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Surabhi Kunda


In the pastimes of Lord Krishna, Indra once attempted to destroy Vrindavan because the residents of Vrindavan, under the guidance of Krishna, stopped a sacrifice meant for his pleasure. Instead of wor­shiping him, the residents of Vrindavan began the worship of Giri Govardhan with the articles meant for Indra. Indra became furious. Not understanding his actual relationship with Krishna, Indra sent unlimited destructive rain on Vraja for seven days. Lord Krishna was unperturbed and lifted Govardhan Hill, which was 21 miles in circum­ference and as high as the sky, effortlessly with the little finger of His left hand. He used Giri Govardhan as a huge umbrella to protect all the cows and the Vrajabasis.Then, as an added measure, Krishna stationed His Sudarsan Cakra above Giriraj to protect him from the constant onslaught of the thunderbolts which Indra was hurling. This magnificent display of power by the Supreme Lord, who was playing the role of a seven year old boy, smashed Indra's pride and belittled his power.Finally, after seven days, Indra realized his offense and became fearful. He learned from Brihaspati, the guru of the demigods, that Lord Gauranga would appear in the upcoming Kali-yuga. He knew that Lord Krishna is always merciful to his dear devotee Surabhi, so Indra took her with him and came to this place in Shri Navadwip Dham. Here he performed severe austerities for many years under this holy banyan tree. Being pleased by Indra's sincere efforts, Lord Gaurahari appeared and told Indra that, He would appear in Shri Navadwip and distribute the Holy Name and Krishna prema to all.


"At that time you will have the opportunity to assist Me in My pastimes," Lord Gauranga said. The Lord then disappeared. After having the merciful Supreme Lord's darshan, Indra felt inspired and returned to his heavenly kingdom where he waited in anticipation for the commencement of Lord Gauranga's appearance. Mother Sura­bhi, even afer Indra's departure, remained here and with great joy continued worshiping Gauranga under this banyan tree. "Go" means cow, which refers to Surabhi. And "drum" means the tree under which tapasya was performed. From these two words this place became known as Godruma.Long ago, before Satya yuga, a great sage named Markandeya Rishi, the son of Mukunda Muni, received the benediction from Mahadeva Shiva to live for seven kalpas. One kalpa either means one day of Brahma or one cycle of four yugas, which is equivalent to 4,320,000 years. So seven kalpas is 30,240,000 years.While the sage was absorbed in meditation during one of the kalpas, the time of the material dissolution began without warning. At that time, the whole earth became submerged in water. No land was found anywhere. Thus Markandeya Rishi, without any shelter, was buffeted hither and thither across the planet. He couldn't die, because of the benediction of Shiva, nor could he live, due to the fearful waves and winds.

After many years, he lost consciousness and by good fortune, his body chanced to arive in Shri Navadwip Dham, which being eternal is unaffected by any fluctuations of the material universe. Mother Surabhi, upon seeing his unconscious body floating lifelessly, lifted him out of the water onto the holy dham and brought him under the banyan tree where she was performing tapasya.


When Markandeya regained consciousness he looked around and saw that Shri Navadwip Dham was outside the jurisdiction of the material nature. This surprised him. As he looked around, he saw that everything in the 32 square miles of the holy dham was cintamani and effulgent. The forests, the birds, the animals, the flowers, and the sky - everything was completely transcendental. At that time, Mother Surabhi, knowing that he was hungry and thirsty, gave him milk to drink. He became strong and his fatigue left him. Surabhi then instructed him to remain here and engage himself in worshiping of Lord Gauranga. She further revealed that Navadwip, being complete­ly transcendental and beyond the boundaries of material nature, housed all the holy places and all the demigods. This, she explained, could never be seen through material vision. This place is exactly like Vaikuntha, with Shridham Mayapur the central vortex of the eight islands that are lotus petals. By worshiping Lord Gauranga, one attains the service of Shri Shri Radha Krishna in Vraja.


vina shri gopika sangam na radha krishna apnuyat

gopi sangumnu capnuti shri gaura caranad rte


"Without the association of the gopis one cannot attain Shrimati Radhika and Krishna, and without the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga, it is not possible to ever attain the gopis' association."


At the entrance to this land all the nidhis, the treasures of Kuvera, the eight siddhis, plus all perfections and the five forms of liberation (being sayujya, samipya, salokya, sarupya, and sarsti) are all standing respectfully with folded hands desiring to render service to the inhabitants of the holy dham. But the devotees of Lord Gauranga, without any hesitation or deliberation, ignore them and keep them at a distance. By the worship of Lord Gauranga all kinds of sinful karma and reactions, whether past or present, whether wet or dry, whether temporary or accumulated, along with all sorts of material, mundane desires as well as all illusion and ignorance become permanently eradicated without a tendency to return.Hearing these highly confidential intructions from Mother Surabhi and feeling great bliss within his heart, Markandeya Rishi followed Surabhi and, without delay, began worshiping Lord Gauranga. Gaura Premanandi!