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Van Vishnupur


This place was the capital of Bir Hambir, the king who stole the Goswami's books from Shrinivas, Narottama and Shyamananda. He had been told by his astrologer that three sadhus were carrying the most precious jewels. But being impressed by Shrinivas' erudition, he surrendered to him and returned all the books. Bir Hambir became Shrinivas's disciple and a great devotee. Shri Jiva Goswami gave this king the name Chaitanya das. At the time of Mahaprabhu, this kingdom was extremely prosperous, and even today there are wonderful temples of Shyama Raya, Kalacandra, Murlimanohar, Madan Gopal, and, the most famous temple, Madan Mohan.


Once the Muslims attacked Van Vishnupur. At that time, the Deity of Madan Mohan created a big fire in the army's midst and all the Muslim soldiers fled in fear. This Deity is now situated within the house of Shri Gokula Misra. When a descendent of the king ran out of funds, he put the Deity of Madan Mohan as collateral and from that time until today the Deity is residing in Bagh Bazaar. Hare Krishna!