranga & Hare Krishna either in the mind or breath or softly or by SINGING or writing or hearing is the only way in Kali Yuga.


- Swami Gaurangapada.