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Visrama Tala


During the time of Nityananda Prabhu, there was a very old, large banyan tree. The place under this banyan tree was called Visrama Tala in Nitai's lila. After Hadai Pandit turned over his son Nityananda Prabhu to the mysterious sannyasi, he entered his house to woefully explain the situation to his wife, Padmavati devi. At that time, Nityananda Prabhu told the sannyasi that He had checked His mother's reaction before He could leave. He therefore suggested that they take a few minutes rest under the banyan tree before departing, for unless His mother could bear the separation caused by His depar­ture, it would not be possible for Him to leave.The sannyasi agreed and they both took rest under the banyan tree. As soon as Padmavati devi heard from Hadai Pandit that their beloved Nitai was actually departing, she ran out of the house, shriek­ing and screaming, completely hysterically, "My Nitai! My Nitai! Please, O sannyasi, please be merciful! Do not take my Nitai from me! Do not take my Nitai from me!" Nityananda Prabhu looked to the sannyasi to do something to alleviate the situation. The sannyasi then revealed an extraordinary Deity made of black marble which he took from his travelling bag and presented it to Shrimati Padmavati devi. Upon seeing this wonderful Deity, she immediately calmed down and stopped her crying. The sannyasi told her that the Deity's name was Muralidhara and that she would receive everything by worshiping this Deity. Padmavati devi tearfully told the sannyasi that the Deity could never replace her Nitai. The sannyasi replied that the murti Murali­dhara would give her everything, and that if she looked into the face of this Deity, she would see her Nitai.


Shrimati Padmavati devi then looked into the face of Muralidhara. To her great joy, she saw the face of her beloved son, Nitai. Seeing this, she became completely satisfied and embraced her son for the last time. Blessing Him, she allowed Him to go on pilgrimage with the sannyasi. The Deity Muralidhara was established by Shrimati Padma­vati devi and this is factually the original Deity of Ekachakra.