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The Yamuna


This river's point of origin is six miles above where there is a Shiva temple that was established by Shiva Singh during Nitai's childhood. Shiva Singh had in his mind to excavate a pond that could be dedi­cated to his worshipable Deity Mahadeva Shiva. He called many workers to come and had them begin digging deeply. But no water

would come. According to the custom when excavating ponds, if the pond will be considered sacred, water must come up immediately. Not receiving the slightest hint of water, Shiva Singh became saddened and thought that he would not be able to dedicate this pond to Mahadeva. Some pandits and sages in the area told him that in Ekachakra one brahmana called Shri Hadai Pandit had an extraordi­nary son named Nityananda. "If you ask His father to let Him come here, just by the presence of His lotus feet, water will appear in your pond," they said. Shiva Singh knew Hadai Pandit quite well for two reasons: First, Hadai Pandit was born and had lived his entire life and in nearby Ekachakra. In addition, Hadai Pandit also worshiped a Shiva linga known as Bhandisvara. Shiva Singh happily approached Hadai Pandit and explained his situation. Hadai Pandit assured him that Nityananda would come.


One day soon after, Nityananda Prabhu appeared dancing in the middle of all His cowherd friends. They were busy blowing their horns and merrily playing their flutes. As soon as Nityananda Prabhu danced on the pond, water immediately erupted and gushed skywards. The pond was quickly filled with cool, crystal clear tasty water. All the hundreds of people who had come to see the fun applauded and cheered, saying, "Well done! Well done!"


Shiva Singh had a daughter whose name was Yamuna devi. She had been watching everything from the roof of the house, and when she saw Lord Nityananda's lotus-eyed, beautiful form, she became infatuated and immediately desired to have Him as her husband. Impetuously jumping from the rooftop, she landed in the water of this pond making a big splash which by chance washed the feet of Nityananda Prabhu who was standing on the bank. From this day onward, a small river flowed downstream to Ekachakra. In this stream the Deity of Banke Raya manifested Himself, and was retrieved, not once but twice, from Kadamba Khandi by Shri Nityananda thirty years later. The first time that Nityananda Prabhu discovered Banke Raya in the Yamuna is well known. But few people know of the second time and it will be revealed now.