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Ekachakra Naath

By Swami Gaurangapada


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! Oh, what an ecstatic day today to find myself again in Ekachakra Dhaam. Every time my realizations keep on getting more and more deep and beautiful. This made me conclude that one has to come to Ekachakra Dhaam again and again while chanting the Holy Name of Nityananda to actually penetrate into the mysteries of this most confidential abode. This time while chanting the Holy Name of Nityananda, I was meditating deeply on divine Ekachakra Yogapitha which is described in Bhakti Ratnakara as seen by none other than Shrimati Jahnava devi, the eternal consort of Lord Nityananda.


When I stood before the Deities of Lords Nityananda, Gauranga and Advaita of Shrila Raghava Pandita at the birthplace of Lord Nityananda while singing the Holy Name of Nityananda, I felt myself spontaneously and intensely praying to Lord Nityananda Prabhu to please take me into the nitya-lila (eternal pastimes) of the Ekachakra Yogapitha. I could see Lord Nityananda is calling me with His own lotus hands in the calling pose of palms up. I cried out Nityananda's Holy Name within my heart and with tears in my eyes and could see a glimpse of the divine Yogapitha.


Oh what an extraordinary scene...A gigantic golden palace of Shrila Hadai and Shrimati Padmavati studded with diamonds where Lord Nityananda was enjoying with His two supremely beautiful consorts while being seated on a resplendant golden throne. Oh and what to speak of the divine bodily beauty of Lord Nityananda!!! Just His bodily radiance could eclipse the beauty of millions of cupids. Ah! And what to speak of His honey-like nectarean smile!!! No one can maintain one's patience when one sees it. I am now feeling that it is an offense to even try to describe that beauty with the help of words. Thousands and millions of male and female servants were running about here and there in order to increase the pleasure of Lord Nityananda. I wish I would become one of them and never come back into this material world. But it was not to be. This chanting meditation on the Holy Name of Nityananda was broken by the loud gongs of the beautiful arati of the three Lords.


As a sign of His divine mercy, four flowers fell down from the plate of the pujari when he was offering them to Lord Nityananda. And then we received the maha Tulasi leaves from the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda which were mixed with sandalwood. Oh, then while chanting, I was praying to Lord Nityananda to let me die in Ekachakra Dhaam so that I can instantly enter into His pastimes which I just had a glimpse of.


I can say with full certitude then anyone who chants the Holy Name of Lord Nityananda and hears and glorifies His pastimes in Ekachakra Dhaam will very easily attain His eternal pastimes. Ok enough for today and let me get back to chanting Nityananda, Nityananda, that I properly assimilate the mercy of the most magnanimous Ekachakra Dhaam.