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Praudhamaya is also situated on the western side of the Ganges. On Shri Antardwip, near the southern side of Mayapur, reside Vriddha Shiva and his eternal consort Praudhamaya. Situated here eternally, they bewilder the non-devotees, and engage those who are devotees in the service of Gauranga. They are the etenral protectors of the holy dham. When a major portion of Mayapur was previously covered by the river Ganges, some inhabitants, looking for higher ground, crossed the river and came to Kuliya and began worshiping Praudhamaya at this place. People today, therefore, call this place Praudhamatala. When Lord Krishna appeared from the womb of Mother Yasoda in Gokula-Mahavan, Yogamaya also appeared along with Him. Krishna and His transcendental energy Yogamaya are one and the same, but she renders devotional service to Him.To bewilder the demons and to chastise them, she manifests herself in the form of Mahamaya. In Vrindvan, she takes the form of Purnamasi and bewilders the inhabitants into thinking of Krishna as their playmate, friend or true love. She also bewilders Yasoda and Nanda Baba into thinking of Krishna only as their son. Yasodamata, thinking Krishna her child, breast feeds Him, ties Him up when He is naughty and sings Him sweet songs at night before He sleeps. She also, by the influence of Yogamaya, takes Him in her arms when He seems frightened by thunder and lightning.


All pastimes of Krishna are aided by Yogamaya, but she herself appears as Mahamaya in Mathura near Kamsa's palace. Durga, Kali, Candi, Annapurna, Bhadra, Mumbadevi, etc. are her various other forms. By granting wealth, sons, property, family members and various objects of the senses, Mahamaya bewilders the living entities who are not devoted to the Lord. But as Yogamaya she grants transcendental potency to the living entities and thus gives them the right to engage themselves in the transcendental service of Shri Shri Radha Krishna.Yogamaya covers the holy dhams of the Lord, and does not allow non-devotees to have access. She keeps karmis, jnanis, impersonalists, etc. fully engaged in the intricate network of mahamaya. Although their bodies may somehow arrive, they actually are unable to have the slightest inkling of the glories of the holy dham. So Praudhamaya serves Shri Navadwip Dham by performing these services. Hare Krish­na!