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Champahatti is located in the south-west section of Shri Koladwip. The previous name of this place was Champakahatta. In Satya yuga, one very old brahmana used to live here surrounded by a big garden of champaka flowers. This old brahmana used to worship the Deities of Shri Shri Radha Govinda with those champaka flowers. Being pleased with the sincere worship of this brahmana, Lord Krishna gave him His darshan in His form as Lord Gauranga, who has the bodily hue of a fresh champaka flower. The old brahmana wa astonished when he saw Lord Gauranga's effulgent form. At that time Lord Gauranga informed him that He would manifest Himself in Kali-yuga and distribute Krishna nama and Krishna prema. He further said that the brahmana would also take birth at the same time and would witness His munificent pastimes.

In Krishna lila, this brahmana was Kamalaka sakhi. Being blessed by the Lord, he appeared in Gaura lila as the younger brother of Shri Gadadhara Pandit and was called Dvija Vaninath. The Deities of Gaura Gadadhara in the temple here were worshiped by him 500 years ago. Shrila Saraswati Thakur established Shri Gaura Gadadhara Gaudiya Math in this place.Champahatti is also famous as the place where Jayadeva Goswami composed the poem Gita Govinda, part of which has been made famous around the world whenever Narasinghadeva is glorified.


keshava dhrita narahari rupa, jaya jagadisha hare

jaya jagadisha hare, jaya jagadisha hare


Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu would become ecstatic upon hearing Gita Govinda sung by Svarup Damodara or Mukunda. Jayadeva Go­swami appeared during the time of King Ballal Sen, who gave him great respect. On the eastern bank of Mother Ganges, a little distance from the king's palace, was Jayadeva's bhajan kutir. After some time, due to obstacles in his bhajan, he left that place along with his wife Padmavati and came to this garden and started performing bhajan in Champahatti.Once while writing Shri Gita Govinda, he was describing Shrimati Radharani's feelings oimaan, intense arrogant anger in jealousy. He had just begun to write how Krishna tried in many ways to pacify Her by joking, by teasing, by being witty, and by being clever. But nothing He could do could make Her leave Her mood oimaan. At that precise moment, Shri Jayadeva had the idea, like a flash in his mind, that Krishna in this situation would bow His head to Her lotus feet. But as he prepared to write this down, he became very fearful. His hand shook and his pen fell. He feared writing this might be an aparadha, so he refrained himself.Reflecting further he reasoned that since Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the ultimate source of all incarnations, He is worshipable by everyone without exception, even by Shrimati Radharani, the embodiment of His hladini shakti, pleasure potency. So how could Lord Krishna lower His head to the lotus feet of Shrimati Radharani? It would transgress the rules of etiquette and would not be in accordance with the injunctions of the scriptures! Afraid he had made an aparadha by even thinking such a thing, he stopped writing and quickly went to the Ganges Lo bathe and puiify himself.


In the meantime, Vrajendranandana Shri Krishna, who unseen had been relishing the slokas of Gita Govinda while Jayadeva was compos­ing them, took the form of Jayadeva and entered his kutir. He asked Padmavati to give him his pen and scrolls and at once sat down and completed the sloka: smara galaga kandalam, which Jayadeva had feared to finish. Lord Krishna then Himself wrote: mam sarisi man-dalam dehipada mandalam badaram:


smara galaga kandalam mam sarisi

mandalam dehipada mandalam badaram


"From one whose pride has been vanquished by cupid, let My head be ornamented by Your gracious and beautiful lotus feet." (Gita Govinda)


After finishing *the verse, Lord Krishna disappeared. Jayadeva returned a few minutes later from his bath. His hair was still wet. Padmavati saw her husband again enter his kutir, but this time his hair was wet. She asked him how he had managed to return from the Ganges so quickly since he went out, returned quickly, wrote some­thing in his manuscript, and had left again but a few minutes before! Now, suddenly, he had fully bathed and returned! Jayadeva looked at his scrolls and saw that the verse had now been completed in his own handwriting. As he read the words: mam sarisi mandalam dehipada mandalam badaram, he*was enraptured by their sublimeness. Then the actual truth dawned on him. He became enthralled in intense humility and began weeping. After some time, he composed himself and wiped his eyes. He turned to his wife and, with folded hands, told her that she was unlimitedly fortunate for she had just received darshan of Lord Krishna. He said, "The Supreme Lord has Himself come to complete a verse which I had feared to finish. Krishna is controlled only by love and nothing else. Not rules and regulations, not adherence to scriptural injunctions, not even vaidhi bhakti or loving devotional service performed strictly and punctually. Lord Krishna is only controlled by the love of His devotees."


Jayadeva, after this experience, became totally inspired with full cognizance of Lord Krishna's desire and finished his wonderful glorification of Lord Krishna. Lord Gauranga at that time manifested Himself to Jayadeva in His golden hued form by His unfathomable mercy. The Lord's face was more brilliant than a million moons and His arms hung down to His knees. A fragrant flower garland adorned His neck and He smiled gently. Seeing this wonderful transcendental form of the Lord, both Jayadeva and his wife, overcome by emotion, wept. Lord Gauranga told them that in the future He would take birth in Navadwip Dham in the womb of Sacidevi. The Lord then ordered them to go to Shri Puri Dham, as Lord Jagannath was anxiously awaiting to give them His darshan. "There­fore both of you should go to Shri Puri Dham and, worshiping Lord Jagannath, attain Krishna prema." Following the order of Lord Gauranga, Jayadeva Goswami and his wife left Champahatti for Shri Puri Dham.


The verses in the Gita Govinda written by Jayadeva Goswami are so beautiful, melodious and enthralling that even Lord Jagannath Him­self is always eager to hear them. One time in Shri Puri Dham, in a garden adjacent to the temple, one devi dasi was singing some verses from the Gita Govinda. The pujaris were taking a little rest after changing the Lord's dress and the gate was closed to the public. At that time Lord Jagannath, hearing these verses, became so much enraptured that He could not remain on the altar another second. Hopping down, He ran out of the temple in great haste and hid behind a tree in the garden. His cloth tore on some bushes and He received some scratches.After hearing the Gita Govinda till it's completion and after becom­ing fully satisfied, He returned to the altar and became again station­ary. When the pujaris opened the inner gate of the temple, they were shocked to see Lord Jagannath with scratches on His body and His cloth torn. The head pujari reported everything to the king and the whole kingdom was in anxiety. That night Lord Jagannath appeared in the king's dream and disclosed to him that He had gone to hear the Gita Govinda. Because of being in a hurry, His cloth was torn and His body became scratched. The king conveyed all this to the head pujari who had the scratches removed and the torn cloth replaced. Gaura Premanandi! Haribol!