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Suvarnabihar is near Navadwip Ghat and the Amaghatta railway station. In Satya yuga, King Suvarna Sen ruled this area for a long time. Although he became very old while ruling, he was attached to the bodily conception and would not relinquish the throne and become a renunciate. Thus even as an old man he remained absorbed in householder life.Once due to the king's good fortune, Shri Narada Muni appeared in his assembly at the palace. Seeing the old king still pathetically clinging to sense gratification, he felt compassionate. Naradaji came to the king in a secluded place and immediately began instructing him. Narada directly challenged the king as to why he was wasting his life regarding that which is useful as useless and that which is useless as useful.


Narada Muni said, "Material objects are ultimately harmful due to their entangling a living entity deeper and deeper in sense gratifica­tion. They thus force one to remain in the cycle of birth and death." Narada requested him to consider that when death comes he can not take a single possession with him. Wife, children, family relations, home, vehicles, and other such things will not accompany him at death. Since everything must be left behind, what is the use of being attached to the impermanent? Truly to remain entangled and attached is less intelligent. Even in the heavenly planets ti. permanent happiness." "According to karma one enjoys and then one suffers. Then ag. living entity is completely destroyed if he merges with the brahmajy>. a because he has neither materir1 nor transcendental pleasure. In this way, unfortunate living entities are lost. Fortunate living entities, however, perform devotional service and regard enjoyment in the heavenly planets equally with unenjoyable illness. All living entities are eternal servants of the Supreme Lord Krishna. Forgetting this, they wander throughout the 8,400,000 species of life being devoured by the threefold miseries of old age, disease, and death. Despite the miseries of material life, devotees of Lord Krishna never even desire liberation, even in their dreams."


"Only by a living entity's great fortune, while wandering throughout the material world, does he attain the association of devotees. Thus being blessed, the desire for transcendental devotional service can arise. The living entity then takes shelter of a guru and begins performing Krishna bhajan. When the living entity takes complete shelter of Shri Gurudeva, fully surrendering and engaging in the per­formance of devotional service in the association of devotees, then his faith gradually increases." It is very important to understand that a living entity will eventually fall down without the association of devotees. One should virtually always be in the association of devotees to insure his success. Then nistha, then ruci, then asakti and then finally one becomes mature and attains bhava. Then when one is solidly situated on the bhava plat­form, one attains Krishna prema. At this stage, one is submerged in waves of ecstasy, sometimes internally, sometimes externally. The names of Krishna are incessantly on one's tongue, 24 hours a day. Whether waking or sleeping, working or eating, one at the stage of prema cannot give up chanting Krishna's Holy Names. To attain this blessed stage of Krishna prema, one must perform the nine processes of devotional service beginning with hearing, chanting, remembering, etc. By performing these practices of bhakti one can surely attain Krishna prema."


Narada Muni then concluded, "O King, you have taken birth in the transcendental land of Shri Navadwip Dham and thus you are very fortunate. In the upcoming Kali-yuga, the source of all incarnations, the self-same Supreme Personality of Godhead, will appear as Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, with a complexion of molten gold and the internal mood of Shrimati Radharani. He will distribute the Holy


Name and Krishna prema to even common men. Those living entities who are performing sadhana in Vraja with great effort attain perfec­tion after a long period because of their offenses. But those living entities living in Shri Navadwip Dham can with very little effort attain perfection after a very short time. This is because upon paying the price of becoming a resident of Shri Navadwip Dham, one's sins are quickly exonerated and one then can easily attain Krishna prema." After saying this, Narada Muni, being overcome himself by Krishna prema, chanted loudly "Gaurahari! Gaurahari!" and began to dance in ecstasy. Then, without notice, he left the king and disappeared.

King Suvarna Sen was immediately saddened by Narada Muni's sudden departure. But that night, in his dream, the king saw Mahaprabhu and all His associates performing sankirtan. Waking from his sleep, he began weeping in a humble way. At that time the king heard a voice from the sky instructing him to not become disheartened, for when the Lord appeared as Gauranga, the king would also appear as Buddhimanta Khan. In this way he would assist the Lord in His manifest pastimes in Shri Navadwip Dham. It was Buddhimanta Khan who provided all the costumes and paraphernalia for the wonderful drama Lord Chaitanya enacted at Candrasekhar's Bhavan. He also solely financed the costs of the wedding of Lord Chaitanya with Vishnupriya devi, and provided all assistance to Lord Chaitanya and His associates during their journey to Jagannath Puri.

At present the remains of the palace of Suvarna Sen are seen far on top of a nearby raised hillock. In addition, in the mango orchard at Suvarna Gaudiya Math which was established by Shrila Saraswati Thakur, some ancient walls are still visible. This place is also called Mahavaranasi. Hare Krishna!