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Shri Modadrumadwip


Sri Modadrumadwip, the eighth island of Sri Navadwip Dham, embodies the devotional mellow of sevanam, dasya bhakti, offering service to the Lord. The name for Modadrumadwip in the local dialect is Mamagachi. This place is non-different from Bhandiravan in Vraja. In Treta yuga, Lord Ramacandra along with Sri Laksman and Sita deyi, came here during Their exile. They remained in this beautiful forest for several months. At that time there was a very huge banyan tree whose branches spread far and wide. Many varieties of birds would come to the tree and chirp their wonderful melodious, musical sounds. The beauty of this banyan tree inspired Lord Ramacandra to request Laksmanji to construct a small hut under the tree for Their dwelling.


One day Lord Rama, seeing the incomparable sweetness of this forest, smiled omnisciently. Sita devi noticed His smile and became curious to know the cause of the smile. She asked Him and Lord Rama informed Her that in the future, in Kali-yuga, He would appear from the womb of Sacidevi in the house of Jagannath Misra in Sri Navadwip Dham, and He would be known as Gauranga. Lord Rama said, "I will manifest the glories of the Holy Name and make all of humanity ecstatic in the Hari Nama kirtan. I will thus purify the hearts of even the most heinous sinners and grace them with Krishna prema, which even the demigods cannot taste. At that time, I will enchant everyone and everything fortunate enough to witness My sublime pastimes. Even the parts of the world that, due to sinful activities, do not witness these pastimes, will be redeemed by the mercy of the devotees of My devotees. In that incarnation, I will take sannyasa at the age of 24 and leave My mother, wife, and home behind Me. I will then reside in Jagannath Puri. After My sannyasa, My mother Sacidevi, who is presently My mother Kausalya, will take her daughter-in-law, Vishnupriya devi, in her lap. They will then both cry. You will be Vishnupriya."


Hearing this revelation, Sita devi requested Lord Rama to tell Her why He would act in this way. Lord Rama replied that this incarnation's purpose was to give prema bhakti to the conditioned human beings. To do this He would appear as Gauranga. Lord Rama also said, "Prema bhakti is tasted in two ways. One way is known as

sambhoga, union, and the other is called vipralambha, separation. The pleasure one receives in union is called sambhoga rasa, and the happiness derived from separation is called vipralambha rasa. The happiness of union is fixed. But the happiness in separation, wherein one achieves inner union, is so intense that one forgets everything external. The unalloyed, rasika, maha-bhagavata devotees thus con­sider this happiness in separation to be unlimited.They also explain that the purpose of separation is to increase the pleasure of sambhoga by intensifying the feeling of reunion. As deep and intense as one's separation is, one experiences the happiness of union. Separation naturally depends upon union, and one of separation's attributes is the perpetual yearning for union. In separa­tion one thus experiences millions of times more pleasure than in union, although without union, separation could not exist. So the Lord puts His dearmost devotees in a state of separation to increase their attachment and love for Him. This should be considered as a direct manifestation of His most precious mercy."


Lod Rama continued, "In My Gauranga incarnation, My mother Kausalya, merging along with Aditi devi, will appear as Srimati Sacidevi. In this incarnation as Rama, I will create a pretext and will desert You in the ashram of Valmiki. Then, in Your separation, I will make a Deity of You out of solid gold and will in this way serve You. In My Gauranga incarnation I will in the same way give up the householder ashram and take sannyasa. You then will make a Deity of My form as Gauranga, and You will then render service to Me in Sri Navadwip Dham. As Lord Gauranga I will teach the whole world by My wonderful pastimes the importance of love in separation. Sri Navadwip Dham is My dearmost abode. Sri Navadwip Dham is even more dear to Me than Ayodhya, and this banyan tree will remain famous for the rest of Treta yuga and all of Dvapara yuga. But in the beginning of Kali-yuga it will disappear."


After residing here for some months, Lord Rama departed for Dandakaranya forest along with Sita devi and Laksman. The great friend of Lord Ramacandra, Guhaka of the Nishada's tribe, by the will of Lord Rama took birth during Lord Gauranga's pastimes in the house of Rahuna at this place. He was known as Sadhananda Bhatt-acarya, and he had unalloyed faith in Lord Ramacandra. At the appearance of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, he was present in the house of Jagannath Misra. Thus he had darshan of Lord Ramacandra in baby Nimai. Later he had the vision of Sri Sri Sita-Rama and Laksman along with Hanuman, who sat at the lotus feet of Lord Rama with folded hands. Sadhananda regularly came for darshan of Visvambhara, the sustainer of the universe, and when Mahaprabhu inaugurated His Hari Nama sankirtan pastimes at Srivas Pandit's house Sadhananda Rhattararva in ecstasv oarticinated. I,et us take the dust from this place upon our heads! Haribol!