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Sapta Tila


This place is called Sapta Tila which means seven hills. Once in Satya yuga, the seven sages requested Lord Brahma to explain how to acquire the prema that would be distributed in the future, in Kali-yuga, by Lord Shri Chaitanya. The seven sages wished to know which austerities and sacrifices they should perform to qualify themselves.

Brahma, being very pleased by this inquiry, instructed them to go immediately to Shri Navadwip Dham and to chant Hari Nama and meditate on the beautiful golden form of Lord Gauranga. Brahma further told them that by doing this, Shri Navadwip Dham will become very pleased and will mercifully manifest prema within their hearts. He revealed to the sages that those blessed and fortunate souls who are attracted to Shri Navadwip Dham can easily attain Vraja. Hearing these words from Brahma, the seven sages came to this place and each built a small hut. They each then began engaging diligently in Gaura bhajan. They completely gave up eating, sleeping, and even drinking. All they did was chant the names of Gauranga day and night and discuss His transcendental qualities.Once at noon, Lord Gauranga, the most enchanting, being pleased with them, appeared as brilliant as the sun and gave the saints His darshan. He instructed them to give up all other varieties of religion and just simply engage themselves in Hari Nama Sankirtan. He also told them that when He would appear, they would be able to witness His pastimes. Falling down at the Lord's lotus feet, the seven sages offered many prayers in glorification of Gauranga. Still, today, as we all can see, the remains of the seven sages' huts are still visible in the form of these seven small hills, or tilas. Because Lord Gauranga appeared like the midday sun in the middle portion of the day, this place came to be called Madhya, which means middle, and the seven saints named this place Madhyadwip. Hare Krishna!