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Shrivas Angan


The compound of Shrivas Pandit, also called Khol Bhanga Danga, is situated about 600 feet north of the Yoga Pith. Here, in Shrivas Angan, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, along with all His confidential associates, first inaugurated His Hari Nama Sankirtan movement! Shrivas and his four brothers used to perform kirtan all night long very jubilantly with mridanga and karatals. At that time, some atheis­tic Hindus who were envious of the Vaishnavas lived nearby. They complained to the Muslim magistrate, Chand Kazi, who was then the ruler of Navadwip. Chand Kazi passed an ordinance that forbade Hindus from loudly chanting the Holy Names of Krishna. If any Hindu dl chant loudly, the ordinance decreed that he would be taken into custdy.


This pnishment was considered severe for in those days a Hindu was conidered fallen from his caste even if a Muslim's shadow touchediim! Even after hearing of the Chand Kazi's decree, the devotee; assembled night after night in Shrivas Angan to blissfully performankirtan. Because of the total lack of concern for his man­date, thOiand Kazi himself came with his soldiers and stopped the sankirta and broke a mridanga. Thus this place also has the name of Khol Bhnga Danga, the place where the mridanga was broken.Shrivas andit is one of the branches of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's tree, and he ia member of the Panca Tattva. He was the main assistant of Mahaprbhu during the Lord's householder pastimes in Navadwip. He is th exalted Narada Muni, the best of brahmanas and the best of sagesNarada Muni is also an incarnation of the Supreme Lord Krishna i the role of a pure devotee, as is Shrivas Thakur. Playing His vina, Naadaji constantly travels through the many various planetary systems nd spiritual worlds as he incessantly sings the glories and pastimeof Lord Krishna.


Shrivas 'Pandit was born in Shri Hatta but he later moved to Shridham Navadw) near the residence of Shri Jagannath Misra to render devo­tional sevice to Lord Chaitanya. His wife's name was Malin: devi, and when Led Nityananda Avadhuta came to Navadwip from Vrindavan, He stayd here at Shrivas Angan in the mood of a cowherd boy. Malini devi wa: quite old at the time, but upon seeing Nityananda, her breasts, 'hich had been dried up for years, became full of milk. Thus Malini dvi accepted Nitai as her son, and even fed Him His food with her ownhands. Nityananda Prabhu, in the mood of a young gopa, acceptecher as His mother, and would at times even drink milk from her breats as if He were a baby.Once, is Malini devi was cleaning the Deity paraphernalia, a crow came art took away the bell-metal container that her husband used for gheevicks. As she watched the bird carry away the container, she began t<cry. She knew that her husband, Shrivas Pandit, would be furious, or he had a temper like a thunderstorm. At that moment, Nityanada appeared and said, "Mother, what is wrong? Whatever the protem is, I will fix it."


Sobbing, she explained what had happened, and Nityananda Ava­dhuta, clling the crow, ordered it to bring back the bell-metal con­tainer. Tie crow at once returned the container.Shrivas Angan is the rasa-sthali, the place of rasa, of Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprbhu. Here Mahaprabhu and Nityananda madly danced. The force from Nityananda's steps was so powerful as He danced that it sounded just like an earthquake. Gaurange would dance both on the ground and in the air. He would at times touch His head with His feet, and would at other times float freely, not subject to the material law of gravitation. Both Nitai and Gaura would become totally absorbed in each other and would be totally oblivious to the world. When either of Them would crash to the ground, it would sound as if the earth had collided with another planet. In some places, the earth even cracked. Sometimes They laughed and exhibited symptoms of Their Divinity. They at other times would weep with total humility and cry in deep separation from Krishna.These pastimes were being performed while the sweet sounds of Bhatigari Raga kirtans were continuously heard within the compound of Shrivas Pandit. Accompanying the two brothers, Nityananda Prabhu and Gauranga, were Shri Advaita, Shri Gadadhara, Shrivas, Svarupa Damodara, Pundarika Vidyanidhi, Haridas Thakur, Murari, Hiranya, Gangadas, Vanamali, Vijaya, Nandana, Buddhimanta Khan, Vak-reshwara, Jagadananda, Narayana, Govinda, Gopinatha, Jagadish, Shridhara, Sadasiva, Suklambhara, Brahmananda, Shrigarbha and numerous others. None of them could live without sankirtan, and for one year they performed ecstatic sankirtan at Shrivas Angan every night behind closed doors, and to their full satisfaction.


