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Shrila Valmiki's Ramayana
The Divine Pastimes of Shri Shri Sita Rama

vandaamahe maheshaanam  hara-kodanda-khandanam
janaki-hridayaananda-chandanam raghu-nandanam

In Padma Purana, Lord Rama Pranama Mantra is given: "Let us offer our respectful obeisances to Lord Rama, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the delight of King Raghu, who broke Lord Shiva's bow, and who is the sandal paste that delights Shri Sitadevi's heart."






Shri Ramashtaka

108 Names of Lord Rama

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Valmiki meets Narada

Valmiki curses the Nishada hunter

Lord Brahma blesses Valmiki

Valmiki composes Ramayana

Lava and Kush recite Ramayana

Description of Ayodhya

Maharaja Dasharatha’s grief at having no sons

Drought in Maharaja Romapada’s kingdom

Shanta, the daughter of Maharaja Dasharatha

Rishyashringa is brought to the Kingdom of Anga

Rishyashringa marries Shanta

Maharaja Dasharatha invites Rishyashringa to perform the ashvamedha sacrifice

The Putreshti sacrifice

The demigods approach Lord Brahma

Lord Vishnu assures the demigods that He will relieve the burden of the earth

The Queens of Maharaja Dasharatha receive sons

Lord Brahma instructs the demigods to assist Lord Vishnu in His mission

The progeny of the demigods

The birth of Maharaja Dasharatha’s four sons

Vasishtha performs the name-giving ceremony

Vishvamitra arrives at the royal court

Vishvamitra requests Rama’s help from Maharaja Dasharatha

Rama, Lakshman and Vishvamitra depart

Lord Rama receives the Bala and Atibala mantras from Vishvamitra

Rama slays the Rakshasi, Tataka

Vishvamitra imparts to Rama his complete knowledge of celestial weapons

Rama, Lakshman and Vishvamitra arrive at Siddhashram

Rama protects Vishvamitra’s sacrifice from the Rakshasas

Rama, Lakshman and Vishvamitra travel to take part in Maharaja Janaka’s sacrifice

How Indra and Ahalya were cursed by Gautama Rishi

Ahalya freed from her curse by Rama’s visit

Maharaja Janaka greets Rama and Lakshman

The history of King Janaka’s bow

The appearance of Sita

Lord Rama breaks the bow and wins Sita

Maharaja Dasharatha arrives at the Kingdom of Mithila

The wedding of Sita and Rama

Parashurama challenges Rama

Sita and Rama’s natural attachment


Rama, the pet son of His father and loved by the citizens

Maharaja Dasharatha desires to retire after installing Rama as his successor

Maharaja Dasharatha’s apprehension

Preparations for Rama’s coronation

Manthara hears of Rama is to be installed upon the throne the next day

Manthara goes to meet Kaikeyi

Manthara artfully speaks to Kaikeyi, to arouse her jealousy

Manthara provides Kaikeyi with the means of achieving her goals

Kaikeyi praises Manthara

Kaikeyi goes to the sulking chamber

King Dasharatha searches for Kaikeyi

The King finds Kaikeyi in the sulking chamber

Kaikeyi asks for two benedictions

Maharaja Dasharatha’s agony, as Kaikeyi enforces her will

Maharaja Dasharatha’s night of torment

Sumantra comes to summon the King

The King summons Rama

Kaikeyi informs Rama of her two desires

Rama breaks the news to His mother

Lakshman’s rage

Rama convinces Kaushalya to remain at Ayodhya

Rama breaks the news to Sita

Rama allows Sita to accompany Him

Rama allows Lakshman to accompany Him

Rama gives away all His possessions

The brahmana, Trijata, throws his staff

Rama bids farewell to His father

King Kekaya’s ability to understand the language of animals

Rama rejects the idea of going to the forest in comfort

Kaikeyi personally brings tree bark clothing

Kaushalya’s advice to Sita

Sita, Rama and Lakshman depart on a chariot driven by Sumantra

The people of Ayodhya follow Rama

Rama has Sumantra deceive the people, so that they can continue their journey alone

Rama meets Guha

Crossing the Ganga

Sita, Rama and Lakshman continue on foot

At Bharadvaja’s ashram

Arrival at Chitrakoot

Staying at Valmiki’s ashram

Sumantra returns to Ayodhya

Maharaja Dasharatha’s anguish and his accidental killing of a young rishi remembered

