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Shri Ritudwip


Sri Ritudwip, the sixth island of Sri Navadwip Dham. embodies the devotional mellow of arcanam, or offering worship to the Lord. At present, this place is called Ratupur. It is located on the north side of Champahatta and on the southern side of Sri Koladwip. Ritu means spring and this place is eternally like springtime despite the presence of six seasons: Vasanta, Grisma, Varsa, Sarat, Hemant, and Sisir, being present. Beautiful flower gardens and thick forest groves abound. This place is hidden Radha Kunda. Here, on the banks of Sri Radha Kunda, are groves of mango trees which are full of ripe mangos. Cuckoos sweetly warble, and the fragrance of scented flowers fills the air.

Sri Prabhu Nityananda came to this place with Jiva Goswami. Nitai came in the mood of Vraja lila, as Balaramji, and started ecstatically speaking. "Hurry up! Hurry! Bring me my horn. The cows have gone far away and Krishna is fast asleep and will not awaken. Where are all My cowherd friends? Subala! Sridhama! Where are you? It is not possible for Me to herd all the cows alone? O Kanaiya! My brother! When are You coming?"


The devotes understood His mood and began to pacify Nityananda Prabhu. Then they told Him that His brother Krishna was at present on the earth as Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu and He had accepted sannyasa and was now living in Jagannath Puri. "In His absence this Sri Navadwip Dham seems vacant, and without His presence we feel like the poorest of beggars."


Hearing these words and feeling these sentiments, Nityananda Prabhu began loudly crying. He fell to the earth and became totally oblivious to His surroundings. He said, "Kanhaiya, My brother, why have You left us, taken sannyasa and put us in such sorrow? Why do You think I can live without You? It is not possible. I will jump into the Yamuna and give up this life!" Speaking like this, He fell unconscious. All the devotees immedi­ately began kirtan -playing mridanga and karatals. After one hour and a half, Nityananda regained consciousness. Nityananda Prabhu then told Jiva Goswami and the rest of the devotees that Ritudwip was hidden Radha Kunda and Shyama Kunda. Around this place are the beautiful groves of the eight sakhis: Lalita, Vishaka, Citra, Champakalata, Tungavidya, Indulekha, Rangadevi and Sudevi. This is the place of Krishna's mid-day pastimes. Mahaprabhu would come here in the third part of the day and perform sankirtan. Immersed in singing and glorifying the Holy Names of Krishna, He freely distributed Krishna prema.This brahmanda, universe, is where material creation exists. Above this is the Viraja River. Above the Viraja is Brahmaloka, and then Shivaloka. Above all these is Vaikuntha. Above Vaikuntha is Krish-naloka and within Krishnaloka is Dwarka Puri. Above Dwarka Puri is Sri Mathura Dham. In Sri Mathura Dham, Vrindavan is the best place. In Vrindavan, Giri Govardhan is the best place, and in Govardhan, Radha Kunda and Shyama Kunda are the most sacred and secret places of Sri Sri Radha Krishna. A place more sacred does not exist anywhere in any world — spiritual or material. So let us fall to the ground and offer our most humble obeisances and pray to Srimati Radharani for Her mercy. Jay! Jay! Sri Radhe! Jay! Jay! Sri Radhe! Jay! Jay! Sri Radhe! Shyama!