When Shri Krishna Chaitanya returned from Gaya after being initiated and receiving Gopal mantra from His guru, Shripad Isvara Puri, He came here one day and revealed His opulent four-armed Vaikuntha form to Shrivas and all his family members. The transcen­dental form that Brahma, Shiva and all the demigods are always constantly hankering to see was seen by even the maids and servants of Shrivas Pandit.Who in this world can possibly calculate the glories of Shrivas Angan or the good fortune of Shrivas Pandit! In Shrivas Angan the Supreme Lord manifested transcendental pastimes as Shri Krishna Chaitanya and exhibited more extraordinary displays of ecstatic emotional mellows than have ever before been revealed by any previous incarnation or recorded by any acarya, including Shrila Vyasadeva, Shrila Madhvacarya and Shrila Shridhar Swami.Here at Shrivas Angan, Mahaprabhu Himself would dance in ecstasy with His devotees. He distributed to all, regardless of eligibility, the priceless treasure of devotional service and the conjugal mellow of love for Krishna.


Here, Shri Nityananda Rama performed Vyasa puja to His wor-shipable Lord, Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Shrivas Pandit, strictly following the scriptural injunctions, organized everything ac­cording to the Lord's desire. He obtained an abundance of milk products, rice, fruits, grains, vegetables, ghee, incense, scented oils, camphor, sandalwood, fragrant flowers, Tulasi leaves and manjaris and all the required paraphernalia for performance of Vyasa puja in grand style. The rhythmic mridanga playing and the ringing of kara-tals mixed with the sweet sounds of kirtana and invoked the residents of Vaikunthaloka to participate. In Shrivas Angan, Lord Chaitanya revealed to Nityananda Prabhu His six-armed form, which held a bow and arrow, a flute, and a danda and waterpot. Immediately upon seeing this transcendental form, Nityananda Rama went into ecstatic trance and crashed to the ground. When He regained consciousness, He and Gauranga began to dance madly in ecstasy. Sometimes They would cry, and from Their eyes flowed rivers of tears. At other times They would roar as loudly as a thousand lions. Then, in a playful mood, They each would try and take the dust from each other's lotus feet. But because both Nitai and Gaura were clever and quick, neither of Them could succeed. The eternal brothers, the two Supreme Lords, Krishna and Balaram, Ram and Laksman and now Nitai and Gaur­anga, performed Their supramundane pastimes in an ocean of bliss and devotional ecstasy as if They were extraordinary devotees.Here Lord Chaitanya manifested His glorious Sat Praharia Bhava, which means that for seven praharias, 21 hours, He remained con­tinuously absorbed in the mood of the All-Powerful, All-Pervading, Omnipotent, Supreme Lord of the Universe. During this pastime, the Lord wonderfully exhibited His different incarnations.At that time, the devotees, headed by Nityananda Prabhu, Advaita Acarya, Shri Gadadhara, and Shrivas Pandit, performed maha abhishek of Lord Chaitanya. The devotees brought Ganges water in big earthen pots, and, after straining it, they added camphor, musk, rose oil, saffron and Tulasi leaves. Prabhu Nityananda first bathed the Lord by pouring pure scented Ganges water on the Lord's head while Advaita Acarya and Shrivas Pandit chanted the auspicious Purusa Sukta prayers beginning with: om sahasra sirsapurusa sahasraksa sahasrapat.


While the abhisheka was being performed, Mukunda swam in an ocean of bliss. Some devotees laughed, some wept, while others sang and danced with joy.During the snana yatra ceremony of Lord Jagannath in Puri, 108 pots of water are used. But in the abhishek of Mahaprabhu, many times that number were poured as each devotee personally bathed the Supreme Lord to his heart's content. After bathing the Lord, the devotees affectionately dried Him and wrapped His golden transcendental body in new silk clothes. After­wards they smeared Him with scented sandalwood paste and put a fragrant flower garland around His neck. They then placed Him on the throne of Lord Vishnu. Lord Nityananda held the umbrella over the head of Lord Chaitanya and Gadadhara fanned Him with a camara. Advaita Acarya began worshiping the Lord with the 16 prescribed ingredients, as Shrivas Pandit applied Tulasi manjaris dipped in sandalwood paste to the lotus feet of the Lord. Additional fragrant flower garlands were offered to the Lord and all the devotees spontaneously chanted the Gopal mantra and offered their own personal prayers.


