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Shri Jagadananda Pandit


Shri Jagadananda Pandit, an eternal associate of Lord Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, was one of His associates in performing kirtan. He did not know anything else but Shri Krishna Chaitanya, and his attachment to the Lord was intense. During Shri Krishna's pastimes in Dvaraka, he was Krishna's chief queen, Satyabhania. He also went to render service to Mahaprabhu in Jagannath Puri.Once he went to Gauradesha and obtained a big pot of fragrant oil from Shivananda Sen and brought it to Puri for Mahaprabhu. He gave this fragrant oil to Govinda, the Lord's personal servant, and Jagadananda Pandit told Govinda to apply a little of oil each day upon the head of the Lord. In this way, Jagadananda hoped to save the Lord from any disturbance by wind or bile disorders. But because He was a strict sannyasi, Lord Chaitanya would not use the oil.Jagadananda noted this and once more requested the Lord to use the oil. But the Lord became angry and retorted, "Why only oil? Why don't you arrange for someone to come and massage Me every day as well? Is this how a sannyasi is supposed to act? Is it to continue these pleasures that I have taken sannyasa? What is your loss? Nothing! But I will be lost if I engage Myself in these types of activities. People will stop taking Me and everything I do seriously. You have brought this oil for Me from a long distance with great effort. So as not to let your efforts be in vain, you should bring it to the temple of Jagannath and let the pujaris burn this oil in their lamps. I am a sannyasi and thus I am unable to accept it for My own use."


Hearing the words of the Lord, Jagadananda Pandit did not reply but lifted the oil pot and smashed it to the ground. Then he went to his bhajan kutir and shut his doors. For three days continuously Jagadananda refused to eat or drink. Hearing of Jagadananda's affec­tionate anger from his associates, Lord Chaitanya also became upset.

On the morning of the fourth day, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu walked to the residence of Jagadananda and complained to him that He felt hungry. Mahaprabhu then requested Jagadananda to personally cook for Him and He would eat when He returned from the ocean after He bathed Upon seeing the Lord and hearing His request, Jagadananda forgot his pride, bathed, put on clean clothes, started a fire, and immediately began cooking. When the Lord returned He was delighted to see the many tasty preparations that Jagadananda had cooked. Jagadananda offered the Lord a nice seat and Lord Jagannath's mahaprasadam. The Lord said, "Today we shall both eat mahaprasad together," and saying this , He sat down. Jagadananda, turning his face away from the Lord, said, "First you eat and then I will eat." Lord Chaitanya replied, "All right, but your words should not be false." Jagadananda said, "I can never disobey Your order." Mahaprabhu ate to His heart's content, and after washing His hands and mouth, He told Govinda to see that Jagadananda eats and then come and inform Him when he had.


Jagadananda Pandit never approved of the austere disciplinary principles that Mahaprabhu observed after He accepted the renounced order of life. For example, when the Lord would take rest, He would simply place His chadar on the ground and lie upon it. Jagadananda Pandit observed this and one day took a fine saffron-colored cloth and filled it with cotton. He then offered it to Govinda for the use of the Lord. When Mahaprabhu saw the mattress, He asked who had donated the bedding. Govinda mentioned the name of Jagadananda, and as soon as the Lord heard "Jagadananda", He became a little fearful. Yet Mahaprabhu never-theless placed aside the bedding. But Svarupa Damodara supported Jagadananda's actions and he also expressed that it was unnecessary for the Lord to lay on the hard earth. Lord Chaitanya said, 'Then also bring Me a fancy bed and a silken pillow. You want Me to engage in sense gratification, but I am a sannyasi and I must remain renounced." Svarupa Damodara then took two of Mahaprabhu's outer garments and filled them with fine banana leaves and gave it to Mahaprabhu for use as a sleeping mattress. The Lord, after much pleading by the devotees, accepted it. But Jagadananda was inwardly and outwardly unhappy that the Lord had rejected his bedding. He approached the Lord and told Him he wished to depart immediately for Vrindavan. Lord Chaitanya answered, "The reason you wish to go to Vrindavan is because you are angry with Me. Isn't it?" After Jagadananda's jealous

anger subsided, Lord Chaitanya gave him permission to visit Vrin-davan.


When Jagadananda Pandit arrived in Vrindavan, he stayed with Sanatana Goswami. One day while Shri Jagadananda was cooking, Sanatana arrived wearing a red cloth around his head. Jagadananda Pandit assumed that the red cloth must be the remnants of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and in ecstasy, he questioned Sanatan as to from where the cloth came. Sanatana Goswami replied that the cloth was given to him by Mukunda Saraswati. When Jagadananda Pandit heard that the cloth was given by another sannyasi, he became uncon­trollably angry. He rushed forward, fully prepared to beat Sanatana with the hot pot in his hand. He said, "You are a chief associate of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu! You are so dear to Him! How could you keep the cloth of another sannyasi on your head? I cannot tolerate this!" Sanatana Goswami was extremely intelligent, tolerant and a great maha-bhagavata. By seeing this unique display of faith and attach­ment by Jagadananda for Mahaprabhu, Sanatana Goswami became very happy. Hesmilingly took off the cloth. Sanatana was thinking of his great fortune to see such a display of devotion. Sanatana Goswami realized the depth of Lord Chaitanya's love for Jagadananda, and that Mahaprabhu actually enjoyed His pastimes of always fighting with Jagadananda as Krishna enjoyed His Dvaraka pastimes of fighting with His queen, Satyabhama. Sanatana said, "You are honoring me by making me drink this precious neem nectar." Folding his hands he offered his dandavats to Jagadananda, who lost his anger and fell at Sanatana's feet.Once, previous to this, Shri Sanatana went to Jagannath Puri for darshan of Mahaprabhu during Ratha Yatra. He traveled through the Jharikhanda forest, and, because of drinking impure water, Sanatana became infected with sores throughout his body. Because of the oozing of his sores, Sanatana again and again attempted to dissuade Lord Chaitanya from embracing him. But Lord Chaitanya refused to consider Sanatana's infectious sores and would often heartily embrace Sanatana again and again. Because of this, Sanatana Go­swami became unhappy.


Jagadananda Pandit saw Sanatana's unhappiness and advised him to return to Vrindavan immediately after Jagannath's car festival. Lord Chaitanya came to know about Jagadananda's advice and became disturbed. He told Sanatana Goswami, "This Jaga Pandit is simply a boy. Now he has become so puffed up that he is even instructing a devotee like you, who is so dear to Me, to leave My association!"


When Sanatana Goswami heard this, he could understand how deep Lord Chaitanya's affection was for Jagadananda Pandit.Mahaprabhu Himself said He could never tolerate the transgres­sion of the rules and regulations of etiquette. "The body of a Vaishnava is never impure or material. Lord Krishna has given you these sores to test Me, to see if I consider a Vaishnava's body material or not. If I were not to embrace your body, I would be committing Vaishnava aparadha. Your body appears to Me as pleasant and fragrant as sandalwood from the Malaya Hills."


At this time we currently also find no existing signs of Shri Jagadananda Pandit's residence. But we do know that Jagadananda's residence was near to Svarupa Damodara's.

While remembering these loving-fighting pastimes in the same mood that Krishna sported in His relationship with Satyabhama, we offer our obeisances at the lotus feet of Shri Jagadananda Pandit. Haribol!