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Atopur Village


Brahma performed tapasya and austerities in Atopur five thousand years ago. During the appearance of Lord Krishna, Brahma was flying over Shri Vraja Mandala on his swan carrier on his way to Pushkara. As he flew, he looked down and saw an astonishing sight: A small blackish boy had just killed a colossal snake demon called Aghasura. When the demon expired, Brahma saw the atma or soul of this demon leave its body and merge into the body of this small boy. Brahma was bewildered by Krishna's internal potency, Yogamaya, and committed the offense of stealing Krishna's calves and cowherd boys. Because of this offense, Brahma always felt great anxiety and was always lament­ing. Knowing that Krishna's incarnation as Shri Krishna Chaitanya was extremely merciful, Brahma, desiring forgiveness, worshiped Lord Gaurasundara here.

Brahma was aware that Gauranga's pastimes are eternal, although sometimes manifest and sometimes unmanifest, and he thus wor­shiped the Supreme Lord even before His appearance. This is neither unnatural nor against sastric conclusions. Advaita Acarya worshiped the Supreme Lord in order to make Him appear as Gauranga. Some devotees worship the Deity form of Kalki, the son of Vishnu Yasa, although the Supreme Lord will not actually appear as Kalki until the end of Kali-yuga, which is 427,000 years from now.


Lord Chaitanya, being pleased with Brahma's penances, appeared and granted him a boon. Brahma begged the Lord to allow him to take birth in a low class family and he, in a humble way, could render Him service. Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu then benedicted Brahma to appear in a Muslim family and, by preaching and loudly chanting the names of Krishna, he would increase his devotion until he was chanting 192 rounds, three hundred thousand names of Krishna, each day. Lord Gaurahari told Brahma that He would descend and incarnate as Shri Krishna Chaitanya, having the mood and golden hue of His beloved Shrimati Radharani. He said He would make all the living entities in the universe dance in ecstasy through Hari Nama sankirtana.


The Lord further explained that He would bestow upon all, regard­less of qualification, the supermost, confidential mellow of devotional service, which even the demigods cannot attain. "At this time I will allow you to assist Me in fulfilling My desire to save all living entities."Because Lord Chaitanya revealed His internal feelings at this place to Brahma, this island became known as Antardwip. Antar means internal. In the pastimes of Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Brahma appeared as Namacarya Shri Haridas Thakur. The name of this place, Atopur, is a local-language form of the word Antardwip. Hare Krishna.