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Ganga Nagara


At the present, Ganga Nagara is covered by the river Ganges. At Ganga Nagara, the famous pandit of Navadwip Dham, Ganga das Pandit, had his school. This is where Nimai went and studied from the age of eight until He was ten. Pandit Ganga das used to love young Nimai very much. Here is why. In Krishna lila, Balaram and Krishna were initiated after They killed Kamsa, the king of the demons, and his eight demonic brothers. They were then sent to the gurukul of Sandipani Muni to finish Their education. The Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself and His brother Balaram, who is non-different from Him, thus accepted a guru and went to his ashram to set the example for all of humanity for all of eternity, and performed devotional service to Their guru. How fortunate was Sandipani Muni! This same Sandipani Muni who in­structed Krishna and Balaram was none other than Ganga das Pandit in Shri Navadwip Dham.


After studying from Ganga das Pandit, Lord Chaitanya, at the age of 15, went to Gaya and received Vaishnava initiation from Shri Isvara Puri. The 'scholarly pandit' phase of the Lord's incarnation was thus com­pleted. After His initiation, the Lord openly began to reveal His emotions of Krishna bhakti and even maha-bhava. When He returned to Navadwip, no longer could He teach His students grammar, logic and Sanskrit. His students went to Pandit Ganga das to complain, and Ganga das, being merciful to these students, called Nimai. By various persuasive means of logic, Ganga das induced Nimai to again begin teaching.Requested by the order of His guru, Nimai taught. But now, Nimai's teaching of every sutra of grammar glorified the name, fame, form and pastimes of Lord Krishna. In His internal mood of ecstasy, He explained to His students, regardless of the subject He was teaching,how Krishna manifests His lilas in wonderful ways for the benefit of His devotees.


He taught His students that the Vedas boldly declare that Shri Krishna is the Supreme Lord of all, one without a second, always complete with infinite power, and an ocean of rasa. These discourses would force Nimai to deeply remember Krishna and intensify His Krishna prema. When His feelings of vipralamba, separation from Krishna, became too extreme, Lord Chaitanya would start crying. With tears streaming from His eyes like torrents of rain, He would explain that Krishna's personal beauty is so marvelous it totally overpowers His majesty. When describing the attractiveness of Krishna's beauty, His voice would completely choke and He was unable to speak a single word. After a little time He would, with great effort, tell His students that He could no longer explain grammar and the Holy Names of Krishna should become their life and soul, their strength and support. Thus becoming absorbed, He Himself would chant the Holy Names of Krishna. His students imbibed the Lord's mood and gave up all desires for studying. Following the Lord, they began sweetly chanting. Now 500 years later, we too will attempt to imbibe the mood of the Lord by sweetly chanting the Holy Names of Krishna. Gaura Premanandi!


Hari Haraye Namah Krishna Yadavaya Namaha    Yadavaya Madhavaya Keshavaya Namaha

Gopal Govinda Rama Shri Madhusudana        Giridhari Gopinatha Madana Mohana