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Banke Raya and Nityananda


When Nityananda Prabhu discovered the Deity form of Krishna called Banke Raya in the clay at Kadamba Khandi, He was actually on His way to Vrindavan to perform parikrama of Vraja. He thought to Himself that He was going to Vrindavan but now Vrindavan had come to Him. He began to smile. In His mind He decided that He would still go to Vraja and upon returning, He would install the Deity with pomp in a grand ceremony. He then wrapped the Deity of Banke Raya in silk cloth and hid Him in a hole in a neem tree, thinking to pick Him up on His way back. Somehow or other, however, when Nityananda Prabhu returned, He came by a different route. So He was unable to pick up Banke Raya from within the neem tree.The very first night of His return to Ekachakra, Banke Raya appeared within Nityananda Prabhu's dream and told Him that He was hungry and that He was tired of hiding in the hole of the neem tree. He reminded Nityananda of His promise to come and take Him upon returning from Vrindavan. In this dream Nitai told Banke Raya that He had  meant to come and retrieve Him, but He had returned by another route which made it impossible. But Banke Raya informed Him that He still wanted the rich foodstuffs and opulent installation ceremony as promised. Nityananda Prabhu, however, told Banke Raya that He was tired and could not come just then. He then asked Banke Raya to decide what He wished and Nitai said that He would comply.


Banke Raya then told Nityananda Prabhu, "All right, if You are unable to come to Me, then I shall come to You. In the morning I will be floating down the Yamuna within the very same neem tree You hid me in. At that time, please go down to Kadamba Khandi, where You found Me the first time, and take Me out from the tree hole and install Me properly with great pomp and ceremony."


The next morning, Nityananda Prabhu, after taking His bath, saw the same neem tree floating down the river. Taking the Deity out, He brought Him to His place of residence and He Himself worshiped Banke Raya with full opulence daily with His own hands. The Deity had solid gold paraphernalia: throne, umbrella, flute, crowns, padukas, footstool, bull horn, plates, cups, jewelry, crowns, and arati articles. Until the end of His manifest pastimes, Nityananda Prabhu worshiped Banke Raya. Soon after Mahaprabhu finished His manifest lilas and disappeared into the Deity of Tota Gopinath, Nityananda Prabhu finished His manifest pastimes and disappeared into the Deity of Banke Raya. Shri Banke Raya ki Jaya!


The following prayer called Shri Nityanandastaka was written by Shrila Vrindavan das Thakur to glorify Lord Nityananda.