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Shri Simantadwip


Sri Simantadwip, the second island of Sri Navadwip Dham, embodies the devotional mellow of sravanam, hearing about the pastimes of the Lord. Before and during the appearance of Lord Caitanya it was called Simulia. It contains Sen Danga, some portions of Vamanpukur, Kasthasali, Rajapur, Visnunagar, etc. Simulia is the place where Sri Krishna Caitanya first humbled then delivered the Muslim magistrate Chand Kazi.According to the Puranas, once Mahadeva Shiva was enlightening his eternal consort, Parvati devi, by speaking to her about Krishna's pastimes. He pointed out to her that Srimati Radhika had created the nine islands of Sridham Navadwip by Her own desire, and that She then joined with Krishna at this place to become the single spiritual form of Gaurahari. Parvati devi felt filled with joy. She requested her Lord to show her Sri Navadwip Dham and tell her how could she see Sri Gaurahari. Shiva told her that Gaurahari, in the upcoming Kali-yuga, would descend at Sri Navadwip Dham. Gaurahari, Shiva explained, would be Lord Krishna, but with the mood and color of Srimati Radharani. After Gaurahari descended, Lord Shiva con­tinued, He would distribute love of Godhead, which is not even available to the demigods, to even the most fallen. Parvati devi desired to immediately drop everything and begin tapasya. Receiving Lord Shiva'spermission, Parvati devi came and performed great austerities in this forest for a long time.


Lord Caitanya became pleased and gave her His darshan. She became overwhelmed by His wonderful form, which was brilliant as molten gold, and His smile, which was enchanting as hundreds of full moons, and His mood, which was sweet and benevolent as thousands of springtimes. Parvati devi could not control her tears. Falling at His feet, she begged Gaurahari to be able to participate in His manifest lila in Kali-yuga. Mahaprabhu told her that she was His yogamaya energy and thus non-different from Him. He told her that she was always His associate in His pastimes. As His svarup sakti, She is His most dear Srimati Radhika.The Lord said,"As My external energy, you are Durga, the shadow of Srimati Radhika. Thus you are known as Parvati. As yogamaya, you manifest My external pastimes. In Vraja you are Paurnamasi, who always assists Me in all My lilas. Now, in Navadwip, you are PraudhaMaya and you preside eternally with Ksetrapal Shiva to bewilder the conditioned living entities. Those who are My devotees, you will safely guide back to Me."After hearing this, Parvati devi was inundated with Gaura prema. Taking the dust from the Lord's lotus feet, she put it in the center parting line of her hair, called the simanta. At that moment, Mahaprabhu disappeared. Because she reverently placed the dust of the feet of Sri Krishna Caitanya on her simanta, one of Parvati devi's names is Simantini devi, and this place became famous as Simanta-dwip. Haribol!