Maharaja Dasharatha passes away

Bharata is summoned

Bharata’s nightmares

Bharata returns to Ayodhya and meets his mother

Bharata rebukes Kaikeyi

Bharata convinces Kaushalya of his innocence

The cremation of Maharaja Dasharatha’s body

Shatrughna vents his rage upon Manthara

Bharata decides to go and meet Rama

Constructing a highway to the Ganga

Bharata meets Guha

Bharata mats his hair and dresses in tree bark

Bharadvaja Rishi’s magical reception

Rama and Lakshman see Bharata approaching

Bharata meets Rama

Rama learns of His father’s death

Bharata implores Rama to return to Ayodhya

Jabali’s atheistic talk

Bharata presents wooden sandals to Rama

Bharata returns to Ayodhya

Sita, Rama and Lakshman leave Chitrakoot

With Atri Muni and Anasuya

Sita, Rama and Lakshman depart for the Dandaka forest


The Rakshasa, Viradha, who was formerly the Gandharva, Tumburu

Sharabhanga Rishi sends Rama to meet Sutikshna Rishi

Sutikshna advises Rama to visit all the ashrams in the Dandaka forest

Sita advises Rama to stop killing the deer

Sita, Rama and Lakshman arrive at Lake Panchapsara

Return to Sutikshna’s ashram

Sita, Rama and Lakshman visit Agastya Rishi

Agastya presents the bow of Lord Vishnu to Rama

Agastya recommends Panchavati for Rama’s residence

Meeting with Jatayu

Lakshman constructs a cottage

Shurpanakha meets Rama and Laksman

Shurpanakha disfigured

Khara attacks Rama

Rama kills Dushana, Khara and 14,000 Rakshasa soldiers

Akampana brings the news to Ravana in Lanka

Akampana suggests that Ravana kidnap Sita

Ravana visits Maricha

Maricha convinces Ravana to give up the idea of kidnapping Sita

Shurpanakha chastises Ravana, then recommends that he kidnap Sita

Ravana again visits Maricha

Maricha’s fear of Rama

Maricha takes the form of a wonderful deer

Sita urges Rama to capture the deer

Maricha leads Rama far astray

Sita forces Lakshman to go to Rama’s rescue

Ravana, dressed as a mendicant, appears in Sita’s doorway

Ravana kidnaps Sita

Jatayu tries to rescue Sita

Ravana brings Sita to Lanka

Ravana fails to seduce Sita

Sita is taken to the Ashoka grove

Indra and Nidradevi visit Sita

Rama meets Lakshman while hurrying back to the cottage

Sita is gone Rama and Lakshman search for her

Rama and Lakshman come upon the dying Jatayu

Lakshman disfigures the Rakshasi, Ayonmukhi

The Rakshasa Kabandha

Kabandha suggests that Rama befriend Sugriva

Lake Pampa and Shabari’s ashram


In the Spring, Rama feels separation from Sita

Seeing Rama and Lakshman’s arrival, Sugriva becomes frightened

Hanuman goes to meet Rama and Lakshman

Sugriva meets Rama

Sugriva shows Rama Sita’s cloth and jewelry

Vali kills Mayavi

Vali kills Dundhunbhi

Rama pierces seven Sal trees

Sugriva challenges Vali

Rama kills Vali

Vali’s body is cremated

Rama and Lakshman pass the monsoon season in a cave

With the arrival of autumn, Rama becomes angry because Sugriva has not come

Lakshman goes to Kishkindha

Lakshman meets Tara

Lakshman meets Sugriva

Sugriva summons the monkeys

Sugriva goes to meet Rama

Sugriva dispatches the monkeys in the four directions to look for Sita

Rama gives His ring to Hanuman

Angada’s party enters the Rikshabila cave and meet Svayamprabha

After the expiry of their one month time limit, the monkeys become depressed

Sampati spies the monkeys

The history of Sampati and Jatayu

Sampati informs the monkeys of Ravana’s residence in Lanka

After coming to the ocean, Angada asks the monkey to tell how far they can jump

Jambavan glorifies Hanuman

Hanuman prepares to jump to Lanka


Hanuman jumps from Mahendra Mountain

Hanuman encounters Mount Mainaka

Surasa tries to impede Hanuman

The Rakshasi, Simhika, attempts to stop Hanuman

Hanuman touches down at Lanka

Hanuman challenged by the presiding deity of Lanka

Hanuman searches throughout the city

The women in Ravana’s palace

Hanuman sees Ravana

Hanuman spies the Ashoka grove

