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Shri Gadadhara Angan


About 10 yards east of Advaita Bhavan is Shri Gadadhara Angan. Shri Gadadhara was the son of Madhava Misra, and he was a dear friend of Mahaprabhu while they both attended Gangadas Pandit's school. Nimai, while they were young, used to tease Gadadhara by challeng­ing him with many illogical questions. After accepting the order of sannyasa, Lord Chaitanya took him with Him to Jagannath Puri.Shri Gadadhara always lived in Jagannath Puri with Mahaprabhu as a ksetra sannyasi, one who has taken the vow never to leave a sacred area. He was a great scholar and a great speaker of Shrimad-Bhagavatam. Shri Gadadharaji used to decorate Lord Chaitanya's bedroom, bed, and body with fragrant and wonderful flower garlands. Every day he would make sandalwood paste and apply it to the Lord's transcendental form. Each morning Gadadhara would distribute all the flower garland prasadam of the Lord to the devotees.The first time Lord Chaitanya wanted to leave Jagannath Puri, Shri Gadadharaji wanted to accompany Him. But the Lord forbade him and had him remain to keep intact his vow. Shri Gadadhara resided at the temple of Tota Gopinath and rendered full devotional service to Tota Gopinath. Lord Chaitanya went there each day and heard Shrimad-Bhagavatam from Gadadhara. During these times, Mahaprabhu would become completely absorbed in Krishna lila. At the end of His manifest pastimes, Shri Krishna Chaitanya entered the Tota Gopinath temple and merged into the Deity form of Tota Gopinath.


After this, although He was no more than 48 years old, Shri Gada­dhara began to rapidly age due to the anguish of intense separation from Lord Chaitanya. His body became old in such a short time that he was unable to properly dress the Deities or place fresh flower garlands daily around Their necks. Krishna, in His deity form as Tota Gopinath, understood his difficulty and He compassionately sat down. The Deity has remained seated from that time to this present day. Everywhere else, both in Navadwip and in Vraja, Shrimati Radharani and Krishna always stand. Only in the temple of Tota Gopinath does Krishna sit. After sometime, Shri Gadadhara Pandit also joined Lord Chaitanya's eternal pastimes. Gaura Premanandi! Haribol!