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Bhishma Tila


Here we are at Bhishma Tila which is situated near Jannagar. Bhishmadeva, is the son of King Santanu, was born from the womb of Ganga devi. Ganga devi, Bhisma's mother, returned him back to earth in his father's care after Bhismadeva completed his studies with Brihaspati in the heavenly planets. At that time Bhishmadeva came to Navadwip to have darshan of his maternal grandfather, Jahnu Muni. Bhismadeva constructied a humble hut close to Jahnu Muni's residence. He would hear rimad-Bhagavatam each day from Jahnu Muni, who also instructed him in Gauranga tattva and revealed that Lord Gauranga would appear in Shri Navadwip Dham.

Jahnu Muni revealed that in the beginning of Kali-yuga, the Supreme Lord Krishna would appear as golden formed Gauranga, and He would distribute Krishna nama and Krishna prema in this wonderful form. Lord Gauranga, Jahnu Muni explained, would even make trees, birds, animals, -- all living beings -- mad in Krishna prema.

After this, Jahnu Muni gave Bhishmadeva additional instructions in raja-niti (political science), dharma-niti (religious principles), and samaja-niti (social behavior). He instructed him to distinguish between spirit and matter, consciousness and inertness, living entities and maya, and the Supreme Lord and devotional service. He also imparted subtle religious truths, such as the fact that all living entities are constitutionally eternal servants of the Supreme Lord Krishna.


While Bhisma lay on his deathbed of arrows at Kuruksetra, he waited for the sun to begin its northern course before he would leave his body. At that time, in the presence of the Supreme Lord Krishna, Bhisma spoke the following verse to King Yudhisthira and his four brothers, which predicts the appearance of Lord Gauranga.


suvarna varno hemango varangas candanangadi

sannyasa krichamah santo nistha santi parayanah


"In His early pastimes, He appears as a householder with a beauti­fully formed golden complexion like molten gold. In His later pastimes, He accepts the sannyasa order and is the highest abode of peace and devotion, for He silences the impersonalist non-devotees."


During the battle of Kuruksetra, 640 million men were killed and King Yudhisthira, being distraught over this, came to Bhishmadeva to offer his humble respects and receive his shelter. Bhishmadeva instructed Yudhisthira and the Pandavas for many days on the prin­ciples of religion which he had learned from Jahnu Muni. Hare Krishna!