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Nagariya Ghat


This place known as Nagariya Ghat is 30 feet north of Barakona Ghat. While on His way to defeat Chand Kazi, Lord Chaitanya came to this place with a colossal sankirtan party, with each member carrying a burning torch and dancing in ecstasy. The tumultuous roar of the chanting could be heard by the Kazi in his mansion. During His two years studying in the school of Ganga das Pandit, Nimai would bathe here along with the other boys on their way home from school. He would at times also pass by this ghat alone. When Nimai would see some young girls with flowers, incense and ghee lamps about to do puja to Devi, He would tell these young girls to not worship Devi, but to do puja to Him instead. To the young girls that worshiped Him, He would similingly bless them with the good fortune of getting a rich and beautiful husband who is a first-class devotee of Krishna. But He would frighten those young girls who would not offer Him puja by telling them that they would get a husband that was very poor, lame, cross-eyed and who had a humped back.Sometimes Nimai played water sports here with His school friends. When Nimai would see some brahmanas chanting their mantras He would mischieveously splash them. When the brahmanas would chas­tise Nimai, He would take holy Ganges water in His mouth and spray them. The brahmanas would then group together and go to Nimai's father and complain. Shri Jagannath Misra would become so angry! He would charge to this ghat with a stick in his hand looking for his son Nimai. Nimai would instruct His friends to tell His father, "Nimai has not bathed today." Nimai would then rush home by another route and smear dust and drops of ink on His body. With His hair dried by the hot sun, Nimai showed no signs of having been in the Ganges.


The brahmanas, who actually were satsified by associating with Nimai, would appraoch Jagannath Misra and then defend the actions of Nimai about which they had just complained. They explained that the Ganges is holy and pure at all times, so no one can contaminate another with her waters. "It is all Ganga devi's mercy and blessings," they reasoned. Shri Jagannath Misra would sigh and tell them that Nimai was their son as well as his, and that if they now defended Him, he himself would have to respect their wishes.His father returning home from Barakona Ghat would see Nimai and would note that his son had dust and ink smeared on His body and that His hair was not wet. Seeing no visible proof of Nimai's naughtiness, Jagannath Misra would not chastise his son. Nimai's face, at this time, would look extremely innocent and beautiful, just like baby Krishna's face would look after He had just stolen butter.Shrimati Sacimata, at this ghat, first saw Laksmipriya devi and men­tally selected her to be the wife of the Lord. Hare Krishna.