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Vedic Astrology Predictions Confirmed


As soon as Nitaicandra walked with the sannyasi out of sight, His absence hit the inhabitants of Ekachakra like a thunderbolt. Immedi­ately all the Vedic astrologers in the area remembered that it had been predicted previously by their forefathers that in the future the Supreme Lord would appear in Ekachakra. Now they quickly and efficiently made calculations based on Nityananda Prabhu's birth and thus they could determine that He was in fact this manifestation of the Supreme Lord.Weeping and chastising themselves for having been so blind and ignorant, they all humbly approached Shri Hadai Pandit. Some had tears in their eyes. They apologied to him for being so dull-witted that they could not realize his son's actual position. Some called their sons and sent them quickly out in the direction which Nityananda and the sannyasi had travelled to call them back. Others told their own sons to prepare to accompany the sannyasi on pilgrimage when he and Nitai would return in a few minutes.But each and everyone who went out searching for Nitai returned alone.


Many hundreds of people then began extensively searching the surrounding countryside. But all was in vain. Although Nityananda Prabhu had not been out of sight of the villagers for longer than thirty minutes and should have been easily found, He practically dis­appeared into thin air. Furthermore, it was not even possible for them to find a trace of His footsteps leaving Visrama Tala because the people participating in the search had covered those footprints.When they brought the sad news of their failure back to Hadai Pandit, he entered a state of shock that was so extreme that he did not eat for three months. He remained alive only due to his intense love for Lord Nityananda, who had appeared as his son. Just like Maharaj Dasarath had lamented for Lord Ramacandra and soon thereafter left his body, Shri Hadai Pandit also lamented for Lord Nityananda and very soon left his body.