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Lord Balaram killed the demon Mayasura in this place. This place is non-different from Talavan in Vraja where Lord Balaram killed the ass demon Dhenukasura. During the great battle of Kuruksetra, in which 640 million ksatriyas were killed five thousand years ago in battle. Lord Balaram, being intimately connected to parties on both sides of the Kuru dynasty, decided to retire from warfare. He thus toured all the holy places of India. While travelling to various sacred shrines, He also came to the sublime and transcendental land of Shri Navadwip Dham. While He was here some members of the brahmana community approached Him and requested Him to kill the Mayasura demon and relieve their anxiety.Lord Balaram, who incarnated in Dvapara yuga specifically to protect the brahmanas and destroy the demons, immediately found the demon at this spot, and, after a fierce battle, killed him. Lord Balaram then purified Himself by taking bath in the Saraswati, and being duly blessed by the brahmanas present, He, fully satisfied, continued on with His pilgrimage. Hare Krishna!