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Shri Sarangadeva


Shri Sarangadeva used to perform his bhajan in Mamagachi. After Lord Chaitanya severely chastised Pandit Devananda for his imper-sonalistic approach in teaching Shrimad-Bhagavatam, He saw Shri Sarangadeva and requested him to make some disciples. The Lord considered Saranga's Deity worship and the difficulties he singlehan-dedly underwent, for the Lord's pleasure. Each day Saranga Thakur would collect firewood, gather vegetables, beg rice, cook and offer and perform arati, etc. Then, every night he would cross to the other side of Ganges and come to Mayapur and perform sankirtan. Shri Sarangadeva told Mahaprabhu that he was unable to meet any qualified bhaktas. He questioned as to why he should initiate a person simply to increase his own prestige. Shri Sarangadeva said, "A disciple who is humble and submissive, who is interested to culture the science of Krishna consciousness, and who serves his guru by repeating his guru's instructions to those who are qualified, brings glory to the guru-disciple relationship and the sampradaya to which he belongs. But disciples like this are few and far between. Is it not true?"


Mahaprabhu laughed and being pleased He replied that whomever Sarangadeva would accept as his disciple will become qualified. Sarangadeva understood the wish of Lord Chaitanya and told Him that without fail the first person he would see the next day he would initiate. Then, offering his dandavats to the Lord, he continued his bhajan. Early the next morning, during brahma muhurta hours, Saranga went to the Ganges to bathe. As he was about to enter the water he saw the boy's dead body float past. Remembering the words he spoke to the Lord, he brought the dead boy's body to the shore and chanted the initiating mantras into his ear. As soon as the dead boy heard the mantra he came back to life. He offered his obeisances to the feet of Sarangadeva and told him, "The day before I was undergoing the sacred thread ceremony to accept diksa, but before I could receive the initiating mantras, a black snake came and bit me. After that I remember nothing."


When his family members came to know of their son's amazing recovery, they at once joyfully came. They explained to Sarangadeva that upon the boy's death, they had immediately administered a treatment. But it didn't work and as according to custom, his body was not burned but it was placed in the Ganges. "Now, by Sarangadeva's great mercy," they said, "our dead son has returned to us." Although they wanted to take their son home, the boy, Murari, had no desire to return with them. Instead, he resolved to serve the lotus feet of his gurudev, Shri Sarangadeva, as his life's mission. He factually did this as long as his guru remained on the earth. This boy later became famous as Murari Thakur.At Sarangadeva's place of residence was a big bakula tree. Today also this same tree is present as a witness to this incident. This tree is very old. Although the tree has bark on its outside, it is hollow inside. Haribol!