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This olace js'ituated m trle Medinapur district on a river that led directlv to the ,cean- ^n °lden days it was a famous port. During the Mahabharata tP'the Pandavas fiercely fought here with one king. This kine hadactua^ desired to have Lord Krishna's darshan. Suddenly Lord^r's'lna aPPeared as Jishnu Hari, which is two Deities of Ariuna and ^r'snna together. These Deities are still being wor­shiped and are iresent nere today. How is it possible for Arjuna to be worshiped alorps'de °^ ^Jls^lna^ As stated in Shrimad-Bhagavatam, Ariuna aDoeare^ w't'1 ^snna as Nara in Lord Krishna's authorised incarnation of iNara"Narayana Rishi. Thus worshiping Them together 'tra

This is also tle P'ace °f Vasudeva Ghosh, an associate of Maha-orabhu After "°rd Chaitanya left Navadwip and took sannyasa, Vasudeva Ghosf f°ur,d it too painful to live in Navadwip any longer. He therefore cme and settled at Tamaluk. Here he established a Deitv of Mahar>]akku ar>d worshiped the Deity faithfully until the end his life.Hare Krishna.