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Samudra Garh


Samudra Garh is situated on the south-western side of Shri Kola­dwip. This place is non-different from Bahulavan in Vraja, and it is also considered as Dwarka Puri. In Dvarapa yuga, at this place, a great devotee of Lord Krishna named Samudra Sen ruled here while Maharaj Yudhisthira was performing his Rajasuya sacrifice. The system for performing a Rajasuya sacrifice was that unless every ruler on earth pledged allegiance to Maharaj Yudhisthira, the sacrifice could not be performed. Thus Yudhisthira sent his four brothers, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva out in the four directions to receive tribute from every kingdom.Bhima was sent to the eastern part of India, and he accepted tribute or conquered all the kings along the way. Coming to the borders of Bengal with his mighty army, Bhima proceeded unconquered until he reached Shri Koladwip and the palace of the powerful king, Samudra Sen. Samudra Sen was a great devotee of Lord Krishna, and he was thrilled when he heard that Bhima, another great devotee of Lord Krishna, was approaching. For some time, Samudra Sen had been desiring to have darshan of Lord Krishna, but he understood quite well that this was only possible through the mercy of Krishna's devotees.


Knowing that Bhima was certainly Krishna's devotee, he began reflecting that Krishna would never let anything happen to Bhima. It was common knowledge that Krishna was very partial to the Pandavas, and besides, their mother Kunti was the sister of Krishna's father Vasudeva. Thinking like this, he devised a plan. He reasoned that if he could somehow or other place Bhima in a dangerous situation, Krishna would be forced to personally rescue him. Thus he planned to attain Krishna's darshan.When Bhima arrived, he sent his aides demanding tribute in the name of King Yudhisthira. Samudra Sen, who had resolved with determination that he was going to force Lord Krishna to come to Shri Koladwip to protect his devotee Bhima, promptly told the aide he would not pay any tribute, and that Bhima should prepare for war. Bhima personally possessed the strength of 10,000 elephants, so when he heard that Samudra Sen was challenging him, he was not worried. Rather he looked forward to a good fight and desired to practice his skills.But when Samudra Sen charged onto the battle field leading his battalions, he attacked with such a furious onslaught of chariots, cavalry, elephants and infantry that Bhima found himself consumed by an army mightier than his own. Looking left and right and seeing the enemy converging around him, Bhima without delay called out loudly in a mournful voice: "O Krishna! O Krishna! Save me quickly!"


The Supreme Lord Krishna immediately manifested Himself on the battlefield in response to the call of His surrendered devotee, but only Samudra Sen could see Him. Bhima and the armies on both sides were not aware that the Lord was present. Lord Krishna looked resplendent in the attire of a ksatriya king, with His vaijayanti garland, made up of five fragrant flowers, around His neck and a peacock feather jauntily perched on top of a jewel studded golden crown. Samudra Sen immediately folded his hands in respectful salutations to his worshipable Lord. Krishna, slightly smiling, gave Samudra Sen the vision of Him as a cowherd boy, complete with flute, horn, rope, goad and lunch tiffin, in the association of His cowherd friends as He tended the cows in Vraja. Tears came to Samudra Sen's eyes.Suddenly, Samudra Sen no longer saw cows and cowherd boys. But in their place he saw many beautiful girls in their early teens surround­ing the Lord. Their beauty was unmatched by anyone he had previously seen in his life. Some girls sang, some played musical instruments, some made sandalwood paste, some gathered flowers, some made flower garlands, and some made Tulasi garlands. As Samudra Sen was watching in amazement, the scene disappeared. Samudra Sen again saw the Lord before him in a chariot as a ksatriya king.


At this time Lord Krishna explained to Samudra Sen about His future incarnation, in a golden form, as Lord Gauranga, and that the king should worship Lord Gauranga by chanting Hari Nama. WhenLord Krishna thus informed Samudra Sen about His golden form as Gauranga, Samudra Sen became unlimitedly curious and begged the Lord to reveal this form as well. Lord Krishna, being naturally merci­ful to His surrendered devotees, showed Samudra Sen His form as Lord Gauranga. Upon seeing [his most merciful form, Samudra Sen became ecstatic and began to chant the name of Gauranga. At this point, the Lord became unmanifest, but Samudra Sen's joy did not depart. Feeling jubilant, he commanded his troops to cease fighting. He then declared a truce and offered many presents to Bhima. Thus he made peace. At first Bhima was surprised that Samudra Sen had for no apparent reason ceased fighting, but he accepted the occurance as Krishna's arrangement. Feeling victorious by Krishna's mercy, Bhima accepted the tribute from Samudra Sen and went on his way.This place is also known as Kamudhavan. Krishna comes here in the third part of the day, while tending the cows, just before He performs His pastimes with the gopis.


This place is famous by the name Samudra Garh. Although the ocean is quite far from here, he wished to have darshan of the pastimes of Mahaprabhu, as he had with Lord Krishna at Dwarka Puri and as he had with Lord Rama at Lanka. The ocean, thus, through the medium of the Ganges, traveled to this place. In this way, the ocean resided in Shri Navadwip Dham and had the opportunity to see the pastimes of Lord Chaitanya. After having the Lord's darshan, the ocean requested Gauranga to show him mercy and bless him by performing pastimes near to him. To satisfy the desire of His devotee the ocean, as well as to fulfill the wishes of His dear mother Sacimata, Lord Chaitanya, after taking sannyasa, resided at Jagannath Puri near the ocean and performed wonderful, transcendental pastimes. Thus the ocean fully tasted nectar to his total satisfaction. Gaura Premanandi! Haribol!