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Shri Yoga Pith Mayapur


Shri Yoga Pith Mayapur, Shrivas Angan, Shri Advaita Bhavan, Shri Gadadhara Angan, Shri Candrasekhar Bhavan, Shri Gaudiya Math are all being looked after by Shri Chaitanya Math which was previously under the guidance of Shrimad Bhakti Vilas Tirtha Maharaj.As a young man, Shripad Bhakti Vilas Tirtha Maharaj took diksa from Shrila Prabhupada and was named Kunjabihari Vidyabhusana. When Shrila Prabhupada was present on this earth, he was appointed secretary of all the temples in India and rendered great service to his guru. After Shrila Prabhupada's disappearance in 1937, he became the acarya of Shri Chaitanya Math.