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Once at this place, Mahaprabhu was ecstatically performing san­kirtan with His associates throughout Shri Godrumadwip when He noticed that they were all fatigued. At that time the Lord sowed a mango seed in the ground. Immediately, in a matter of minutes, the seed grew into a full grown tree to the amazement of the devotees. Right before their eyes they saw fully ripened red and yellow mangos appear. Lord Chaitanya picked as many fruits as there were devotees, about two hundred, and after washing them with His own hands, He offered them to Krishna. The Lord then Himself ate a mango, and after washing His hands and rinsing His mouth, He gave one mango to each devotee. These mangos had no skins on the outside and no seeds on the inside. After eating one mango, and each tasted as sweet as nectar, each devotee was completely satisfied. Every day for one year the Lord and the devoiees came here and enjoyed a mango-eating-lila. Then at the end of one year, by the desire of Lord Chaitanya, the mango tree disappeared. Haribol!