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Shri Nama-Mahatmya

The Glories of the Holy Name



krishna-nama dhare koto bal

vishaya-vasananale,  mora citta sada jwale,

ravi-tapta maru-bhumi-sam

karna-randhra-patha diya,  hridi majhe praveshiya,

varishoya sudha anupam


1) What power does the name of Krishna possess? My heart constantly burns in the fire of worldly desires, just like a desert scorched by the rays of the sun. The holy name, entering the core of my heart through the holes of my ears, showers unparalleled nectar upon my soul.



hridoya hoite bole,  jihvara agrete cale,

shabda-rupe nace anukshan

kanthe mora bhange swara,  anga kanpe thara thara,

sthira hoite na pare caran


2) The holy name speaks from within my heart, moves onto the tip of my tongue, and constantly dances on it in the form of transcendental sound. My throat becomes choked up, my body shivers again and again, and my feet cannot remain still.



cakshe dhara, dehe gharma,  pulakita saba carma,

vivarna hoilo kalevara

murchita hoilo man,  pralayera agaman,

bhave sarva-deha jara jara


3) Rivers of tears flow from my eyes, perspiration completely soaks my body, all my skin thrills with rapture, my hairs stand on end, and my complexion turns pale and discolored. My mind grows faint, I begin to experience devastation, and my entire body is shattered in a flood of ecstatic emotions.



kori’ eto upadrava,  citte varshe sudha-drava,

more dare premera sagare

kichu na bujhite dilo,  more to’ batula koilo,

mora citta-vitta saba hare


4) While causing such an ecstatic disturbance, the holy name showers liquid nectar on my heart and drowns me in the ocean of divine love of Godhead. He does not allow me to understand anything, for He has made me truly mad by having stolen away my mind and all my resources.



loinu ashroya ja’r,  heno vyavahara ta’r,

varnite na pari e sakal

krishna-nama iccha-moy,  jahe jahe sukhi hoy,

sei mora sukhera sambal


5) Such is the behavior of Him in whom I have taken shelter. I am not capable of describing all this. The holy name of Krishna is independent and thus acts on His own sweet will. In whatever way He becomes happy, that is also my way of happiness.



premera kalika nam,  adbhuta rasera dham,

heno bala karaye prakash

ishat vikashi’ punah,  dekhay nija-rupa-guna,

citta hari’ loya krishna-pash


6) The holy name is the bud of the flower of divine love, and is the very abode of astonishing mellows. Such is the power He manifests that when His holy name starts to blossom a little further, it then reveals His own divine form and qualities. Thus my heart is abducted and taken directly to Krishna.



purna vikashita hoiya,  braje more jaya loiya,

dekhay more swarupa-vilas

more siddha-deha diya,  krishna-pashe rakhe giya,

e dehera kore sarva-nash


7) Blossoming fully, the flower of the holy name takes me to Vraja and reveals to me His own love-dalliance. This name gives to me my own eternal spiritual body, keeps me right by Krishna’s side, and completely destroys everything related to this mortal frame of mine.



krishna-nama-cintamani,  akhila rasera khani,

nitya-mukta shuddha-rasa-moy

namera balai jata,  saba lo’ye hoi hata,

tabe mora sukhera udoy


8) The name of Krishna is a transcendental touchstone, a mine of all devotional mellows. It is eternally liberated, and the embodiment of pure rasa. When all impediments to the pure chanting of the holy name are taken away and destroyed, then my happiness will know its true awakening.



Thus ends Sharanagati by Thakura Bhaktivinoda.