Hanuman finds Sita

Ravana comes to see Sita

Sita rebukes Ravana

The Rakshasis intimidate Sita

The Rakshasi Trijata’s dream

Hanuman recites a poem for Sita

Hanuman approaches Sita

Sita’s messages for Rama

Hanuman creates havoc in the Ashoka grove

Hanuman kills Ravana’s son, Aksha

Indrajit captures Hanuman

Hanuman interrogated by Ravana’s ministers

Vibhishana advises that Hanuman should not be killed

Hanuman’s tail set on fire

Hanuman frees himself and then burns Lanka

Hanuman fears that Sita has been burnt

Hanuman visits Sita once again

Hanuman returns to Mount Mahendra

Hanuman relates to Angada all that had taken place

While going to Kishkindha, the monkeys stop at Madhuvana

Dadhimukha complains to Sugriva

Hanuman meets Rama and Lakshman

Hanuman relates Sita’s messages to Rama


Rama praises Hanuman

Hanuman describes Lanka’s fortifications

Rama, Lakshman and the monkeys arrive at the seashore

Ravana consults his ministers

Ravana angered by Vibhishana’s advice

Kumbhakarna addresses the assembly

Why Ravana no longer raped women

Ravana tires of Vibhisana’s advice

Vibhisana deserts Ravana

Vibhisana joins Rama’s camp

Vibhisana surrenders to Rama

Vibhisana proposes that Rama petition the ocean-god for crossing the sea

Ravana sends Shuka as an envoy

Rama sits down on the beach to petition the god of the ocean

Rama becomes enraged

The ocean-god appears before Rama

Rama releases His brahmastra

Vishvakarma’s son, Nala

The bridge to Lanka constructed

Rama, Lakshman and the monkeys arrive at Lanka

Ravana sends Shuka and Sharana to spy

Ravana surveys the enemy from his palace roof

The Vedic system of numbers

Ravana’s spy, Shardula, detected

Vidyujjihva shows a magical imitation of Rama’s severed head to Sita

Vibhishana’s wife, Sharama, comforts Sita

While remaining hidden, Sarama hears Ravana’s talks with his ministers

Malyavan advises Ravana

Rama arranges the army of monkeys

Sugriva confronts Ravana

Rama sends Angada as an envoy to Rama

The battle commences

Remaining invisible, Indrajit seems to vanquish Rama and Lakshman

Indrajit goes to see Ravana, thinking that Rama and Lakshman are dead

Sita is told that Rama has been killed

Sita goes on the Pushpaka chariot to survey the battlefield

Sita’s lamentations

Trijata reassures Sita

Rama laments, thinking that Lakshman will die

Garuda’s arrival

Garuda heals Rama and Lakshman

Ravana next sends Dhumraksha

Vajradamstra fights next

Akampana killed by Hanuman

Prahasta enters the battlefield

Nila kills Prahasta

Ravana goes to fight

Hanuman confronts Ravana

Lakshman fights with Ravana

Rama allows Ravana to return to Lanka after defeating him

Ravana tells his ministers how he was formerly cursed

Ravana orders Kumbhakarna to be awakened

Kumbhakarna wakes up

Vibhisana tells Rama the history of Kumbhakarna

Kumbhakarna meets Ravana

Kumbhakarna goes to fight

Kumbhakarna captures Sugriva

Rama kills Kumbhakarna

Ravana’s four sons- Trishira, Devantaka, Narantaka and Atikaya- go to fight

Angada kills Narantaka

Hanuman kills Devantaka

Nila kills Mahodara

Hanuman kills Trishira

Rishabha kills Mahaparshva

Lakshman kills Atikaya

Indrajit invisibly enters the battlefield

Rama and Lakshman covered by Indrajit’s arrows

Jambavan instructs Hanuman to go to the Himalayas to bring herbs

Hanuman brings a Himalayan mountain peak to Lanka

Rama and Lakshman restored to health

Hanuman replaces the mountain peak

Kumbhakarna’s sons fight

Sugriva kills Kumbha

Hanuman kills Nikumbha

Rama slays Maharaksha

Indrajit re-enters the battlefield

Indrajit kills an illusory Sita

Vibhishana consoles Rama and Lakshman

Vibhishana suggests that Lakshman kill Indrajit at Nikumbhila

Vibhishana confronts Indrajit

Lakshman kills Indrajit

Sushena treats Lakshman

Ravana goes to the Ashoka grove to kill Sita

A minister, Suparshva, dissuades Ravana

Ravana returns to the battlefield

Ravana battles Rama