What devotee does not long to have participated in these exception­ally wonderful pastimes? What devotee would not offer his life breath to have been even a lowly ant in Shrivas Angan? Even some demigods who were fortunate enough to learn of the Lord's appearance rushed to this place from the heavenly planets. They disguised themselves with tilak and Tulasi beads. Mingling with the devotees, they offered their prayers to the Lord. The Supreme Lord Chaitanyadeva was so merciful that even the sudra household servants of Shrivas Pandit, because they had served Shrivas Thakur, a pure Vaishnava devotee, could also directly serve the Lord.Here also the Lord performed another extraordinary lila: He re-enacted His annakuta pastime of Giri Govardhan in Vraja. Mahaprabhu held out His hands and ordered His devotees to feed Him. Devotees immediately began offering Mahaprabhu varieties of excellent foodstuffs. Whatever the devotees offered, He ate. He ate milk, curd, cream, cheese, and fresh butter. And He always would keep repeating, "Annyor! Annyor!" which means "Bring more! Bring more!"


Devotees placed with the Lord's hands huge amounts of assorted fruits, like coconuts, melons, mangos, black berries, bananas, guavas, papayas, as well as different kinds of exotic nuts, the Lord instantly ate all the food and still kept roaring, "Annyor! Annyor!" "Bring more! Bring more!" He was offered and He immediately ate mountains of mung dal, rice, and tasty chutneys, such as apple, banana, tomato, and mango, in a matter of seconds. Tens upon tens of gallons of sugarcane juice, lassi, and Ganga water were all handed to the Lord and imme­diately drunk, and still the Lord kept roaring, "Annyor! Annyor!", "Bring more! Bring more!" He consumed in minutes hundreds of barrels of sweet rice, banana yoghurt, and sweet condensed milk, along with mountains of sandesh, rasgullas, gulab jamins, samosas, and pakoras, and still the Lord roared "Annyor! Annyor!", "Bring moe! Bring more!"


Some devotees finally remembered the Lord's pastime of Giri Govardhan and offered Him fresh Tulasi leaves washed with Ganges water. Upon eating these, the Lord immediately became fully satis­fied. At another time, while Lord Gaurahari and the devotees were fully absorbed in the bliss of sankirtan, the only son of Shrivas Pandit left this world. The family members became overwhelmed with grief and began to weep. But Shrivas Pandit forbade his wife and relatives from expressing their broken hearts so as to not disturb the Lord's ecstasy. After the sankirtan finished late that night, and after the Lord's ecstasy had subsided, Mahaprabhu understood what had happened. Going to Shrivas's son, by His inconceivable potency He called the soul back into the dead boy's body. Mahaprabhu inquired of the boy as to why he was leaving his father and mother.


The dead boy replied that nobody was factually anyone's father, mother, husband, wife or child. All these relationships are false and a source of misery. "We are all jiva souls and the Supreme Lord is our only father. By my past karma I came to earth and have Shrivas Pandit and Malini devi for my father and mother. But now, by the will of the Lord, my span of life is completed and I am now departing."After hearing this, Lord Chaitanya bade farewell to the boy's soul and all the Vaishnavas blessed him and cheered, "Haribol!" The Lord then told Shrivas Pandit that He and Nityananda were his eternal sons and blessed him and his family members with transcendental knowledge.

One time Lord Chaitanya stopped dancing during kirtan and an­nounced that He was not feeling His usual exultation. "Why am I not feeling happy?" the Lord asked the devotees. "Why is My heart not exalting in bliss and joy?" The devotees looked around at each other, but they could not understand. At that time Shrivas Pandit started looking around the compound and in a corner, hiding behind a crate, he found the mother of his wife. Not considering his mother-in-law qualified to be present, he removed her from the compound. Only the confidential servitors and eternal associates of the Lord were allowed to personally participate in His nightly sankirtan.On another occasion, Narayani, the four-year-old daughter of Shrivas Pandit's brother, received the Lord's mercy and exhibited ecstatic devotional symptoms The Lord asked  her to cry for Krishna and she immediately began weeping and crying, "Krishna, Krishna." The Lord then benedicted her in various ways and even personally gave her His remnants, which she ate with great joy. All the devotees marveled that she was able to receive the Lord's mercy at such a young age. Later on in her life, after she was married, Shrila Vyasadeva descended in her womb and incarnated as Shrila Vrindavan das Thakur, the author of the glorious Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata.


Shrivas Pandit lived here executing devotional service until the Lord went to Jagannath Puri after His sannyasa at the age of 24. At that time Shrivas Pandit, feeling intense separation from the Lord, left Navadwip and moved his family and residence to Kumar Hatta. All of these pastimes, which are only a sampling of the millions of pastimes that took place at Shrivas Angan, are eternally being per­formed, and one who has been favored by Prabhu Nityananda can relish them to this day. So let us all bow in total humility and take the dust from Shrivas Angan upon our bodies as a decorative ornament. Gaura Premanandi! Haribol!