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Hamsa Vahana


Harnsa Vahana is close to Naimisaranya. A Shiva linga riding on a swan is submerged in the waters of a lake here. Then, on Purnima in the month of Caitra, according to the pandits of the area, this Deity is taken out of the water and worshiped and thereafter returned until the next year. The five-faced Mahadeva Shiva, hearing about the nectarean narration given by Suta Goswami, desired to hear it him­self. He immediately left his abode in Mount Kailash and, with all his family members and associates, boarded his bull carrier Nandi.Finding Nandi too slow, he abandoned him and mounted Brahma's swan carrier. He was so anxious! Arriving on time, Shiva sat and raptly listened to the nectar about Gaurahari emanating from the mouth of Suta Goswami. Due to Mahadeva Shiva's travelling here by Brahma's swan carrier, this place came to be called Hamsa, which means swan, and vahana, which means carrier. Hare Krishna!