Lakshman enters the fray

Ravana injures Lakshman with Maya Danava’s spear

Rama attacks Ravana with a vengeance

Hanuman leaps to the Himalayas and brings back a mountain

Matali brings Indra’s chariot for Rama

The injured Ravana’s chariot driver takes him away from the battlefield

Agastya Rishi teaches Rama the Aditya-hridaya prayer

Rama kills Ravana

Ravana’s wives come to see their dead husband

Mandodari’s lamentations

Vibhishana cremates Ravana’s body

Vibhishana installed as the king of Lanka

Rama sends Hanuman to see Sita

Sita forgives the Rakshasis

The story of the hunter, bear and tiger

Rama orders Vibhishana to bring Sita

Vibhishana relays Rama’s message to Sita

Rama gives Sita her leave

Sita asks Lakshman to build a fire

Sita enters the fire

Agni delivers Sita to Rama

Rama justifies His actions

Lord Shiva points out Maharaja Dasharatha to Rama

Rama and Lakshman meet their father

At Rama’s request, Indra brings the monkeys back to life

Vibhishana gives Rama the Pushpaka chariot to return to Ayodhya

While going to Ayodhya, Rama points out the sights to Sita

Rama stops at Bharadvaja Rishi’s ashram

Rama sends Hanuman to inform Guha and Bharata of His arrival

Bharata hears of Rama’s arrival

The meeting of Bharata and Rama

Rama greets His mothers

Rama enters Ayodhya

The bathing ceremony of Lord Rama

Sita gives her necklace to Hanuman

Rama makes Bharata His successor


Lava and Kush conclude their narration


Great rishis come to visit Rama at Ayodhya

Agastya Rishi narrates the history of the Rakshasas

Birth of Ravana and Kumbhakarna

Lord Brahma benedicts Ravana and Kumbhakarna

Kuvera vacates Lanka

Lord Shiva awards Dasagriva the name Ravana

Ravana and Vedavati

Vedavati next appears as Sita

King Anaranya curses Ravana

Ravana cursed by the Apsara, Rambha

Ravana attacks Indra

Meghanada captures Indra

Lord Brahma secures Indra’s release

Vali captures Ravana

Kartaviryarjuna defeats Ravana

Agastya Rishi narrates the history of Hanuman

Hanuman struck by Indra’s thunderbolt

Hanuman receives benedictions from the demigods

Hanuman made to forget his actual prowess

Rama bids farewell to the rishis and kings

Rama honors Hanuman and Angada

Rama bids farewell to Hanuman and Sugriva

The Pushpaka chariot returns to Rama

Sita and Rama pass their time pleasantly- Sita is pregnant

Sita requests Rama to let her visit the ashrams of the rishis in the forest

Rama asks His ministers to freely tell Him what the citizens are saying about Him

Bhadra tells Rama about the envious rumors that are circulating

Rama instructs Lakshman to abandon Sita

Lakshman tells Sita that he is to escort her on a tour of the rishis’ ashrams

Sita, Lakshman, and Sumantra cross the Ganga

Sita learns from Lakshman of her cruel fate

Valmiki’s disciples discover Sita

Valmiki places Sita under the care of elderly female ascetics

Lakshman returns to Rama in Ayodhya

A dog comes to see Rama at the royal court

The brahmana, Sarvatha-siddha punished by being appointed as acharya

Shatrughna kills Lavanasura and established the city of Mathura

Shatrughna hears Lava and Kush recite Ramayana at Valmiki’s ashram

Shatrughna returns to Rama at Ayodhya

A brahmana brings his dead son to Rama’s palace

Narada discloses that the boy had died because a shudra was practicing austerities

While traveling in the Pushpaka chariot, Rama finds Shambuka and kills him

Rama performs the ashvamedha-yagya

Lava and Kush recite Ramayana at Ayodhya

Rama becomes convinced that Lava and Kush are the twin sons of Sita

Rama sends messengers to summon Sita

Sita appears before Rama

Sita enters the earth

Lord Brahma pacifies Rama

Rama visits Valmiki’s ashram

Rama’s mothers pass away

Time personified pays Rama a visit

Durvasa Muni arrives

Lakshman is banished

Rama divides His kingdom and then leaves Ayodhya

Rama enters the River Sarayu, followed by Bharata and Shatrughna