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Shri Krishna Chaitanya Math


This math was established by Parivrajacarya Shrimad Bhakti Kamal Madhusudana Maharaj. He was a disciple of Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada. He took birth in Bangladesh, East Bengal, in the district Haripur at Rajitpur Village in 1899. His father's name was Shri Parvatinatha. He was educated in his later years in Calcutta and afterwards obtained a job as co-editor of the daily newspaper Amrit Bazaar. When he would finish his daily work, he would come to the Gaudiya Math temple at Bagh Bazaar to hear discourses on Krishna katha from Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada. Finally, he became so impressed that he left his job and became a surrendered disciple of Shrila Prabhupada, who awarded him the service of managing many maths.After the disappearance of Shrila Prabhupada, he came and lived with our own guru, Shrila Bhakti Prajnana Keshava Goswami Maharaj, as a member of Shri Gaudiya Vedanta Samiti. He published the Shri Gaudiya Vedanta Samiti's magazine Shri Gaudiya Patrika, and he was a very influential speaker of Shrimad-Bhagavatam. He preached in various parts of India and drew people to Krishna consciousness by his excellent and inspiring explanations. In 1991, on Gaura dasami, he gave up his body. His samadhi shrine is located here. Hare Krishna!