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Holy Name and Form

By Swami Gaurangapada


Began the chanting today with renewed vigor. I was so much eager for the life-size Deities of Their Lordships Nityananda Gauranga to manifest so that I can sit peacefully and chant beholding Their lotus Faces, lotus Forms and lotus Feet. Now They are here, I will never leave Their Holy presence. The meditation on the transcendental Form of Their Lordships is the most recommended meditation in Hari Nama Chintamani and Jaiva Dharma.


In Jaiva Dharma it is recommended that chanting should be accompanied by the visualization of the Form of the Lord otherwise the tongue is vibrating the Mantrarajas and the Mahamantra and mind is thinking of Maya. So please try to make the Name and Form one. This is beginning of all success in chanting and spiritual life. Then gradually the Qualities of the Lord will manifest and then the Pastimes. At that stage Their Lordships will talk to you and play with you when you are chanting and you will drown in a bottomless ocean of concentrated nectarian bliss.