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Bilva Paksa


Bilva Paksa is known locally as Bael Pukhariya, and is Baelvan in Vraja. Once some brahmanas came to this place and worshiped Lord Shiva for 15 days with the leaves of the Bilva tree, which are very dear to him. Among those brahmanas was Nimbarkacarya. He was a great scholar whose philosophy is known as Dwaita-advaita siddhanta. After the vrata was completed, Lord Shiva blessed them all to attain Krishna bhakti. Being exceptionally pleased with Nimbarkacarya, Lord Shiva instructed him to go deep within the Bilva forest. There, said Lord  Shiva, he would find the Four Kumaras: Sanaka, Sananda, Sanat and Sanatana. "They will look like two-year-old babies, but do not be fooled. They are incarnations of the Lord Krishna and they will act as your spiritual masters. Go now and surrender to them. Render service to them, for by serving them, you will achieve transcendental knowledge." Nimbarkacarya at once departed. After sometime, deep within the bael forest, he saw four effulgent boys appearing not more than two years old. They were seated on a raised platform and were rapt in meditation of Lord Gauranga. Their forms were exquisite, and they were adorned with Vaishnava tilak, tulasi neckbeads, sparkling white brahmana threads and little neatly tied sikhas. Amazed, Nimbarkacarya fell to the ground and offered his dandavats. The meditation of the Four Kumaras broke and they opened their eyes and blessed him. Sanat Kumara smiled, and told Nimbarkacarya to prepare himself for initiation. Nimbarkacarya went to Ganga devi and quickly bathed. He returned in a humble state of mind with folded hands. At that time the Four Kumaras initiated him and empowered him to establish the Kumaras' Vaishnava Sampradaya.


Nimbarkacarya worshiped Lord Gaurasundara at this place and received darshan of Gauranga. The Lord instructed him to keep his vision of Lord Gauranga confidential and to continue preaching his own philosophy of dvaitadvaita-vada. His commentary on the Ved-anta-sutra of Shrila Veda Vyasa is called Parijata Saurabha Bhasya.This same Nimbarkacarya appeared in Gaura lila as Keshava Kashmiri, the bhakta of Mother Saraswati. He was intoxicated by pride in his intellect and his education. But he was thoroughly defeated by Mahaprabhu. Mahaprabhu instructed him that know­ledge, intellect, wealth and power are absolutely worthless if not used in the service of Krishna. Thus He instructed Keshava Kashmiri to go and use his abilities in the Lord's service. Hare Krishna!