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Bharadvaja Tila


Bharadvaja Tila is situated on the north-western side of Ganga-nagar. When Shrinivas Acarya circumambulated Shri Navadwip Dham, he saw a prosperous village upon the hill known as Bharadvaja Tila. The local name of this tila, hill, is Bharai Danga.Bharadvaja Rishi travelled from Prayag to various holy places and began residing on the banks of the Ganges at Chakradat. He was a disciple of Valmiki, the original author of the Ramayana, and he was very powerful. During Their exile, Lord Ramacandra, with Sita devi and Laksman, spent time at Bharadvaja Rishi's ashram. Bharadvaja knew everything and he could thus understand where Lord Gaura­sundara would appear in Kali-yuga. He therefore came to Shri Nava­dwip Dham. Hare Krishna!