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Narasimha Palli


Narasimha Palli is situated on the eastern and southern boundaries of Shri Navadwip Dham. This place has been famous for over three million years. In Satya yuga, Lord Narasimhadeva fought and killed the demon named Hiranyakasipu who was troubling His young devotee Prahlad Maharaj.Hiranyakasipu was a big enemy of the devotees of the Lord. His brother Hiranvaksa had previously been killed by the Ix>rd in His incarnation as Varahadeva. So Hiranyakasipu at every chance would try to destroy the brahmanas, the cows and all existing religious principles. He even ordered his own son, Prahlad, never to chant the names of Lord Vishnu. But it was not possible for Prahlad Maharaj to give up chanting the names of Hari. Hiranyakasipu therefore tried to kill his son with fire, by drowning him, by poison, and by having him attacked by fierce animals. But Prahlad was protected by the invin­cible Lord and could not be harmed.


Once when young Prahlad's teacher was absent from the classroom, Prahlad Maharaj took the opportunity to instruct his fellow students. He told them that every living entity is the eternal servant of Lord Krishna, and that the primary duty of every human being is to always remember Krishna and to never forget Him. Prahlad said, "The ultimate activity of a human being is to render devotional service to Lord Krishna. Those human beings who simply waste their lives and foolishly pursue objects of sense gratification are factually no better than animals, regardless of the position they hold in society."Hearing these words of wisdom from Prahlad Maharaj, his fellow students were impressed and they all began chanting the transcenden­tal names of Lord Hari. When Hiranyakasipu heard of this, he became livid with rage. He immediately had Prahlad brought to the palace. He was determined to either turn his son away from the Lord or end his son's life. Hiranyakasipu had performed severe tapasya and had received the benediction from Brahma that he could neither be killed in the day nor in the night,outside nor inside, on the ground nor in the air, by man nor beast nor by anything living or non-living. Lord Narasimhadeva killed Hiranyakasipu but honored the benedic­tion his devotee Brahma had given by appearing as a half-man and half-lion at twilight, by straddling Hiranyakasipu across His lap in the doorway, which is neither inside nor outside, and by supporting him with His thighs which were neither in the air nor on the ground. Lord Narasimhadeva, the Lord's half-man half-lion incarnation, tore his heart out with His razor sharp fingernails, which are neither living nor dead. When Lord Narasimhadeva had finished Hiranyakasipu's life, He affectionately asked Prahlad to accept a benediction from Him. He tried in many ways to entice the young boy, but Prahlad would not ask for anything.Finally after repeated requests from the Lord, Prahlad asked Lord Narasimhadeva to let him suffer for the sins of all living entities, freeing them from all their sins, giving them all entrance to His eternal abode in Vaikuntha. Hearing his request, T,ord Narasimhadeva be­came pleased. How compassionate is a Yaisnava! Prahlad Maharaj is an exemplary devotee of the Lord, and by remembering him one becomes relieved from tribulations and attains pure devotion to the Lord, the goal of our lives.


After Lord Narasimhadeva's mission to save Prahlad and kill Hiranyakasipu was accomplished, He came and rested at this place. Previously, the Mandakini river flowed here and Lord Narasimha­deva came and drank from her clear, pure waters, to refresh Himself. Hundreds of demigods, hearing about the Lord's arrival, descended and Visvakarma built a wonderful palace for Lord Narasimhadeva and hundreds of palaces for the demigods. From these palaces, the demigods performed opulent worship to Lord Narasimhadeva. But in the course of time, the Mandakini changed and the palaces were covered and turned into hillocks. Now the Mandakini river is com­pletely dried up and is no longer visible.


When Shri Krishna Chaitanya was perform His pastimes of nagar sankirtan, He, along with all His associates, used to come to this place which is a boundary of Shri Navadwip Dham, and then chant onward to the other boundaries, Hari Hara Ksetra, Suvarnabihar, Surabhi Kunda, Shridhar Angan and Prithu Kunda. In the evening, He would return back home to Shridham Mayapur.At that time this place and the many small surrounding villages abounded with beautiful natural flower gardens, fruit orchards and clear lakes. When Lord Chaitanya and Prabhu Nityananda passed by these villages, the residents would joyously welcome Them by offering the two brothers freshly prepared milk products. They would then also join in the sankirtan.Many cowherd boys also herded their cows in this area as well. Seeing Mahaprabhu, they would say, "O Nimai Pandit, Your asrama as a brahmana does not suit You. You should come and herd cows with us. In the Bhagavad-gita You prescribe that the brahmanas must be protected. But Your actual first priority is to protect the cows. Since we are always looking after the cows, we deserve Your association! So please come and play with us every day. We will all wear wild flower garlands, eat fresh milk sweets and herd cows together."Hearing these sweet words, Lord Chaitanya would be reminded of Vraja when Krishna and Balaram would return home after tending the cows all day. Their cowherd friends would be playing their flutes and their bull horns would be tucked in their belts. All the boys would sing the glories of that day's pastime that Krishna had just performed and would float in waves of ecstasy. Thus Lord Chaitanya would fall unconscious, and Nityananda Prabhu, always attentive, would catch Him before He fell to the ground. Sankirtan would revive Him. But when He regained His self, He would feel intense vipralambha. Torrents of tears would flow from His eyes, and the surrounding earth would become muddy.


To break the Lord's feelings of separation from Krishna, Damodara or Mukunda would sing verses from the Tenth Canto of Shrimad-Bhagavatam where Shrimati Radhika again meets Lord Krishna during rasa lila. Hearing this, all the devotees, led by Prabhu Nityananda, would change their mood to that of cowherd boys in Vrindavan, and Lord Chaitanya would correspondingly change His mood to that of Krishna. They would then all ecstatically perform kirtan and dance back to the house of Sacimata. There in Sacimata's home, she would perform arati for all the devotees and would wipe the dust from her two sons, Nitai and Nimai, with her own hands. She would take Them on her lap and shower Them unreservedly with affection.So in this sacred, ancient, and potent place, the Lord enjoyed His cowherd boy pastimes. Let us pay our obeisances to Narasimha Palli and pray to Prahlad Maharaj to intercede on our behalf that his worshipable Lord Narasimhadeva will bless us and be merciful to us. Jaya Narasimhadeva!